Thursday, December 16, 2004

Until these are solved ?
[ED: now it seems we have to wait until v.0.2.1 or something , the last release was in November]
flamerobin 0.2 on

To do announce flamerobin release on:

- [done by alex]
- [not DONE]
- [not DONE]

- jaybird [not DONE]

news roundup:
- [DONE]
- [DONE]
- linuxtoday [DONE]
- [DONE]
- [DONE]
- [done]
- lxer [ DONE]
- [DONE]
- [DONE]
- linuxcompatible [DONE by alex]
- pclinuxonline [DONE by alex]
- warp2search [DONE by alex]
- neowin [DONE by alex]
- fresmeat [DONE]
- jaybird on freshmeat [DONE]
- send this to [DONE]
First fight with hercules

s360 emulator

apt-get install hercules

"Hercules is a software implementation of an S/390 mainframe. It runs on Linux and executes S/390 operating systems and applications software."

cool project of the day

you want sound revolution , you have it

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

GTK+ Drawing Model

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

and python is not java

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

quantian - open source math tools

very nice - don't need to user mathematica or matlab

ps: i hate mathlab anyway

How to Install Debian Linux on a desktop computer Part II

Configuring Sound and Configuring Video

Debian amd64 howto

choose the mirror

and other impressions

Eclipse Eclipse Eclipse

on *free* java and on debian :)

Monday, December 13, 2004

to read gwn

Gentoo Weekly Newsletter: December 13, 2004

what is the geexboXX ? dude

The question you may wonder is probably : "Dude, what exactly is this GeeXboX project I've heard so much about ?" Wink

quote of the day -

"There seems to have been a slight problem with the database.

Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

We apologise for any inconvenience "

Don't know databases shouldn't break ever ...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Installing Debian Sarge on S/390

quote of the week

"I can't keep track of all the Prescott throttling articles. :)"

on aces forum

General Compilation Advice

"Modules should be compiled with -Wall and should compile cleanly. Warnings during compilations that are acceptable under x86 will often cause problems under AMD64 technology."


Porting to AMD64

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Games Knoppix released

Games Knoppix released

Finally, the first release of the Games Knoppix (St. Nicholas Day Release) is ready for download. Please use this link to get to the Bittorrent page.

To do - Pirate & python

A 3 hour introductory tutorial (written by Guido) It covers Python 2.2 (but mostly sticks to timeless features) and maybe apply it to Pirate

Monday, December 06, 2004

Python vs Parrot

In many ways, it seems like Python and Parrot are from different planets.

In Python, the general approach seems to be to reduce everything possible to a canonical form as early as possible, and then deal with everything consistently.

In Parrot, the general approach seems to be to leave everything in its original form as long as possible, and then deal with everything separately.

Long : Python vs Parrot

Sunday, December 05, 2004

fun with unicrome (km400) graphics

I want to enable dual monitor output (km400 + ati Mach64)

What is left to do : install unichrome open source driver ;

there are debian packages also ...

Saturday, December 04, 2004

quote of the week

"Write once, crash anywhere ;-)"

Friday, December 03, 2004

To help :experiments with array datatypes

array datatype in fb , rensponse to that thread

mod_mono howto - later ....

how to install mod_mono

Free pascal on parrot vm - bad idea?

"could the Parrot VM be used effectively with strong typing languages."

and the answer in perl6.internals

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Testing PHP

"I guess this is my belated ApacheCon blog. I had a lot of fun as usual, and I got a chance to meet a few new people and hang out with old friends. The talk that Geoff and I gave went really well, and it ended up being as funny as we had hoped. More exciting than the talk is the project behind it. I think we've created the single best testing framework for PHP applications, and I'm going to try to describe it for those who missed the talk."

more on phpplannet

Lazarus for serious stuff

"The government agency that I work for is considdering using Lazarus for most of our custom programming instead of Delphi, and I am working on the first application." =-O

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

z/Architecture Principles of Operation

big books about mainframe monsters

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What is Public Relations?

Linux Media Guide

This is a *good* read

enabling 64bit on suse SLES9 (power)

gcc -m64 show_lp64.c

foo@foo:~/test> ./a.out

char is 1 bytes

short is 2 bytes

int is 4 bytes

long is 8 bytes

long long is 8 bytes

pointer is 8 bytes

Hmm gcc compiles default to 32bit ?!

"The -mpowerpc64 option allows GCC to generate the additional 64-bit instructions that are found in the full PowerPC64 architecture and to treat GPRs as 64-bit, doubleword quantities. GCC defaults to -mno-powerpc64."

gcc powerpc options

being part of the free java community

" Anecdotal evidence shows that by being part of the free java community wonderful women will fall in love with you. "

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ponie is up and running!

Well perl5 engine is started and seems to compile ok with new

Parrot VM

"Failed 2 test scripts out of 779, 99.74% okay."

Look how i did it :

1. download code from

2.tar -zxvf ponie-3.tar.gz ponie-3


5. make test

Now i should run ./perl harness (that was the message build gave me)

Dj X-Sonic - Blue Sun (DI Trance)

Maybe i'm blue today - Imagine Blue sun ..

Hmm very good *Free* Pascal Unit for testing

I have to test it

Friday, November 26, 2004

quote of the week

"I have a rule of thumb about Unicode: Nobody likes it. Nor does anyone dislike it enough to come up with something better."

Parrot has php

"Hey! Fabulous! Someone's making a serious effort to port a real language to Parrot! But that new type suggestion is just reinventing the PMC. Oh, and if you could change your generated code slightly you'd get much faster execution".

