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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Re: Let's not make the same mistakes. #haikuos #linux #qt

this seems like flamewar but in the real world all we can be friends and the freedom
to fork is essential to progress
ex:the number one smartphone os is: android and it doesn't look like anything else and you can code in java but also in python, qt ..., opengl and is always good to have a healthy ecosystem
look on what happened when apple put the locks on what you should program in : objective c and c++ only :there was a revolt and now they are switching back to allow other scripting languages
Toolkits do matter for developers but not for users
and yes i do programming in several languages :python , perl ,c++ ,pascal and several toolkits
qt, wxwidgets ...and yes i do love learning on haiku internals and howto program the real haiku way but i don't see any problem using all of them and i use programs done in different toolkits and i don't care in what is written , i want the tool to do the job and do it well
for example i love some of the qt apps like arora - browser , qmmp , qtwitter , qbittorrent
they are simple and beautiful also i will try to install koffice (I don't like the kde bloat but there are very good qt apps)
I will port flamerobin and firebird database on haiku os and i see the future of haiku with more
bazaar type of democracy not a tyrannical type like in the Jobs company or in Ubuntu
who knows maybe someone comes with a 3d window manager like compiz/kwin and with better integration than in linux ,we should target also the gamers and other high end users not only people with old hardware
ps: take look at paladin installer i think is the right way ala gdeb way next next next
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