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Saturday, June 18, 2005

CDDL or a snake pit

I think i choose second too :)

quote of the day

"As to software under CDDL with joint copyright with Sun, I think I would rather be thrown in a snake pit around feeding time than have Sun have any copyright interest in any code I write!"


cristi said...

This is not the only funny qoute frm the releas of "opensolais"
i bet you read this one but still
"“This function is truly horrid,” he wrote. “We try opening the device, then severely abuse the GEOMETRY->flags field to pass a file descriptor to biosdisk. Thank God nobody’s looking at this comment, or my reputation would be ruined.”
– From the OpenSolaris source code, by a programmer named Gord "

mariuz said...

You havn't seen the linux kernel comments :)
Thouse are funny.
And lots of curses there , and beer
Deh, when hackers are bored what should they do ?

cristi said...

pr0n beer and write code :)

cristi said...

pr0n, beer and write code ... :)