Monday, February 28, 2005

My small cv
Marius Popa Adrian

    Sql developer (10 years) PHP developer (10 yrs), Java developer (3 yrs),
    with HTML4/5 (6 yrs)

    Delphi/Lazarus(10 years), C++ (2 Years)

Education: Mathematics and Computer Science

Open source team-skills.

Technical Skills:
Java (server-side):JDK, Servlets , Jboss , Network Programming , Tomcat,
            Open CMS , Jetty , Geronimo , Classpath ,Eclipse
Databases:         Firebird (>10 years),PostgreSQL (2), MySQL(10)
Web technologies:  Mono,Perl,PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS,  XML, Perl6
Operating systems: Linux (x86-64, power , z series), Mac os-x
Sw development:    OO programming, Extreme Programming , Open source model
Other:             VIM, Gimp,  LibreOffice, Perl, Shell Scripting (Bash), GIT 


Jan 2004 - Now  REEA SRL, Tirgu-Mures
         - Linux system administrator / core developer
         - Developed a large range of Web based applications for small/medium organizations  in PHP and Perl ,
         (control panel with LDAP)
         - Administration for hosting servers and internal ones  and support services for external clients
         (tomcat, apache,  sendmail , qmail , postfix , all open source technologies)
         - Technologies used: Perl, Bash, PHP, HTML, MySQL, Postgresql, openldap, xsp (mono), Firebird database

2001 August -2002 January   - Infopulse Tg-Mures
         - developed com component in C++ for the proxy gatekeeper (http proxy)
         - plugin for Internet Explorer and Netscape for a custum mime type
         - developed opinion poll engine in VB/ASP/SQLserver for a portal site
         - multi tier application coded  in C# with Web Services (SOAP) interface

         Technologies used:C#, com+, dcom , delphi, postresql, solaris ,linux

2001 March-2001 July Netsoft  Tg-Mures
         -developed the online map of the town (TG-Mures)
          based on Perl , apache and MySql, Delphi
          - support for accounting software (firebird/oopascal)

1999 July-2001 March Wokadat  Tg-Mures
         -management program for the local administration
         -time tracking system (web+gui interface)
          using bar code(and magnetic card) reader terminal (amd based)
          this project implied using the TCL language on
          the terminal side and on the windows side the use of Sockets (in Delphi)
         -custom build COM component for using in Web


1998-2001 Automation with specialization Industrial and automation IT  (University Petru Maior Tg-Mures)

2002- 2005 Faculty of Sciences and Letters, Mathematics and Computer Sciences            Department
Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures

Personal Details:

E-mail  mapopa at
Date of birth   March 07,  1978
Marital status  Unmarried
Hobbies : open source programming (c++,php,oopascal), traveling , firebird/linux advocacy , biking

Personal philosophy :

Here is my old cv
nice tux

from brazil

nice tux

Sunday, February 27, 2005

"the guys from Java Magazine are interested in your article about
using FB with Jaybird.

When you have it finished, send it to me and I
will forward it to them to be translated and published. Probably you
will get a copy of the magazine with your article published ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2004, 12:02:02 PM, voce escreveu:

mp> Carlos H. Cantu wrote:

>>>> mp> Hello
>>>> mp> i would like to write an article about jaybird , it based on a few steps
>>>> mp> 1. installing configuring firebird / jaybird (linux ?)
>>>> mp> 2. general intro to fb trasactions / jdbc
>>>> mp> 3. writing an small db browser (just the basic)
>>>> mp> - db table list in the left
>>>> mp> - table content / (query editor) in the right
>>>> mp> is a good ideea ?
>>>> Hi Marius!
>>>> This is a great idea, but not for SQL Magazine. I think it would be
>>>> much better to have it published in Java Magazine
>>>> ( JM really lacks FB articles! The
>>>> owners of SQL Mag are the same people of Java Magazine.
>>>> I will talk with them and see if the topics you have listed here are
>>>> insteresting for them. I will let you know.

mp> Ok then , also gonna look on sqlmagazine article to see what
mp> is the target readers."

That was writen in 2004 by
Carlos H. Cantu

ps : i always dreamed going to Brasil :)
who knows one day ....
reea is ibm partner (wow)

scroll down this page (Link to

Thursday, February 24, 2005

worst linux distro - is called lindows 2003 (cygwin + windows)
If you wonder why cron isn't working here are some workarounds

"On NT and Windows 2000 the SYSTEM user has these privileges and can run services such as sshd. However, on Windows 2003 SYSTEM lacks the Create a token object right, so it is necessary to create a special user with all the necessary rights, as well as Logon as a service, to run such services. For security reasons this user should be denied the rights to logon interactively or over the network. All this is done by configuration scripts such as ssh-host-config"

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Once you have installed this item, it cannot be removed. (from net updates)

you will be assimilated ;)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Aide detects breakin at

some kind of tripwire but open source , maybe i should try replace tripwire with it

Site Security Handbook

IBM Canada is using bacula !

