Monday, October 28, 2019

Replication in Firebird 4: Configuration and practical examples

Replication is a long-awaited feature that allows the creating of reliable high-performance database replicas without user-defined triggers and with full DDL support. This talk presents the replication subsystem architecture, possible replication modes, their impact on performance and available tuning options. We'll demonstrate how to set up a simple standby configuration and use it in practice.

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Firebird on the road from v4 to v5

This talk done at Firebird Conference 2019 describes the current state of the v4 development and reviews its key features (new data types, Batch API, timezones). Dimitry Yemanov spoke about the future of Firebird development, including the updated release plan and expected post-v4 features. Review of upcoming features for Firebird 5

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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Embedded Firebird 3 Framework on MacOSX

Paul Beach has finally managed to get around to preparing a mechanism for creating an embedded Firebird Framework on MacOSX.

If you can’t build Firebird from scratch you can download a copy of the embedded framework (currently Firebird 3.0.4) from IBPhoenix. (Approx 15mb)

32bit Embedded Framework

64bit Embedded Framework