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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

compiling mysql6.0-falcon branch from bzr (on my ubuntu jaunty)

bzr branch lp:~mysql/mysql-server/mysql-6.0-falcon
it took almost an hour i think (git is way faster at this stuff count the seconds not the hours)

cd mysql-6.0-falcon

autoreconf -vif

Than took me a while to figure out why it doesn't compile on my box (configure script was broken the same bug as when I requested new firebird 2.1.x to be synced from debian )

./configure --prefix=/opt/mysql6.x
make ; make install

see the previous post and the links there (is explained there how to install the default databases)

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hakan said...

Only the very first branch of MySQL from the launchpad repository takes that much time. If you branch MySQL 5.1 after that, it should only take some minutes. The very long initial branching is a known issue and is already addressed in newer bzr clients.