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Monday, January 17, 2011

The best language for 2011 is ... drums python

Seems that it won the tiobe language index for 2010 with growing pains  and i can agree : django and python are very good and winning the market
look at ubuntu development is mostly done in python (launchpad , ubuntu one ...) but is not all about it there are
other sites:
I can give the best example :reddit it is the site that won the competition with digg (still using that crap ? ahh and did you knew that reddit started as a delicious clone ?) and you can download the source and modify it
Even if you don't like it you got the power of opensource.

php and it's cousin visual basic are on the down slope , i see that free pascal and assembler !!? is growing (now assembler comeback is scary )

In other news nginx gains a lot of the webserver market against ...Microsoft . No wonder they loose the web fight with google and open source in general
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