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Monday, January 31, 2011

Rant of the day:There is something more Forked up than #XML, and #JAVA: Tal and Metal

If something can be coded wrong it will be done and coded wrong.
Or if the customers can choose the worse solution from the marked that is what you will fight next
eg:from the all cms solution you will get the worse written one and in the worse language (C#/vb anyone?) and with the worse security track and with the proprietary bells and wissels.
I think you can get the idea , now i want to talk about the template languages
from all the template languages the worse i have seen in years is the one based on xml:tal,metal and frends
Why on earth is there a need to humiliate the python language with such a horrific abomination ?
when you have such nice template languages for python such as Jinja , and Django template engine
ps:I'm not the only one that observed the complexity of the plone's templates system

One way to sweet the ugliness of plone is using jinja instead of tal

>>> from jinja2 import Template
>>> t = Template('{{ name }} rocks!')
>>> t.render(name='Guido')
u'Guido rocks!'
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