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Friday, March 06, 2009

How to kill windows and ie - first step
On my blog i modified the kill ie6 ra-ajax div and i put
if IE without the 6 [if IE] so now my blogs show that nice div to all ie users to upgrade to an modern wekit/mozilla browser and kill IE and microsoft altogether
I remembered that we have to fix #1 from ubuntu so I put an message for IE users to upgrade their
Operating system to Ubuntu


Ira said...
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Ira said...

Problem is, Ubuntu sucks ass. Horrible defaults, annoying network management, many missing tools... all the pain for a nicer desktop theme? I'll pass.

Debian is much more like it :-)

BTW, while I'm on about things that suck, "" is also quite possibly the second most annoying platform around for the readers/repliers :)