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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Trading Freedom for p0rn , r00t exploits by default in feisty fawn release

Thank you ubuntu for r00t exploits by default in binary drivers , also for the new p0rn like
beryl ,aiglx , compiz.  But all i want is an stable non-r00t-able distro maybe i might consider fedora core again to install it on my main desktops borkstation64 and borkstation32.
Think again , is like thouse pesky HacktiveX controls that are installed from the web (visit some p0rn sites with ie to see what i mean)
users will push yes even if they will read the warning messages . There is no education in that , Users will ignore security if operating systems tell them to do so.
Heck some spyware will install even if you don't wan't to (no warning messages)
I can't trust in a binary blob/driver or propietary cpu.

The announcement that Ubuntu will ship binary drivers by default in Feisty is getting a lot of negative commentary from users and Ubuntu members alike. Of course, there's also a vocal contingent that complains that Ubuntu and other distros are unsuitable for general users because they don't ship with Nvidia or other binary drivers enabled | Ubuntu Developer Summit report: improvements, driver controversy, and bling

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