"I've just come across Bacula, and would like to leverage it with allot of my customers. I work specifically for the iSeries brand. The iSeries uses the POWER processor architecture, inthis case, the POWER5 processor."

Matthew Schellenberg

IBM Canada Ltd.

ps:yes the open source alternative to tivoli

New hdd 200G - sata
Hoary AMD-64 will be installed on new drive ;)

If you have smtp problems with you can send to verizon's customers this address

ps: europe is blocked for sending emails to them and someone is reacting

Saturday, February 19, 2005

verizon relay server - Fun !

I can't connect to mx to send emails

but i get spam from them

from (

Friday, February 18, 2005

kernel book on my desk

uhu have what to read after my next exam (network exam)

updated my linux counter info
added 2 machines from home firewolf1 and firewolf2

Our Irish hackers really are like little elves ....ROFL

Our Irish hackers really are like little elves that write code. You go to bed and when you wake up in morning a bunch of code has magically appeared

Thursday, February 17, 2005

wooot it worked to write the dvd-r !

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/hdb=/tmp/deleted.iso

Executing 'builtin_dd if=/tmp/deleted.iso of=/dev/hdb obs=32k seek=0'

/dev/hdb: "Current Write Speed" is 4.9x1385KBps.

1277952/1113300992 ( 0.1%) @0.0x, remaining 58:00

1277952/1113300992 ( 0.1%) @0.0x, remaining 116:01

1071579136/1113300992 (96.3%) @5.7x, remaining 0:06

1097465856/1113300992 (98.6%) @5.5x, remaining 0:02

builtin_dd: 543616*2KB out @ average 4.8x1385KBps

/dev/hdb: flushing cache

/dev/hdb: updating RMA

/dev/hdb: closing disc

small pointer on howto burn DVD-R discs with growisofs

Low Quality - the high doesn't work :(

link to low quality stream - real audio (ogg cd quality doesn't work)

life is like

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

now i have pictures with ...

me and the fishes

"I assume that the 198.220.250.x internal addresses are bogus since you don't appear to be the US Department of Defense"

on shorewall list :

"Tom, you are right, the customer selected that address range for his WAN

when he was with another ISP, i tried to explain him the error but the

"sysadmin" of his WAN thinks its a trivial problem, ;-) "

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Heartbeat on linux

To install opendlm must download Heartbeat package from

and have the linux sources installed (from debian in my case)

2.4.x [DONE]

Heartbeat gave me an error on debian sarge it needs automake (when running ConfigureMe configure) so installed automake 1.6 from debian cd2

also in my case on secondary computer (woody) it needed glib-devel libnet-devel

(they are needed on sarge too)

almost forgot - a newlgradio episode

yummy with Miguel de Icaza (mono)

want one 21" monitor - second hand just to not forget , will go there tomorrow

When working with networks, it is always best to pretend that human

from shorewall usersers:

>Is there a way to allow only the IP addresses between and


When working with networks, it is always best to pretend that human beings were given either 8 or 16 fingers rather than 10. Then you would be thinking of "IP addresses between and"

which would be:

ACCEPT net: fw tcp 22

Monday, February 14, 2005

2hours x1 ROL - that is ... secret
loonix kernel crash on sparc :)

from bacula users list (someone was testing the tape with btape)

Feb 11 16:04:45 mybox kernel: sym0:4: FAST-10 SCSI 5.0 MB/s ST (200.0
ns, offset 15)
Feb 11 16:04:45 mybox kernel: st0: Block limits 1 - 16777215 bytes.
Feb 11 16:04:45 mybox kernel: st0: Mode 0 options: buffer writes: 1,
async writes: 1, read ahead: 1
Feb 11 16:04:45 mybox kernel: st0: can bsr: 0, two FMs: 0, fast
mteom: 0, auto lock: 0,
Feb 11 16:04:45 mybox kernel: st0: defs for wr: 0, no block limits:
0, partitions: 0, s2 log: 0
Feb 11 16:04:45 mybox kernel: st0: sysv: 0 nowait: 0
Feb 11 16:04:54 mybox kernel: \|/ ____ \|/
Feb 11 16:04:54 mybox kernel: "@'/ .. \`@"
Feb 11 16:04:54 mybox kernel: /_| \__/ |_
Feb 11 16:04:54 mybox kernel: \__U_/
Feb 11 16:04:54 mybox kernel: btape(567): Oops
Feb 11 16:04:54 mybox kernel: TSTATE: 0000000011f09606 TPC:
0000000000426330 TNPC: 0000000000426334 Y: 00000000 Not tainted void

here is the line linux-2.6.10/arch/sparc64/kernel/traps.c

die_if_kernel(char *str, struct pt_regs *regs)
static int die_counter;
extern void __show_regs(struct pt_regs * regs);
extern void smp_report_regs(void);
int count = 0;

/* Amuse the user. */
" \\|/ ____ \\|/\n"
" \"@'/ .. \\`@\"\n"
" /_| \\__/ |_\\\n"
" \\__U_/\n");

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Need more than 4GB of ram? - do it compile your debian kernel

If you need support for more than 4GB of ram in your kernel, then you have to compile your own kernel, or get someone else to do it for you.