Game of life :12.279487 generations/sec

/opt/parrot/bin/parrot ncurses_life.imc

3884 generations in 316.299867 seconds. 12.279487 generations/sec

A total of 12656656 bytes were allocated

A total of 179 DOD runs were made

A total of 9 collection runs were made

Copying a total of 13508336 bytes

There are 1702 active Buffer structs

There are 7053 total Buffer structs

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Compiler Optimization for Speed on an Athlon-XP System

"These results were obtained by running a script with different sets of optimization flags and measuring the run time results of the same floating-point intensive analytic code on the same set of data. The script cleaned and recompiled the code with the given set of flags, and logged the results. Inorder to reproduce the same background load on the machine each time, the xscreensaver daemon was killed, along with any other X-applications (such as mozilla, open-office, etc). The only other applications running were a few xterms, gkrellm, a window manager (Enlightenment in this case). Due to asynchronous loading of mail polling, and other monitor updates, there was an observed timing uncertainty of roughly half a second, meaning that run time differences of 1 second may not be statistically significant. For a more detailed discussion of the methology, flags, and results for other systems, follow the links:"

Compilier Oprimization for Athlon link

Graydon on divisions (or the lack thereof) between C# and Java

they are all the same :) (ms start your xerox'es)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

to test in weekend "free as in speach" java

The goal of this package is to be a replacement of commercial Java Source Development Kits (JDK). This is accomplished by integrating the best free java tools into one development environment.

one of the best sites i found this month

one of the best sites i found this month

added to our documentation for advanced linux users

just a reminder :)

Mariuz's To do list

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

firebird porter to linux-390 - who me ?

I took the release (V1.5.2.4719 Firebird 1.5) from the cvs and reached to this point (have to define IMPLEMENTATIOn in jrd/

../src/jrd/inf.cpp:483: `IMPLEMENTATION' undeclared (first use this function)

../src/jrd/inf.cpp:483: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for

each function it appears in.)

../src/jrd/inf.cpp: In function `USHORT get_counts(short unsigned int, UCHAR*,

short unsigned int)':

../src/jrd/inf.cpp:1084: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as

truth value

make[3]: *** [../temp/libfbstatic/jrd/inf.o] Error 1

Linux for S/390

to bookmark this (for reading)

gcc powerpc options

"The -mpowerpc option allows GCC to generate instructions that are found only in the 32-bit subset of the PowerPC architecture. Specifying -mpowerpc-gpopt implies -mpowerpc and also allows GCC to use the optional PowerPC architecture instructions in the General Purpose group, including floating-point square root. Specifying -mpowerpc-gfxopt implies -mpowerpc and also allows GCC to use the optional PowerPC architecture instructions in the Graphics group, including floating-point select.

The -mpowerpc64 option allows GCC to generate the additional 64-bit instructions that are found in the full PowerPC64 architecture and to treat GPRs as 64-bit, doubleword quantities. GCC defaults to -mno-powerpc64. "

Firstly, Fujitsu is apparently working to make your car talk to you like the HAL 9000, while Motorola is said to be working on various remote-control devices (I don't have URLs for those two, unfortunately -- that's just gossip I picked up on mikeslist -- but I'm willing to mention them anyway, because they are intriguing). and shoking kars

read about thouse cars

Monday, November 22, 2004

gaim blogger

some shots

I think soon we will have gaim gmail pluggin (use gmail account as im one )

Web based XUL Filemanager

very nice file manager

"How about this file manager? The front end is XUL + Javascript and the back end ASP in this example (recommend Firefox 9.x+ - allow the popups from that site)."

linux on mainframe (S/360)

now is that i call a machine

"LCDS System

9672 G6 Model ZX7 (10 way processor)

Memory 32GB"

Install all Linux Gazette-issues at once!

now that is cool , i will try to read it all :)

apt-get install lg-all

Learning the JavaScript debugger Venkman

"JavaScript have been blamed for lacking proper development tools. Enter Venkman, a JavaScript debugger, tightly integrated into Mozilla."

Sunday, November 21, 2004

testing gnome-blog

apt-get install gnome-blog

ps : is working

Friday, November 19, 2004

give me a [php] pint

Sterling, Thies and a few others, have been busy investigating PHP for Parrot, I had a chance to browse the code a couple of weeks ago. Last time I saw it was at the PHP conference last November, which was a bit chaotic, so although I did start trying to hack up a compiler in PHP to do the same thing, the phpSharp code base I was using wasnt quite ready..

Page of pintcompiler

Thursday, November 18, 2004

flamerobin 0.2 on

- linuxcompatible [DONE by alex]
- pclinuxonline [DONE by alex]
- warp2search [DONE by alex]
- neowin [DONE by alex]
- fresmeat [DONE]

To do announce flamerobin release on:

- lxer [not DONE]
- [done by alex]
- [not DONE]
- [not DONE]
- [done]
-[not DONE]
- [not DONE]
- linuxtoday [not DONE]
- osnews [not DONE]
- [not DONE]
-[not DONE]

- [not done]
- [not DONE]
- [not DONE]

- jaybird [not DONE]
- jaybird on freshmeat [not DONE]
- send this to

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Installing open source linux driver for mustek wcam300

download the kernel and compile it folow this tutorial for debian
then get the cvs version of driver

