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Friday, June 22, 2007

our server was thunder struck

The Parsippany, NJ Facility (OCT) is no longer running on generator power. Full Utility service has been restored. We are conducting a full investigation as to the exact nature of the power problems with the generator that resulted from the lighting strike earlier last night.

"From what we can tell at this point the storm caused a lightning strike to a power pole which knocked out utility power to the area. 

OCT was initially running on battery power from the UPS systems. The generator in OCT failed to auto-start. This appears to have been due to a problem with the batteries in the generator (this is still under investigation). Once the UPS batteries ran out of power the entire site experienced a power loss. Engineering and Facility staff were able to replace the batteries in the generator and perform a manual start. Once the generator was online, power was restored to the facility. We have been running on generator for approximately the last 2 hours. The power company is currently repairing the damaged equipment and expects to have power restored shortly."

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