Googling i found about linux memory model (described in

UPDATE :i installed kernel 2.6.10 and it have support for big MEMORY the only drawback is : there is no sound on my box now ... Oh well going back to 2.6.9
Perl 6 Now: The Core Ideas Illustrated with Perl 5
and a free php4 book online
and source code examples

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Building Mono on Windows

In this article I will walk you through the three phases required to build Mono on Windows without using the .NET framework.

You requested 32 Unbuntu CDs. They will be shipped the following address:

Marius Popa
Reea s.r.l
T. Vladimirescu 61 / 6
Targu-Mures Mures

Well now all reea firm will upgrade to linux :-)

ps: here is how i did it

Will you really ship CDs free of charge, and where can I get one?

If you cannot download CDs, or would simply like more attractive pressed CDs, we can send you pressed copies of the Install and Live CDs free of charge.

You may request CDs in Shipit - the Ubuntu CD Distribution System.

Monday, February 07, 2005

[Firebird-general] Only second or Firebird World Domination ?

Mpu Gondrong wrote:
> Minggu, 06/02/2005 18:53:09, Paul menulis:
> PV> Not as much as that. Last year there were 1111 votes. MySQL "won"
> PV> with 405, Firebird was runner-up with 403. What's disappointing is
> Win is win, why didn't you accept that? I've seen many talking about
> MySQL, news, votes, polls, etc..., in Firebird list, showing Firebird
> is 'good enough for everyone'. Is it that important?
> I'm using both MySQL and Firebird, and I WILL vote for MySQL, but I
> didn't, because I don't know and care about votes.

We should care to be first - that is the target no more no less:

"first/best open source database" also we should be better than
proprietary databases too :)

If you target to be lower than that you can't win , yes i'm dreaming
about "world domination" ;) inspired by linux one

"Alessandro: Bruce Perens claims "world domination: 2003"; is that
realistic? In your opinion, will the concept of free software gain
polularity in the mass market? In this respect, what's your opinion
about the move of Netscape Corp.?

Linus: The "World Domination" thing is obviously always a bit
tongue-in-cheek, but I think that yes, a five-year timeframe for the
free software movement and Linux to make a major noticeable impact is
not at all unrealistic. The Netscape open source thing is one of the
first indications of this, and I think we'll see others doing similar
and many google references ;)

Marius - firebird database world domination [in progress...]

linuxquestions results - rfc

there are many questions about linux questions "awards" so we don't have
to cry if we are not on the top *YET* ;)

Browser of the Year - Firefox (77.12%) [100% agree]
Distribution of the Year - Slackware (19.36%) [That is weird - i think
unbuntu came out of the nowhere and took a lot of press room]
LiveCD Distribution of the Year - Knoppix (57.69%) [ED: here i think
unbuntu is the best]
Database of the Year - MySQL (53.51%) [No comments ;)]
Desktop Environment of the Year - KDE (58.25%) [KDE ? omg gnome rocks
the desktop - Unbuntu , Suse , redhat fedora ...]
Window Manager of the Year - Fluxbox (31.14%) [Ok no comments ]
Office Suite of the Year - (84.85%) [No alternative yet
or do we ? I started using AbiWord and gnumeric and they rock and they
are fast!]
Word Processor of the Year - oowriter (63.75%) [Abi? maybe ]
Spreadsheet of the Year - oocalc (57.57%) [Slow]
Audio Multimedia Application of the Year - XMMS (45.83%) [I started
using ryhtmbox and is simple without so many skinns ]
Video Multimedia Application of the Year - mplayer (49.85%) [Totem
installed with the distro and works on all! moovies ]
Security App of the Year - nmap (37.14%) [agree]
Hardening App of the Year - SELinux (68.65%) [ok i'm using lids]
Editor of the Year - vi/vim (36.37%) [Eclipse]
Web Development Editor of the Year - Quanta (50.88%) [Who the hack is
using that : nvu is the only dw alternative i use on linux/windows]
IDE of the Year - Kdevelop (37.77%) [Hhahhahahah, Why don't we use
Eclipse - the mother of all ides]
Mail Client of the Year - Thunderbird (47.60%) [agree]
Open Source Game of the Year - Frozen Bubble (25.52%) [ok]
Commercial Game of the Year - UT2004 (38.86%)[ok]
Windows on Linux App of the Year - Wine (42.59%) [ok]
File Manager of the Year - Konqueror (30.59%) [mc]
Messaging App of the Year - Gaim (56.00%) [OK]
Graphics App of the Year - GIMP (72.82%) [ok]
MTA of the Year - PostFix (45.57%) [exim it has support for firebird]

Marius - developer

How to compile java programs with SableVM

Q: How to compile java programs with SableVM?