Patch for kernel 2.6 and a Makefile for 2.6. And some small bugg fixes.
So to compile with a 2.6 kernel :

cvs login
cvs -z3
co nw802-2.4
cd nw802-2.4
cp Makefile.26 Makefile
patch -p0 < patch-2.6
make clean

if it fails then go to lists

after kernel compile and driver patching is time for compile

ln -sf /opt/kernel-source-2.6.7/drivers/usb/media/usbvideo.h .
ln -sf /opt/kernel-source-2.6.7/drivers/usb/media/usbvideo.c .
make -C /opt/kernel-source-2.6.7 SUBDIRS=`pwd` modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/kernel-source-2.6.7'
CC [M] /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/nw8xx_jpgl.o
CC [M] /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/nw802.o
LD [M] /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/nw8xx.o
CC [M] /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/usbvideo.o
Building modules, stage 2.
CC /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/nw8xx.mod.o
LD [M] /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/nw8xx.ko
CC /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/usbvideo.mod.o
LD [M] /home/mariuz/tmp/nw802-2.4/usbvideo.ko
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/kernel-source-2.6.7'

then we should do modprobe for driver

su -c 'modprobe videodev'
su -c 'modprobe usbvideo'
su -c 'insmod nw8xx.ko'
dmesg | grep video
Linux video capture interface: v1.00

also at the end of dmesg
nw802.c: Potentially NW8xx supported cam found ( supported vendor/product IDs )
nw802.c: Detected bridge type : DivIO NW802
videodev: "nw802 USB Camera" has no release callback. Please fix your driver for proper sysfs support, see
drivers/usb/media/usbvideo.c: nw802 on /dev/video0: canvas=320x240 videosize=320x240
usbcore: registered new driver nw802
nw802.c: Module loaded

install xawtv
su -c 'apt-get install xawtv'
then you should grap nice movies from your camer :) with this command
xawtv -c /dev/video0

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Why linux (nv drivers) works on faulty hw

os linux drivers sometimes works even when the hw is faulty (when it shouldn't)
Had one gf4mx440 (elixir or something) and one day stoped working on windows (no hw acceleration even after driver/os reinstall) took the userlinux livecd and booted .Was in the state of shock every thing worked (hw detected) , i could watch divx movies ...etc
Ok when i booted from the hdd (debian-sid) it crashed (black screen no signal)
What puzzled me was why it worked with live cd :) I know the board is dead (it will be replaced at vendor)

And the new nv linux drivers!
Just installed nvidia driver on my "borkstation" (userlinux aka debian-sid)
works great (gf2mx400)

And look what they have done with the new drivers ! :)

Interview with NVIDIA Engineers
good cluster example
while searching on google for "athlon clustering linux"
This series of benchmarks compares the Athlon XP 2500+, the Mobile Athlon 2500+, and the Sempron 2500+.

We put all three 2500+ rated chips through a plethora of performance benchmarks in order to see which of the three will give us the best performance for our dollar straight out of the box.

Now there is mention that the Sempron 2500+ rating is actually in comparison to relative Intel Celeron CPUs (since they are after all it's main price point competition), but after years of having AMD promise me and the world that it's performance rating system was based on some mythical Thunderbird processor and NEVER the competition I don't buy it. You're not allowed to rate two chips at identical 2500+ speeds without so much as an asterix and then tell that they're not supposed to perform similarly. The same goes for the Mobile Barton Chip.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Booting FreeVMS under Bochs (amd64)

We assume bochs is already installed .You can download an bootable BOCHS disk image from this url
Then uncompress it with tar -jxvf disk1.tar.bz2
modify bochs configuration (make the cd bootable)

boot: disk
ata0-master: type=disk, mode=flat, translation=auto, path="/freevms/freevms.dsk", cylinders=130, heads=16, spt=63, biosdetect=auto, model="Generic 1234"

It should show you this boot prompt

ps: my system is an "old" barton 2500+ emulating an opteron(amd64) system at 8Mhz. Need this for installing debian 64bits under emulator one day (now is crashing)
installing pearpc

1.have downloaded sarge powerpc net installer from page
2.Installed pearpc (apt-get install pearpc)
3. cdrecord dev=/dev/hdd sarge-powerpc-netinst.iso

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

nice blog on power arhitecture

another good article on porting to ppc64

RC4 implementation for AMD64

They did some optimizations with assembly code :
throughput of the best currently known RC4 implementations has been surpassed by a factor of two. [ed: on the same amd64 machine]

Monday, November 01, 2004

Project of the day mod_chroot

mod_chroot makes running Apache in a secure chroot environment easy. You don't need to create a special directory hierarchy containing /dev, /lib, /etc...

Monday, October 25, 2004

patches explanation from sony
on tiny linux mailing list

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

FlameRobin screenshots on mac os-x

Michael Hieke (a new developer) managed to build flamerobin on os-x
Here are some screenshots and some feedback
I like this part :"So I will give this a try sometime, but I'm not putting anything version 0.2 on my computer at the moment. The screen shot looks very good tho, it already looks like it is better than the one bundled with Oracle."

First the main window at

Then the ExecuteSqlFrame window at

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How-to for building firebird 2.0, 1.5.x and vulcan

cat firebird20/
cvs login
cvs -z3 co firebird2

cd firebird2
./ --enable-debug --prefix=/opt/firebird20 --enable-superserver

to get the 1.5.1 version you need to change the checkout line

Here are the scripts updated for 1.5.x and vulcan
I hope is the right branch :)

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -rB1_5_Release firebird2

cd firebird2
./ --enable-debug --prefix=/opt/firebird --enable-superserver
make install

and here is for vulcan

cvs login
# password is fulda conference
cvs checkout vulcan

cd vulcan
chmod +x
cd src
./set_platform linux32

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

firebird/flamerobin tutorial on linux for life (

maybe i should translate it one day :)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

JayBird 1.5.2 released

Added release notes on freshmeat page and on the :
"Thank you for posting a news article on TheServerSide! Your article must first be authorized by a member of TSS staff for relevancy, clarity, etc. It may be slightly editted for grammatical/formatting errors, etc."

Here is the full release announcement done by Roman:

JayBird 1.5.2 is available for download. It contains fixes to the issues posted in this group. There should be no more "invalid statement handles" and result sets should be correctly released when using the connection pool.
Hopefully also the "cannot start transaction, local transaction active" is gone too, at least I have added some more fixes.

