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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Firebird 3.0.7 sub-release is available

Firebird Project is happy to announce general availability of Firebird 3.0.7 — the latest point release in the Firebird 3.0 series.
This sub-release offers many bug fixes and also adds a few improvements, please refer to the Release Notes for the full list of changes.
Binary kits for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android platforms are immediately available for download.

All users of Firebird v3.0.6 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to v3.0.7 as soon as possible due to several serious bugs found in v3.0.6 and fixed in this point release.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Python 3 Firebird-driver & Firebird-lib 1.0.0 released

The firebird-driver package provides official Python Database API 2.0-compliant driver. In addition to the minimal feature set of the standard Python DB API, this driver also exposes the new (interface-based) client API introduced in Firebird 3, and number of additional extensions and enhancements for convenient use of Firebird RDBMS. The driver is written as pure-Python package (requires Python 3.8+) on top of Firebird client library ( using ctypes. Driver supports Firebird version 3.0 and higher.

You can download this driver from PyPI or or install it using pip.

Please note, that FDB driver is now considered as legacy driver, and its development will be discontinued together with 2.5 once Firebird 4.0 will be released later this year.

The driver uses firebird-base package, which is a collection of modules that have general applicability, like extended configuration, context-driven logging and trace/audit, hooks, work with structured binary buffers, extended data structures etc. The driver uses almost all features provided by “base” package, but specifically the use of hook mechanism and context-driven logging and trace/audit are potentially the most valuable improvements.

The firebird-lib package provides extensions to the firebird-driver.
This package provides modules for:
Work with Firebird database schema.
Work with Firebird monitoring tables.
Processing output from gstat Firebird utility.
Processing Firebird server log.
Processing output from Firebird server trace & audit sessions.

You can download this library from PyPI or or install it using pip.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Firebird driver for Python 3– release 0.8.0

The driver is no longer beta, and is now considered as stable for Firebird 3.0 (support for Firebird 4 is still evolving till final release). Documentation is now complete.


Documentation, both in code and separate (especially Usage Guide).

Added support for new FB4 data types in ARRAY fields.

Refactoring in driver hooks.

New Cursor.call_procedure() method.

Refactoring and fixes in Server and its services.

New Flamerobin snapshot available! with a few fixes and small features

 New Flamerobin snapshot available! with a few fixes and small features

Take a look, test and comment!

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Rust Firebird Client updated with Firebird wire protocol implemented

Rust Firebird Client updated with Firebird wire protocol implemented in pure Rust and ARM support

Saturday, September 05, 2020

New Firebird driver for Python – release 0.7.0

New Firebird driver for Python – release 0.7.0. This version provides support for new Firebird 4 data types: TIME/TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE, DECFLOAT and extended DECIMAL/NUMERIC via internal INT128 storage.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Building Firebird 3.0 Client / Embedded for Android ARM-64

Download and install ndk  unzip in your home (ndk-r17c is the last with gcc support)

install firebird build dependencies
sudo apt-get build-dep firebird3.0
export NDK=$HOME/android-ndk-r17c
echo $NDK

get the Firebird 3.0 source code

git clone
cd firebird
git checkout B3_0_Release
./ --prefix=/opt/firebird --enable-binreloc --with-cross-build=android.arm64 --without-editline  

after that the is created for arm-64

file  gen/buildroot/opt/firebird/lib/ 
gen/buildroot/opt/firebird/lib/ ELF 64-bit LSB  shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, BuildID[sha1]=b6cb7db07fcad2475aa79352fb515cbe3ac44eea, stripped

Soon i will add a download link

ps: in 3.0 can be used as embedded