A0: SableVM is a Java Virtual machine, not a compiler...

A1: Under Debian there's a "jikes-sablevm" equivalent of "javac"

command, so you can simply do: $ jikes-sablevm

to get your HelloWorld.class file.

A2: In absence of "jikes-sablevm" one should do:

$ export BOOTCLASSPATH=/path/to/sablevm's/libclasspath.jar

and then use jikes directly:

$ jikes

A3: IIRC the latest sablevm-svn gentoo packages include JAVA_HOME-like

directory, in /usr/lib/sablevm, so once this package is installed

you can use programs in /usr/lib/sablevm/bin just as in Sun's JDK.

Q: How do I run java programs with SableVM?

A1: The simplest way is to use 'java-sablevm' command which is

parameter-compatible with Sun's 'java' command.

A2: In our SableVM's JAVA_HOME (once you have installed a SableVM

version/package that provides it) you have 'bin/java' command you can

use as in Sun's JDK.

I wish I could give you some URLs, but ATM my inet connection breaks

every few seconds and I'll be lucky if I manage to simply send this

email. I hope others can provide more details and/or corrections.

Hope this helps,

Grzegorz B. Prokopski

Friday, February 04, 2005

Use firebird not access on server !

Had some problems with a windows server

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot open database '(unknown)'. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.

I tested to see if the problem was from odbc (was not there ) then restarted the webserver ) - it seems was an exclusive lock problem (access "database" was not corrupt)

Long term solution:

database should be moved from access to real multi-threaded sql database (firebird) it have full odbc support and more scalable

Steps i have done to migrate from access to firebird

1.Downloaded access to firebird migration tool from this address

2.Downloaded and installed Firebird super server from sourceforge
project page

3. The conversion wizzard was run and data copied from access to
firebird (using the odbc connection) also installed odbc driver for firebird server (needed for asp)

4. Downloaded flamerobin tool for database administration and to see if
all was imported ok (auto incremental fields , tables , data)

5. Testing appliacation with new database created [work in progress]

Becoming a Debian developer

First you need to read Debian philosophy :) oh well is like steps becoming a monk or something

"However, before candidates are trusted with such tasks, they have to prove not only their programming skills, but also their understanding of Debian processes and philosophy. The process takes months, and there are few exceptions."

Update: it seems that debian Philosophy is hard to digest even Ian the half of Deb-Ian is waiting in "Philosophy room":

"Others worry about the time the process takes. To prove the point, Ian Murdock, the founder of Debian, whose first name forms the second half of the distribution's name, declined an offer to be accepted immediately as a Debian Developer. Instead, he began the process in May 2004. He is still waiting to advance to the Philosophy and Procedures stage"

HeteroCluster - coLinux

from IB[ie]M

eclipse on sablevm and rants

"I must say that I am totally blown away by the progress made by the classpath, gcj, and kaffe teams (despite what you may have heard, kaffe is not dead). Free Java is moving forward at an amazing pace. Java is quickly becoming a viable Free development platform. This is an essential element for Java-GNOME's future success."

[ED: amen i started eclipse on sablevm and it works!]

How To - Install Ubuntu on the Qemu emulator

Fedora [mess] r us

"When Fedora Legacy is working well, it is a highly useful service. With a simple tweak to a yum configuration file, it is possible to keep an older system current with almost no effort.Unfortunately, the last update to Fedora Core 1 came out on December 3, 2004. Any Fedora Core 1 systems which rely upon Fedora Legacy for updates are currently vulnerable to holes in the kernel, xpdf, vim, KDE, PHP, sudo, etc. The process, it would seem, has come to a complete stop for over a month. We attempted to ask (via the posted contact address) what was going on, but got no response."

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Using the Gtk Toolkit with Mono

Me playing with mono and gtk :)

ps:yes i should learn for that graphs exam

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I broke the blogger

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Time for next exam - graphs theory

There are many things to learn about it also found an online book in top 10 of searching on google

distributed version control - in the works by Martin


"Coders of the world rejoice, for Martin Pool is building a distributed revision control system:

I am not working directly on Ubuntu, but rather on improving the tools used by open source developers inside and outside of Canonical. The charter is to build a distributed version-control system that open-source hackers will love to use.

Knowing Martin, this will have the usability of Subversion and Darcs, the algorithms of Arch, and the pure leetness of rsync. Beware, other RCS authors: your days are numbered!"