Additionally I made it possible to specify both isc_dpb_lc_ctype and charSet encodings. In this case lc_ctype is passed to the database, charSet is used to convert bytes to characters. Most useful case is when lc_ctype=NONE.
Previoulsy driver used the default JVM encoding to convert bytes into strings, now you can enforce the encoding you like and do not depend on the regional settings of the host OS.

I have tried to build it with JDK 1.5, but it was not successfull. The build system cannot run with 1.5 (the target="1.2" part in build.xml and the used version of Ant does not understand 1.5), and at least JNDI code from the pool does not compile due to use of generics in JNDI API. Most likely one can build driver by using the "compatibility" mode of the compiler, but the
build system must be fixed (probably requires upgrade of Ant). I think we would need to split the code bases the same way I did it for JDK 1.3 and JDK 1.4. Are there any volunteers for this task?


update :
"JayBird 1.5.3 is available for download. Release contains fix for the
ClassFormatException reported today.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Added release news of jaybird and flamerobin

- jaybird on freshmeat [DONE]
- flamerobin on fresmeat [DONE]
- lxer [done by alex]
- [done by alex]
- [done by alex]
- [done by alex ]
- [done]
- [done]
- [done]

- linuxtoday [submited]
- osnews [submited]
- [ submited]
- [submited]

- [rejected :(]

To do announce flamerobin release on:

- [to do for jaybird]
- []
- []

Saturday, October 02, 2004

WINDOWS MEDIA TEST (on linux) - Thanks MTV2

We have detected your browser does not have the required Windows Media 9 plug-in to play this video.

ps: this was when you try to play some videos on them site (Yah and i'm on looonix)
A good interview
No wonder there are no good videos on MTV ... or music

LM: Do you ever want to create a new groundbreaking music video with modern technologies?

RUNDGREN: I do, but there's little demand today for music videos. There used to be a thriving, hungry market for music videos, but now most of the so-called music video outlets like MTV and VH-1 are doing reality programming -- they're not filling up their time with new videos. So the obstacle for me isn't daunting technology, it's simply the fact that there's nobody to play the result.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

linux (tux) @ rex

Here is one picture made by tibi (one of the reea designers)

ps: the pinguin is virtual :) (very funny)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Funny System crash - quoting from [Bacula-users] mailing list

About twice a year I succeed in crashing Linux, usually by hitting ctl-C

while something is going on with my tape drive. Well, tonight, I
totally froze my system. Even the little CPU meter stopped working. At
the same time, the CPU was going full out -- I can tell because the
cooling fan starts speeding up.

What is interesting is that I noticed the num-lock and caps-lock lights
blinking in a way that reminded me of something. After a few minutes, I
realized it was sending Morris code. Now, my Morris code is *really*
rusty, and though I know all the letters, I cannot recognize them very
fast, so I got:

..-. then waited until the message repeated and got ..-. .- , then
again (really painful) ..-. .- - and so on. I finally gave up after

..-. .- - .- .-.. . .-. .-. --- .-. (etc)

For those of you who do not read Morris code:

..-. .- - .- .-.. . .-. .-. --- .-.
F A T A L E R R O R ...

Linux is funny :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Porting from oracle to firebird - howto

First i downloaded the and installed it
After that i used the jdbc driver (jaybird) for firebird and the jdbc driver that is with oracle 9 (copied jars in the lib directory)
Then i clicked on the DDL plugin and configured the drivers for source and destination databases and executed it choosing all tables from oracle database .
Then after xml files are generated is needed to run the ant tool to create the sql script for firebird .Here you need to download the latest version of ant tool
In my case i installed it in /opt/ant and after reading the manualexported these variables ANT_HOME=/opt/ant, JAVA_HOME=/opt/j2sdk1.4.2.x

Go to the OpenDBcopy/plugins/opendbcopy.schemageneration and
run >ant hbm2java
and then
>ant create-schema

for me it gave an error to at one table : " composite-id incomplete must match

so i had to move manually an table then it showed to the prompt BUILD SUCCESSFULL and database schema was created and could be viewed with

$view sql/Firebird_schema_create.sql

After this euphoric moment is time to go with another step :
pumping the data between the two databases (run the "Copy data from a source into a destination datbase" plugin)
So run the generated script into new database, for it gave some errors so i had to tweak some fields generated for example : numeric (19,255) to numeric (10)
(19 is too high for firebird - more than 64 bit precision ! )
Also oracles NUMBER is replaced with equivalent FLOAT from firebird , DATE converted to TIMESTAMP.
Another thing is about keywords like
"value" or "time " - you must quote the table names , and columns if want to use it
A good tip from opendbcopy manual is to disable the fk before data pump so i did .
In plugin area there is "Create Insert scripts for destination" and could be used for the same purpose. For that plugin is good to inspect the sql files generated and quote every timestamp value (it can be done with %s/\.0/\.0'/g in vim for example)
SYSDATE references need to replaced with
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in the sql code (in fyracle you don't need to replace it - is done by the driver)
Sequences from oracle will be replaced with Generators

Saturday, September 18, 2004

keyboard is dead on the flamebird system (amd386sx) and i can't boot linux on it becaus
e have to press F1 but how can i press when keyboard is broken ? I will try later to debug
it and to find what is wrong . Now the internals (hdd , netcard,io card, video card)
are installed on an intella 486dx (@25mhz i think). It works better than 386 (memory bus is on 32 bit). Have to add second isa network card to it and install / configure shorewall (it will be a router /firewall )
Well finally i finished chapter 6 of TICPP, now is time for reading the 7 :)
update : the chapter 7 is 70% read
update : Chapter 7 is finished and now i'm at about 10% from Ch.8

