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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

something is wrong with #mssql tpch submission

It seems to me they have submitted the mssql ent version for one cla (one user) and that means one app will use that server ! now that is cheap because is useless .Why don't they put something like ent edition licesed on x2 cpus ?
also the price for the windows os induces some handicaps , compare that with free as in freedom linux (debian)

did you knew that mssql server 2008 is limited to 8 cpus ! compare that with firebird where is unlimited
also the limit in r2 is 256 , in firebird  you have a no limit again and you can use it on a 2048 cpus type server if you want or more if sgi allows us to test it on that server :
with architectural support to 262,144 cores (32,768 sockets).
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