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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Why Dell will use AMD chips

Now Dell have an evil brother (called apple)

and both of them compete on the high end area

"We are competing for those customers along with companies like HP, Sony, Apple, Alienware and those customers that basically build their own systems."

Don't know how this will end for DELL , i assume AMD

will embrace them with hands open , 50x15 is near

(amd want's 50% of market in 2015)

Amd is building fabs like mad: FishKill (with ibm) , Dresden (2 fabs in one)
What kept dell from using opterons, altlon64 is called Intell and something
green (not the aliens) , got nothing to do with production.
I laugh at apple when they speak like: ibm can't do cpu's
Sorry apple if ibm can't do cpus (sony , microsoft, toshiba, nvidia , amd , via can confirm this) then who does ?
Name one firm that is selling 64 bit mobile cpus Now and is helped by
ibm . Hint: acer is selling some of thouse laptops with ferrari logo.

Update:oh wait now they have another testing/research fab in Dresden
at computex it was spoted an dual core amd64 portable
Upadate:amd/ibm does have another fab in singapore with Chartered
An vague impression that many Cells /DC athlons will be born there in '06



cristi said...

The thing is IBM sure can do i have seen the G5 and it`s GOD like .... the thing is that for a laptop it`s to hot and IBM ( for a good reason ) will not change the way they are making the G5... If apple does not like it it can go screw itself it the ass ( w/ an intel dildo in this case )

mariuz said...

We don't know yet details
g5 for desktops are hot cpu's aproaching
ahtlon64 temps (at the same frequencies)

g4 cpus are very cool cpu's compared to
x86 ones and ibm and freescale (aka motorola) will build multicore,64 bit
laptop/embeded cpus

It was something related to money and nothing related to cpu building

Next target in apple's map is Microsoft
and intel brought them .Intel is going
big after sofware/music market.