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Reached to chapter 6 of Thinking in CPP. Got some din 5 to din 6 adapter for about 1$ so i don't have to kill a keyboard :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

converting my keyboard from 5-pin DIN (AT/XT) to 6-pin Mini-DIN (PS/2)
Well i have an old pc (386) and brand new converter doesn't work so an hp keyboard must be destroyed and 5-pin DIN adaptor will be used for a new keyboard (experiment :))
more about ps/2 interface

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Finished chapter 4 of Thinking in c++ and
started reading the Knuth book The Art of Computer Programming
And there is a new version (0.1.3) of flamerobin

my to do list:
- install mix emulator
- buy this book
- cut and paste into new colored icons from flamerobin screenshot

ps: well i finished with my exams :) and feel better about it

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Just Unmaried - or yet another strange dream.
I wake up sweating this morning , guess what: was dreaming about going to my wedding and all the ceremony . When we reached there i talked with my future wife and told me that we are not
ready , i agreed and that's all (I think the priest was a littel upset about this). Also remember that my father was there too .

ps: now that a strange dream ;) (maybe was the reason i wake up at 10AM) Usually i sleep until 1 PM

Thursday, August 26, 2004

So tired of everything

Feel like i need another vacation , the "good" news is have an exam on Maths
(Topological spaces)

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Singing for the queen - dream

back from holiday , i will tell how it was later
First want to note this strange dream (had it in one of these days): i was in a big room with many people and there i was asked to sing for the queen . Don't remember too much after that :(

Thursday, July 29, 2004

I'm in holiday :)
readig some philosophy : Jacob Boehme

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Tiny Linux is better

I Have to install it on my 386/6M AMD machine ! Here is the page
Snapped from newsforge article

"Later in the morning, Matt Mackall talked about the Linux-Tiny project.

Linux-Tiny is a project to reduce the size of the Linux kernel and its footprint -- or size -- in memory, for use on older legacy hardware, or embedded systems.

Mackall explained that the Linux kernel has become bloated over the last ten years and has a lot of room to shrink. He explained very rationally how this came to pass.

Linux kernel hackers got jobs.

In 1994 the kernel was at version 0.99 and could happily run on a 486 SX running at 16MHz with 4 MB of RAM.

By this year, 2004, the kernel had arrived at version 2.6 and could happily run on a 1024 node Intel 64 bit (ia64) architecture cluster with multiple terabytes of RAM.

When Linus got his job at Transmeta, he was suddenly entrusted with a computer running with 512M of RAM and various other improved features over the older hardware he had been developing Linux on. Memory use and disk use become less of a priority, and functionality and features took the forefront.

Over the period of 1994 to 2004 there was a huge growth in personal computing and Internet use, and a constant massive reduction in hardware costs. Coupled with Moore's law of ever accelerating hardware, this led to the loss of the concept of running Linux on small, old systems.

Linux has grown, Mackall went on, one small change at a time. Eventually lots of small changes adds up to large changes, significant improvements in various performances, and increased size.

Mackall's project, Linux-Tiny, aims to reverse this trend. He noted that it was nice to be scaling in the opposite direction for a change.

The means Linux-Tiny uses to get to its small memory footprint and kernel image size ends is a radical trimming down of the kernel's... less necessary features.

Mackall described the various steps he took to reduce the kernel's size by removing extraneous code, wasted memory, and unneeded text output. His stated goal was to run a small Linux system whose sole purpose in life was to run a web server with no bloat.

He has so far reduced the kernel to a 363 KB image, significantly below the 1.9 MB image found in a default compile of kernel 2.6.5, and comparable to the 1994 kernel 0.99pl15 image size in Slackware 1.1.2 of just 301 KB. His memory consumption is down to less than 2 MB, and together this means that Linux-Tiny can run on embedded systems and legacy hardware efficiently, as it did before Linux kernel hackers got jobs."

Friday, July 23, 2004

To do announce firebird release on:

- linuxtoday [re-send]
- [not done]
- [not done]

Monday, July 19, 2004

Flamerobin 0.1.1 released
Here is more
and domain registered also thanks to Nando Dessena

New screenshot with gtk2 (is uploaded on execute sql in flamerobin gtk2
also now backup restore works

More screenshots here

To do announce firebird release on:
- lxer [done]
- [done]
- [done]
- osnews [done]
- [done]
- [done by darius]
- [done by alex]
- [done]
- [done]
- [done]
- betanews [done]

- linuxtoday [write fwn]
- [not done]
- [not done]

- [send]
- [send]
- [send]
- [send]

- slashdot [rewrite?]

other sites linux and open source (mono 1 release is a good example to follow)
ps: updated the firebird wikipedia page

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Firebird Relational Database 1.5.1 Final Released

The Firebird Project announces the release of Firebird V1.5.1. this relese represents a committment by the project to develop and deliver ongoing improvements to this popular open source database engine.
The NPTL (Native Posix Thread Library) Linux builds referred to in the release notes will be available shortly.

Changes from previous version:

This release adds a charset improvement, allowing use of NONE as a fully transparent charset everywhere. (Changes were made in the engine to make the character set NONE more friendly about reading / writing data from and to fields of another character set.)

It adds the config-driven ability to abort a server process in the case of bugchecks or structured exceptions (to produce a core dump).

Firebird Superserver has a link-time backward compatibility issue with the NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library) that may cause it to be unstable on Linux distributions that enable the NPTL in the GNU C.The new NPTL builds of Superserver should solve these problems.

More on freshmeat site

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Dude where is my kernel?

