Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vulcan philosophy revolves around the concept of logic.

A Vulcan's moral goal is to abandon all emotion and become a purely logical being. This is attained through meditation and discipline.

Friday, December 09, 2005

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Linux XP 2005 - Is Real

Ever since Linux has become a viable option to use on desktop computers, all sorts of attempts have been made to emulate the look and feel of the ubiquitous Windows desktop. One of the more recent efforts in this respect comes from a Russian project called Linux XP.

Linux XP

Look ma' i'm on
Money for nothing
Chicks for free ...

Tonight, 5th of december, from 11 PM (romanian time) MTV Romania will broadcast inside LENTI CHIRIAC's show "ROCKZONE", some LIVE shots from "MONSTERS OF TRANSYLVANIA ROCKFEST 2005". Don't MISS it, if U can catch it on your satelite! SPECIAL THANX to LENTI & the cameraman - HENN ATTILA

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Linux z XP 2006
On an russian linux site

Friday, December 02, 2005

Monsterz of Transylvania
atika got some pictures from this rock festival
Yah the first one is me :P

Taine sang very well (artis looks a little like Jim Morrison) , I was impressed also by the hungarians (Tuzmadar) , ehh Northen Lights were so-so (I didn't expected much from turkish band) but they have a funny name (for an Euro-Asian country )
What i liked : before they actually started playing the man at keyboard sang intro from "Imperial March" -Star Wars that was really cool
Yah they looked strange for us , yah and the voice ...well artist sang like me when i'm good of nothing :average (and i do know when i stink at singing) . Guitarist looked good ,didn't impressed me .
Iron Mask - had the best guitarist from bands that performed in that night .
Incredible (Yah i liked how fast and good it was ) I liked the solo and some neo-classic style of him, Minus-es the vocalist it looked
bald like me :P and fat (at least i'm slim)
I liked the idea to be on stage with gloves
(Maybe is the kid in me)
The turkish vocalist was near me when guitarist from Iron Mask performed his
solo , Maybe they learn-ed something :)
Let's go to the Lame rock:Phantom-X : If I ever reach on stage i don't wan't to look
like them (blonde hair and silk ...etc) I wan't to be rough plain and simple
Tough i liked the idea of metal claws :P and guitarist's red ligt on the chest
(X-mass tree)
Intro was good , and i liked when guitarist went off stage , Maybe in future i will
buy one with radio transmitter (You are quite free with it).
And the Last band Anvil -They were impressive and did an great show - I liked the
vocalist (He was really funny and that matters in an show) Bass guitar player was very good (he made a little show) He looks like me when i cut my hair (zero).
Vocalist is a little crazy but is good and when he went with his guitar in the
back of stage and performed "Jimi-Hendrix" effect that kicked a-s-s , What was missing was to burn his guitar :)
Over all: even if they were 2-300 ppl , artist did their job very well and at
least it was like an private party for us :P
My revelation :Taine and I think Gothic + hungarians were very very good
and yes the guitarist from Iron Mask (10+)
Northen lights gave me an CD (Girl that filmed them) and i think we should applaude
them - Yah they do have a lot to learn - But in an age when every one listen
to crapp music (turkish + romanian mahnele) they try to wake up us and they did it for us
Thank You All
ps:Maybe they should move the rock festival in summer and with
more sponsors (free entry) and more media noise (not only