Friday, September 30, 2011

MSI MS7528 (G31M3 motherboard) bios update Linux horror story

I had this error on dmes log output BIOS bug: CPU MTRRs don't cover all of memory, losing 768MB of RAM Solution is to upgrade the bios fro v1.1 to v 1.3 1.After i have searched the motherboard on msi site i didn't knew where is the generic motherboard (without F/L) and it seems that according to the forum All I can see are the -F and -L(S) models. It's almost as if the plain G31M3 does not exist. and if you like to know why doesn't my board have the -F printed on it:"-F" is ommited. G31M3-F or G31M3 means the same board
2. Flashrom from linux doesn't work yet with this board
3. Next instal windows (yes you read that is right) and use the useless Windows tool Live update 5 that doesn't work at all (it doesn't find the drivers, it doesn't find the bios update)
4. I need to put another tool that it will install DOS ! and then put the zip with the bios on an usb stick
5. I had to run fix it to redo the drive geometry also i had to format the usb stick
6. Required Boot from ubuntu live cd and remove windows (optionally format usb stick as ubuntu live cd)
check the bios and dmesg log
[    0.000000] DMI: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD MS-7528/G31M3-F(MS-7528), BIOS V1.3 06/19/2009

[    0.000000] total RAM covered: 4096M

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#Oracle Thank you for killing #mysql with opencore=propietary licence and pushing for alternatives

The LAMP king is dead and is  Open core = Closed source , so is time for Mysql alternatives : Firebird

Monty's words
Oracle has now officially announced that MySQL is not a full free software project anymore and that they will go for an Open Core model.

This is inconsistent to the original MySQL business model. The main strength of MySQL has always been that all MySQL source code was freely available. It was thanks to this that MySQL got widely adopted and got to be used by tens of millions of users.

This was a fact that the MySQL board and Sun understood. Closing the MySQL server code base in any manner would be bad for long term business.
So what's so wrong with Open Core?

As a business model, especially to bootstrap a business, Open Core is not a bad idea. It gives you some leverage with your users to get part of your development paid for. This is however done at the cost of fewer users and a less adopted project. Many projects however abandon Open Core models when they grow as open source gives them more users and thus more value.

What is most important to understand about an Open Core project is that it has nothing to do with an open source project. If you are depending on a single closed source component then you have to regard the whole project as a closed source project as you lose all the benefits of open source:
  • You are depending on one vendor.
  • You can't do any bug fixes yourself and you can't contract anyone except the original vendor to get things fixed.
  • You can't examine and improve the product (not any part of if).
  • You can't use any open source or commercial extensions from anyone else. This is true also for any plugins that access any internal parts of the product (which is true for most MySQL plugins).
  • You are limited to the platforms that the original vendors makes available. (In MySQL's case you can't for example use the new commercial features on RedHat 6 as it's not a supported platform).
  • The builds you are using are not tested anymore by millions of users (more bugs).
  • The product is not checked by the open source community for security problems or back doors.
  • The new features will not be adopted by (and may even cause conflicts with) other open source projects.
  • You are subject to one vendor's price politics which they can change at their convenience.
What is interesting with the new commercial features is that parts of them where not developed by Oracle. The thread pool was originally developed by Ebay for MySQL 5.0 and contributed to MySQL to be include in MySQL 5.1. Only the new scheduler interface code was added to MySQL 5.1 while the thread pool itself was added (but accidentally with a slower implementation) into MySQL 6.0. Oracle never back ported the thread pool code to the MySQL 5.5 community version and now also the MySQL 6.0 tree is deleted.
The new pluggable authentication, which makes the new PAM authentication possible, was developed and contributed to Oracle by Sergei Golubchik at Monty Program Ab.

Alternatives and the good News 

These words are prophetic and the decline started to happen 

The decline will not be immediate, it will take some time, notably Apache distributions like XAMPP and WAMP will have to offer users alternatives to MySQL, as most developers use these packages, instead of installing products independently. All is not lost, the Open Source community has plenty of options. There are two well established alternatives to MySQL: PostgreSQL and Firebird. Both have large established communities, and support of major corporations. One of these will become the next MySQL

I put my vote on Firebird SQL : it is lighter and it is easier to maintain (drop in replacement for mysql in lamp installements)

Now, this could be a very good opportunity for all of the other open source database servers (and also some of paid ones!), particularly the most popular ones like Firebird and PostgreSQL. I’m particularly fond of Firebird (the InterBase offspring) and use it in many projects and did a lot of consulting to Delphi developers using it. Can this be ? MySQL with its huge popularity has certainly obscured it, so it could be a good time to act.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

fixing nginx 1.0.x and html5 video

Fixing nginx 1.0.x to make it serve video ogg correctly Open up the Nginx mime type configuration file, eg: /etc/nginx/mime.types Add these lines after the last video mime type
video/ogg                             ogm;
video/ogg                             ogv;
video/ogg                             ogg;
restart nginx
sudo /etc/init.d/nginx restart

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The best definition for clould computing

Definition was given on slashdot
Unfortunately, the sort of seamless network-agnostic computing Plan 9 and its descendants enabled is now a commercial threat to all the other players in the mobile space. Half the point of the "cloud computing" trend is to lock people in to one provider's weakly interacting web service, and, by extension, into the controlled ecosystem of third-party services that do interoperate well with it. Plan 9 is too good at what it does to be successful.

All cloud providers want to hook you up to the system and then rip you off with computing time , bw or with overpriced NO uptime like amazon does with their constant service disruptions
No wonder they all want to move you to the cloud and milk you as much they can .
I have tested RDS on Amazon is is absolutley horridly slow compared with a fine tuned machine

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Rip Google pack time for librepack

Rip google pack i didn't quite loved you because you contained mostly propietary crap : adobe reader, antiviruses , antispyware , the pesky google desktop and firefox with google toolbar included (by the way i think toolbars should be forbidden in all browsers just to make the world a better place) but I always recommended google pack to people still stuck in the past and windows land (minus the real player that is contained in the pack !)
Why :it updates automatically the programms and contains antivirus / antispyware , maybe is time for a librepack that it will contain : vlc ,libreoffice , clamav, firefox, chromium using the same update method used by the google pack I almost wish to create it myself but the devel setup is quite heavy

Friday, September 02, 2011

dist-upgrade in #ubuntu hardy on Amazon ec2

Today i have upgraded hardy machine with latest patches on an Amazon ec2 machine (related to httpd bug)

and it crashed on with this script update-rc.d if you watched with top
First download the libc6-xen
and install it with 
then remove the libc6 and ubuntu minimal 

dpkg -r libc6-i686 and then dpkg --configure -a

and restart your daemons