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Saturday, March 05, 2011

bristol tip on !ubuntu !debian use jackd

start jackd with alsa parameter
jackd -d alsa

then start bristol
startBristol -jack -vox

connect the imputs and the outputs from Jack Audio connection Kit

out_left -> playback_1
out_right -> playback_2

ps : now  i can remove monobristol from my system and clean all dependencies :)

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id said...

Thanks for a very useful tip. I was in the dark about jack/bristol etc. but your advice helped a lot.
Emboldened by this, I tried as well from the package using the rules:
(connect "bristol:out_left" "system:playback_1")
(connect "bristol:out_right" "system:playback_2")
These are saved in the ~/ file (or /etc/ for system-wide), then start the daemon with "" in a terminal. This should create the same mappings as in the tip, that are visible in the qjackctl gui