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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Max-Pod - mobile music

What intella will do with non-working wimax business ?

I mean who reads the email while going in the park with the bike or running , When going to eat somewhere do you download pr0n ? Nahh . Wireless network is useless

Only for one thing : music , movies ,

I could listen to an internet radio while biking ( swimming ??)

or running .

I could watch some movies while going with train (12 hours or something)

So apple is good on selling thouse gizmos called ipods ,add Intel's wimax and some music = fun (remeber thouse mmx dancing monkeys...err intel employees? I think they will be back ;))

ps: intella is working with nokie for wimax enabled phones/gizmos

No one wants an 2.4Kg brick in his bag/back ,I just want some gizmos : ipod, iphone ,zaurus+wimax , nokie +ogg player ... That is my whish list ;)

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