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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

you can choose : windows or windows or

The main control program of your PC. (All your laptop it belongs to us)
Choose :


or ferrari


Alex Stanciu said...

I choooooose ... Windows!
I'm happily running Windows along with Ubuntu on my laptop, but I haven't booted in Linux lately. Why ? Because of nvidia and xorg. My XOrg locks sometimes, when I use the nvidia driver. Yeah, use the one supplied with XOrg, but that one sucks. At least on my laptop. So I'm using Windows :) For now.

mariuz said...

It's sad that you run windows
I think the best way is to act to linux bugs
send them feedback to nvidia, to kernel devels , join
If you really really want to run linux i could sponsor you with an semprinio on my next paycheck. I will need it back off course when will
start playing with firebird clustering (this year)

Alex Stanciu said...

Nvidia sux :( Wish they'd opensource their driver ! Do it ! Do it ! The chipset driver too. Nvidia, opeeeeen to opensource. Do it !

mariuz said...

even via,sis made their drivers open source

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