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Thursday, January 31, 2008

htbtools on ubuntu (gutsy)

Follow the istruction from the Install howto
apt-get install linux-headers-server flex
request.php\?16 HTB-tools-0.3.0a.tar.gz
tar HTB-tools-0.3.0a.tar.gz
cd HTB-tools-0.3.0a/
mkdir include/asm
ln -s /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.22-14-server/include/linux/bitops.h include/asm/
make full

bin/cp -v docs/man/q_show.8 /usr/local/man/man8/
`docs/man/q_show.8' -> `/usr/local/man/man8/q_show.8'

Installing HTB-tools ...
`q_parser' -> `/sbin/q_parser'
`q_show' -> `/sbin/q_show'
`q_checkcfg' -> `/sbin/q_checkcfg'
`sys/scripts/htb' -> `/sbin/htb'
`sys/scripts/htbgen' -> `/sbin/htbgen'

Installing default config files in /etc/htb...
Creating directory /etc/htb ...
Installing default config files ...
eth0-qos.cfg NOT FOUND, installing ...
eth0-qos.cfg installed.

eth1-qos.cfg NOT FOUND, installing ...
eth1-qos.cfg installed in /etc/htb.

Config files installation DONE.

Installing rc.htb init script. Please enter the corect init scripts path:
( slackware type init should use /etc/rc.d; RedHat type init should use /etc/init.d )
Try again, directory /etc/init.d does not exist on your system. Exiting.

Enter the directory where you want to install q_show web.
ex: /var/www/htdocs

Installing files ...

Then read howto configure it
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