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Thursday, September 16, 2010

This year is full of #Firebird conferences

I have added the list of firebird conferences to the
and here is what is next on the table (reversed date sorted)

8th International Firebird Conference 2010 11th-13th November 2010 in Bremen, Germany
and the list of speakers and sessions is impressive.

Another Firebird day type conference is in Paris
Friday 1st October 2010

Firebird Day - La Cinémathèque Française
Les intervenants seront:

Dmitry Yemanov (coordinateur du projet Firebird) : v3.0 - architecture and optimizer related
Thierry Laborde : Delphi et Firebird.
Henri Gourvest : Unicode, UIB, les specificités de FB2.5 dans UIB.
Frédéric GUILLIEN : Les bonnes pratiques de maintenance.
Alexey Kovyazin : anti-corruption approach for Firebird
Paul Reeves : Framework PHP et Firebird.
Pierre Yagger : Firebird et Ruby/Rails
Philippe Makowski : Firebird and Linux

Enregistrez vous
And the last but the first one where you can attend is 3rd Firebird Conference - Moscow

The third annual Russian Firebird/InterBase Conference will take place in Moscow on Wednesday, September 29. Theme is to be Best Practices in Firebird Development and Maintenance, with special focus on big Firebird databases.

Special speakers will include Philippe Makowski, President of Firebird Foundation, along with core developers from the Firebird team Dmitry Yemanov, Vlad Khorsun and Alex Peshkov.

Register (in Russian) at
Now the finished conferences and some reports :

If you want to read about the 7th Firebird Developers Day in Brazil
here is the report

We just had the 7th edition of the Firebird Developers Day. The conference was great, and who have missed it can check some pictures in the report here (veja aqui em português).
Thanks all the attendees, speakers and all the people that was involved to make this conference another big success!

And they have donated the largest sum in Firebird Developers Day History 2,445 $

There was a conference in Ukraine (April 23)

The first Firebird conference in Ukraine had 90 attendees (and 40 online watchers). Read more and see the pictures in IBSurgeon blog.

Also in Romania helped the flosscamp 2010 especially we thank Doru Ilasi (it was an informal meeting with beers in hands but also with barcamp style presentations)
I couldn't attend (health related issues) but maybe next time i will make it also i hope that someone from firebird community to attend at the next eliberatica event in 2011 as speaker (My hope would be Jim or Ann or anyone from the foundation/ core developers)

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