Just trying to compile this module for (Mustek webcam cam300)

And the problem is in Makefile (it doesn't find right path to kernel)

KERNEL_SOURCE ?= /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build

obj-m := nw8xx.o usbvideo.o
nw8xx-objs := nw8xx_jpgl.o nw802.o

ln -sf ${KERNEL_SOURCE}/drivers/usb/media/usbvideo.h .
ln -sf ${KERNEL_SOURCE}/drivers/usb/media/usbvideo.c .
make -C ${KERNEL_SOURCE} SUBDIRS=`pwd` modules

rm -f usbvideo.h usbvideo.c *.o *.ko *~ *.mod.c

next time i will not buyan Divio based product

" divio doesn't think like you.
Many people (including me) contacted Divio to disclose for example the NW-802 technical details to migrate it to linux, but they didn't answer.
Munaut Sylvain is doing a big effort on his NW802 Linux Driver for some webcams. But Divio deserves some kind of boycott because some customers who spend money on their products are forgotten."

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

working on flamerobin (aka fbmanager) , now just trying to compile it
don't know why i had to move
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/3.3.4/crtbeginS.o to /usr/lib

(/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/3.3.4/ is in the path...)

Update: now it works!

had to install wxStyledTextCtrl (make ; make install) from this dir

and modify this line from flamerobin's Makefile


and all compiled for gtk2 :)

Monday, July 12, 2004

We live on freedom street v0.1

Here is one song (lyrics) inspired by Doors - "Love street.."
Maybe one day will sing it on my guitar :)

She lives on Freedom street
Lovers under the moon kissing

We live on freedom street
Got an angel with wet feet

Big moon watching our shadows
Feel Something is here under trees

Smooth Wind going trough she's hair
I met her on Dream street

[metal style]
Tra La La La La La
Tra La La La La La

We live on freedom stret
One day angel is gone
I met her on dream street
Moon's shy after smooth clouds

No stars outhere in freedom street
Lover's still kissing make's me angry
Foul i'm ,loonly in night

[metal style heavy:)]

Tra La La La La La
Tra La La La La La


I live loonly on freedom street
Only feel my wet feets
can't belive i'm just stranger
going slowly to love street

I was obsessed by my street name for about an year

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Patheticaly wrong - into my weakness.

Have you ever reviewed the sins in truth mirror. How weak I'm and so pathetic , how ugly , empty of good things.
Atracted by material things, carried away by river stream (small little passions) Look what i found on google about passions

The passions are said to dominate whenever an individual is motivated by the desire to have pleasurable experiences. The Apostle Paul would say that such an individual is carnally minded and that he's living according to the flesh. Passions include: Love/Hatred, Desire/Aversion, Joy/Sorrow, Hope/Despair, Fear/Courage, Envy/Lust/Anger. Neither good, nor evil in themselves because (in general) they are independent of reason and will, and are the movements of the sense appetites.

Now it make more sense about why i feeling Sorrow, Despair , Anger after broke up her , She waked up fountain of desire then motivate me for "pleasurable experiences"
(Yah my weakness). Wild desire doesn't dies so soon as hoped ...

After reading platon's dialogs inspired me on new vision : what we should look in our life is not the love but the good.Maybe my sufferance is caused by lack of good , have to find a way to it.
Steps in finding love/good in other people : you need love them even if they hurt us physically or into our soul , finding ways of seeing them as they are inside (pure as child's).

Back to soul problem (reading plato's Fedon dialog): philosopher way is preparing for death , beating desires in a few words "passing trough"

Monday, June 28, 2004

Age of stupidity - Sometimes the ugly part of people burst out from inside of them like the fury and have to forgive it , minor stupid things give birth to small wars in our rooms:(

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Almost crushed , Dead butterfly and Love - Philosophical point of view

Yesterday when was going to home we (the taxi driver and me) almost crashed with the car that was ahead . The feeling was like flying and didn't care too much if really happened .

Dead butterfly on the ground , don't know if is a sad thing or not.

Reached the chapter with Philosophical point of view on Plato's dialogue about love

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Good at hurting myself, and others . Don't know what happened this week but wasn't myself. Did some mistakes, and yes I was very boring.This is why need to be better than yesterday (improve what I am), When you don't have what to talk about is a shame. Lack of inspiration, yes not so creative these days.
Yah and illusion myself about that "forbidden love", How stupid can I be ?
Is good learning from pain , people don't see what hurts inside , some words pro duce real storms without any reason (imagine an summer storm that is above and can't do nothing to stop it).
Need to be alone a few days, to heal my wounds, and find myself.
Is just me that I'm angry and really bad , friends can't make me too happy now, have to do it alone .
You know the song:"Oh I need a friend who makes me happy..." , Another problem I s that I'm too open :tell only the truth and too fast, is hard to me finding an bridge to another person soul . Need help in friendship and have no advice from no one , Wonder what is thinking , maybe hurt it by mistake.
After a few days what I did wrong is visible : from friends to nothing. Zero ! Something is terrible wrong and this *don't want it to happen*.
Fear that's the enemy - makes me weak - fear for what she did to me.
Know know why is so - is just self defense - don't want to feel it again - to love and the suddenly train hit you , yah no love after that, make sense now ...
It's fear to feel pain again (is like going to dentist, even if is friendly and he/she wants to heal you - still go there with small heart and looking into the ground)

Finished the last exam (algorithms Complexity). Yesterday was roxa's birthday and have some idea's for a gift :P ...(hint) something green . And also was Yuly (Fane's wife) birthday a few days ago and have some ideeas for them too :)

Friday, June 25, 2004

Firebird 1.5.1 RC3 released

Download linux version as rpm and tar.gz

Some changes
from version 1.5

One article about firebird

I like the ending :)
"So am I ready to switch all my stuff over to Firebird? No...not yet.
But I don't think I'll look at MySQL quite the same way ever again. This
seems like a very attractive option."

Here is the google cached version , host seems to be down

firebird effect or ibphoenix? effect ? :)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

today funny application from linux floppymeter
Just added floppy to my borkstation

man floppymeter
floppymeter - measure raw capacity and exact rotation speed of floppy

and some benchmarks :)

Warning: all data contained on the floppy disk will be lost. Continue?

- rotations since start of test = 1000
- average time per rotation since start of test = 200062
- sliding average of the last 10 rotations 200197
- missed rotations 2

capacity=200153 half bits (should be 200000 half bits)
time_per_rotation=200062 microseconds (should be 200000)
data transfer rate=500227 bits per second (should be 500000)

deviation on capacity: +765 ppm
deviation on time_per_rotation: +310 ppm
deviation on data transfer rate: +454 ppm

Insert the following line to your /etc/driveprm file:
drive0: deviation=765

yahoo mess-enger doesn't work (gaim , and their version fails too) - i think is time for an gmessenger :)

update: it seems that gaim version from cvs it's working ok with new yahoo protocol , will try it soon ...

Re-open wound, why is so painfull? , now is closed back (it's about soul),
Why should i cry?
Know sometimes can't talk what i feel, and sometimes can't talk at all. For a moment yesterday was like heaven opened for few minutes after it closed again with great pain. False hope, back to normal again. Beter going to sleep soon , just dreaming
Water is wonderful thing, feel like reborn after swiming in the pool,Don't care about beer money other usual stuff. I like water , forgeting about stress work everything.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

forbidden love - yah some people can love and it's not my case ,
Yes i could but have to stay in my gray cubicle , no sunshine only clouds here .
Rainy days are here forever, envy the lovers who pass near me , so much hate them. They are Lucky one , growing into *one*

i'm not allowed to love - is like a sin - you know is there but you can't touch it. Today my heart stopped for a moment when have read about someone love , don't know
for a moment the impossible dream looked real - Wake up ! It's not my dream , the ceremony has begun , If this would be our last day what would you do ? Would i look in the sun all day - blind we are - can't see the sun . Just shadows passing trough
Only friendship remains in my case , no one listen to my cryings
On the other side : happy i'm we got friends , pain is going away like the cloudy weather and Sun is smiling again :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

platon - about types of love

Well I just started reading the dialog about love and is quite interesting , it describes many types of love : physical , and the pure love
the latter one can give you the freedom of soul (it doesn't stop after death), I may add there is another one called divine love , the strangest from it's sisters

physical love - is dying after body becomes ugly - just an illusion , shadow in FaCe of death
pure love - almost mystical , makes the man and women make crazy things (out of normal behavior)
divine love - have you wondered what make the saints be happy when thrown to lions or tortured , sometimes normal people (like us) can see only a glimmer of that , is the meeting with god - what could be greater than it ...?

Sunday, June 20, 2004

got gmail , let's see what it does

the problem :1000M is too much for me, one example: on yahoo account got 100M of free space and it used 0% now , i will try to find methods of filling space , some of discussion lists could be transferred to this new account

anyone working on a thunderbird extension ? :)
even with ads , it could be very useful for me

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Want an linux keyboard and i want it now ...
Heheh , seen the link on slashdot on 486's birthdate discussion
Here are some of my rummblings

One think i liked is about old ibm keyboards :"The old XT keyboards were made from steel. Even into the late 1980s, IBM keyboards still had a steel plate underneath. The IBM PS/2s had steel cases, you could use the case in place of cinder blocks to raise up your car."

Heck i have one at home and you can't break it and have steel inside

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Beyond Proprietary Databases: Helen Borrie on the Future of Firebird - is nice read for today , There is where we should go - replace every oracle, mssql ,mysql with an open source database : firebird, postgres, mysql . Not just talking it , do it ...
Another very good news for me is Debian AMD64 Port Ready yah they
will include it in SID (aka unstable)

I took Differential equations exam with 8 (from 1 to 10 scale):) Yupee !
In the morning i thought that will not pass it , was very tired but all finshed in a good way . 2011 update: mysql is propietary

Thursday, June 10, 2004

linux exam is done here are the course materials :) now follows the diff equations exam ...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Well if you have firefox installed type in the folowing http://localhost then press [ENTER] ... Enjoy :)

Monday, June 07, 2004

But you have left me in the rain - I Like this melody (is named Burning of Desire or something) , is played on Kiss radio every day

By the way from today i'm away at learning (1 week) maths (Differential equation)

Also have an Operating System exam . Look what i found for reading :)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Open source application of the week
DireqCafe 3.0 By A.J. Venter is located on interweb right here , It works only on Linux , not too usefull for an i-caffe with windozzze :)
The search for best open source I-caffee aplication continue ...

Loook out at credits in the manual :P


The Lazarus developers for making Delphi work on Linux better than Borland could, and the Lazarus mailing-list members for always happily answering my (often stupid) questions.

DireqLearn, my employers for giving me the opportunity to create Free, Open Source software for a living. The only thing nicer than altruism, is profitable altruism :)

My cat, Vyf, for (forcefully) ensuring I take the occasional break.

Hahah the cat !! :P

Friday, June 04, 2004

Some romanian poetry , warning is in romanian ! doh :P
I love this site's design!

Quotes of the day
- "Page proudly processed in 0.901651 second(s) "
- "I can download the patch for my new razor, what should I do?
Please upgrade to the Linux kernel and reboot." :)

Yah today i should learn at Maths , the exam is on 12 June and there are few days until then :(

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Pigeons and Crow in fight

Today have seen an amazing thing , two pigeons fighting for their "kids" life with a huge crow , I never belived that could fight with
so much power and anger, Crow tried to kill and eat Pigeon's egs or baby , every time she/he was near nest one of pigeons flied right into the enemy (Kamikaze) .. so on .. Like dog fighting aircrafts rushing each other .

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Warning is about microsoft! hide the kids please :)
Kill Bill article
on yahoo news

Related to this article today I have seen another ! local shop that sells AMD/intella systems with linux pre-installed
Is called altex (for thouse who knows the shop) . Still amaze me to see linux in the shops ;-)

Procesor AMD Athlon XP 2200+
Memorie 256MB
HDD 80Gb 7200pm
FDD 3.5
Placa video ATI Radeon 9200, 64MB
Placa de sunet integrata
Placa retea integrata
Carcasa ATX
Monitor nu
Tastatura da
Mouse da
Sistem de operare: ***Linux***

Here are the products click on *Davio* systems

Monday, May 24, 2004

Tree menus in java script . Open source please :)

this doesn't work on mac

anotherone but with frames

Friday, May 21, 2004

To read : unix history by Andy Tanenbaum

Funniest quote for today :)

216882 future Linux system administrators have visited this site.

Seen it on aboout debian site

Thursday, May 20, 2004

compiling an BorlanC++ (DOZ) program (named drunken horsie) on linux
Here we go :

g++ calutzu.cpp
In file included from /usr/include/c++/3.3/backward/iostream.h:31,
from calutzu.cpp:1:
/usr/include/c++/3.3/backward/backward_warning.h:32:2: warning: #warning This fi le includes at least one deprecated or antiquated header. Please consider using one of the 32 headers found in section of the C++ standard. Examples in clude substituting the header for the header for C++ includes, or instead of the deprecated header . To disable this warning us e -Wno-deprecated.
calutzu.cpp:2:18: conio.h: No such file or directory
calutzu.cpp:3:21: graphics.h: No such file or directory
calutzu.cpp:4:16: dos.h: No such file or directory
calutzu.cpp: In function `void draw_solutie()':
calutzu.cpp:39: error: `delay' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:39: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for
each function it appears in.)
calutzu.cpp: In function `void cal(int, int)':
calutzu.cpp:47: error: `getch' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp: In function `void mod_grafic()':
calutzu.cpp:77: error: `detectgraph' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:79: error: `initgraph' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp: In function `void draw(int, int)':
calutzu.cpp:86: error: `cleardevice' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:87: error: `CYAN' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp: In function `void draw_horsy(int, int)':
calutzu.cpp:95: error: `SOLID_FILL' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:95: error: `RED' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:95: error: `setfillstyle' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:96: error: `pieslice' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp: In function `void draw_grid(int, int, int)':
calutzu.cpp:106: error: `getmaxx' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:107: error: `getmaxy' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:110: error: `outtextxy' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:111: error: `getcolor' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:112: error: `setcolor' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp:118: error: `line' undeclared (first use this function)
calutzu.cpp: At global scope:
calutzu.cpp:130: error: `main' must return `int'
calutzu.cpp: In function `int main(...)':
calutzu.cpp:144: error: `closegraph' undeclared (first use this function)

Now the program is compiling on linux but doesn't show anything yet :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Firebird Conference Pictures in Fulda, Germany.

Also another link full of good info (papers/sessions) from the 2003 conference

Shock new Firebird magazine exists !

Monday, May 17, 2004

Mandrake returns here is one news they linked in newsletter
Also one weird paper from alex[is]" *BiLL Gates didn't create the empire*
Ok news about loonix and not microsoft but is lie in the end ...

Back to programming, Wierd c++ compile error message when Compiling Firebird 2.0 Unstable
after i type make it shows up like below
ast_t is declared as enum in isc.h .

In file included from ../src/jrd/thd.h:214,
from ../src/jrd/isc.h:98,
from ../src/jrd/isc.cpp:53:
../src/jrd/sch_proto.h:43: error: use of enum `ast_t' without previous declaration
../src/jrd/sch_proto.h:43: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `parameter' with no type
In file included from ../src/jrd/thd.h:215,
from ../src/jrd/isc.h:98,
from ../src/jrd/isc.cpp:53:
../src/jrd/thd_proto.h:64: error: `THD_T' was not declared in this scope
../src/jrd/thd_proto.h:66: error: `THD_T' was not declared in this scope

Saturday, May 15, 2004

One good thing leads to another (x86- history)
8086 ( 1978 )
286 ( 1982 )
386 ( 1985 )
486 ( 1989 )
586 ( 1993 ) - aka Pentium
PPro ( 1995 )
P2+PMMX ( 1997 ) - Dancing Intel Workers :)
P3 ( 1999 ) for intel and Athlon core for AMD
p4 ( 2000 ) bad year for intella ? AMD works on k8
Xeon( 2001 ) AMD works on k8
x86-64( 2003 ) AMD Launches Opteron / ahtlon64 also revised barton core
p3 (2004) Again!! intel is going back to p3 core in other news Amd works on dual core k9 and sells many opterons/athlon64 systems

Monday, May 10, 2004

Well yet another day . Have seen the Kill Bill 2 and can't find my words ...(great parody maybe).
Sometimes you don't make enough for the others . One of our sins : *Lazyness*. Why a day that begins great ends with mudd in the face.Tired by all of these . World hit you when feeling to good.
There will be always the fight with world but we won already that is the trick : it can't do anything with our souls.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Barton installed , some benchmarks soon (i hope)

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

well my barton 2500+ is on the way :)
Yah i wanted it for xmas , but is still good to have it after easter tough

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Updated my borkstation and tripod page
Recovering from easter party :)

Friday, February 06, 2004

today have an java exam :)