Wednesday, September 29, 2010

reading Rendering Quake 3 maps with WebGL: Tech talk

I wonder why webgl is not enabled by default ? here is my 2-3 fps test on intel board (netbook)
Here is the full paper and demo for loading webgl

it's one of the best prototyping env for openg es 2.0 (for android and the rest)
so this is why i will enable by default on my browsers

and webgl lessons are amazing , here is the example with spinning sphere

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Installing #ubuntu fonts and #droid ones on #debian sid

For me it seems a good idea to have the droid fonts as default for ubuntu and debian.

Here is howto install the ubuntu fonts on debian and in a similar way you can install the droid fonts

dpkg -i /home/mariuz/ttf-droid_1.00~b112+dfsg+1-0ubuntu1_all.deb
fc-cache -v -f /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-droid
the same i did with ubuntu fonts
dpkg -i /home/mariuz/Downloads/ttf-ubuntu-font-family_0.68+ufl-0ubuntu1_all.deb

Monday, September 27, 2010

xtightvncserver tip:improve fonts display rendering

seems that by default when i start tightvncserver on a remote server the
fonts were horrible and almost i could'n read them so i had to enable better dpi ~96 (before was 70 i think) and anti aliasing in the xfce display settings 

My first app for Android :Goodbye world

just testing the android sdk before i install the ndk and play with better languages
here is the result on my atom netbook , it works quite well minus the startup speed for qemu image
but for that i have installed the sdk on a machine with more cores and better cpu than my small netbook

Tip:One way to speed up the debugging is to leave the emulator online and to re-upload the app when is done
I will search howto run it on a remote machine or howto run android-x86 on my netbook

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spread the word :A few days are left until the #ubuntu 10.10 is released

Be You can help by spreading the word and adding the counter to your blog or site

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

and there are many buttons created  to chose from if you don't like it

In other news you can help on debian front too

126 bugs need to be fixed by Debian Contributers to get Debian 6.0 Squeeze released.

Hedgewars Frontend in Qt C++ , engine in Free Pascal and scripting in lua

The hedgewars is an interesting mix of languages C++/Qt for the UI, Free/Libre Pascal for the engine , Lua for scripting also there is the ObjectiveC, Java glue for the mobile platforms: ios/android You can check the sourcecode for this cool mix ps: I forgot that the server is written in Haskel

The power of #qt 4.7 on #haikuos :#qml

qml is quite cool  even if is rendered by the cpu , the graphics look very well on my haiku box and i was surprised to see that it works out of the box
also i love that syntax is quite simple
here is the screenshot with all the javascript+qt power combined

And here is the samegame running , I love the particle effect

Why free pascal on the server side ? speed and memory and yes you can press the turbo button

If php tries to mimic a modern language with adding strict typing
and some disoriented view of objects and namespaces (dos style "\" namespace anyone instead of "::" or "." ?) and then compiling it to pure c++ then asm with llvm
then why not using a proper language that do proper compilation and type checking from the start and is way faster

How fast ? 100 times , yes that is not a typo
and bonus 100 times less memory or more ~ 1000 times

Pascal can beat any of the dynamic languages for speed and memory and can beat anytime c++ at compilation speed :)
And by default it beats java at memory allocation :P i think anyone can beat that

here are some examples :
Let's first beat php
Then ruby
then javascript v8
then python
and so on ...lua , mono c# , ...

It's just like having another 100x memory needed for one server or the cpu power
nobody gives you that for free : ask Amazon how much they charge per server or cpu power
and you get something 100x memory on your servers for free
let's say is 4G in typical configuration and with pascal in some area is like 100*4 = 4000G
compared with typical php/ruby one.
I mean no one will give you a sgi type machine with 1000 cpus and 4T of ram for free just to run some webpage or host a facebook type application
from 10.000 concurent users you can host more 100.000 or more 1M on the same machine
and that without working it to make it scalable
There are things to be improved the in benchmark war but pascal looks good on the server side
check extjspascal
and howto use json/javascript with object pascal on the server side

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Howto and tips :converting from #mysql to #firebirdsql

here are some basic types to be converted from mysql to firebirdsql when you run the create table scripts

  • int(10)->int
  • smallint(5)->int
  • datetime->timestamp
  • replace the ` with double quote " or with nothing

dump the database with full inserts and then run it with flamerobin
mysqldump  -u root --password=mysql_password -t -c dbname tablename > /tmp/foo.sql

another option is to put dump table in csv format and import it using a php script
that fetches each row and inserts it into firebird table
here is one example for a table with 3 columns

or search for a tool that will do that for you

Howto Checkout Firebird 2.5 Release branch

here is the hosted Firebird 2.5 release branch

sudo svn co firebird_2_5_Release
cd firebird_2_5_Release
./ --prefix=/opt/firebird2.5.x --enable-superserver
make install

ps: now the Firebird 2.5.0 is released but code for later 2.5.x releases is added in this branch

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eminescu , Dracula and Google translate poetry

All started with my wish to transmit ot a friend from Brazil how is the shit life in Romania (It's a crazy country these days) and is better pictured with the ending Satire III by  Mihai Eminescu but the translation is quite crazy if read it
I don't know what the poet who translated that smoked but is not good ... Fagots anyone?

Here is the original text in Romanian :
Dar lasati macar stramosii ca sã doarma-n colb de cronici
Din trecutul de marire v-ar privi cel mult ironici.
Cum nu vii tu Tepes doamne, ca punand mâna pe ei,
Sã-i imparti în doua cete: în smintiti si în misei,
Si în doua temniti large cu de-a sila sã-i aduni,
Sã dai foc la puscarie si la casa de nebuni!

O, leave in the old chronicles our forefathers to rest;
For they would gaze upon you with irony at best.
Rise once more, o Tepes ! Take and divide these men
As lunatics and rogues in two big tribes, and then
In mighty, twin infirmaries by force both tribes intern,
And with a single faggot prison and madhouse burn.

So let's try with google translate

"But at least let you sleep-like ancestors in the chronic dust
Enlargement of the past you would look up ironic.
How come you did not Dracula, Lord, that by putting his hand on her
Let's split into two bands: the mad and the mise,
And two with large prison by force to gather them,
To give fire to the prison and the madhouse!"

and then in Portuguese

Mas, pelo menos, deixá-lo dormir antepassados-como na crônica de poeira
Alargamento do passado que você ia olhar irônico.
Como é que você não Dracula, Senhor, que ao colocar a mão no seu
Vamos dividir em duas bandas: o louco eo mise,
E dois de prisão por grande força para recolhê-los,
Para dar fogo à prisão eo hospício!

Doesn't sound too bad only That Vlad Tepes is not equal with Dracula from the movies

In the letter (Satire III) is seen as heroic character:

His image in modern Romanian culture clashes with foreign perceptions. It is the last part of a rather popular 19th century poem by Mihai Eminescu, "Scrisoarea a III-a", that helped turn Vlad's image into modern legend, by having him stand as a figure to contrast with presumed social decay under the Phanariotes and the political scene of the 19th century (even suggesting that Vlad's violent methods be applied as a cure).

The best pdf viewer is ... Google Chrome

I have noticed that google chrome is using one of the best pdf viewers in my opinion : with no crashes and no exploits

so i can recommend is as the best pdf viewer in the world and maybe it can be added in the list of (seems that is not enabled by default in chromium from sid but maybe in the future it will be enabled if is free/libre software  )

Here is the original google announcement 

Today, we are making available an integrated PDF viewing experience in the Chrome developer channel for Windows and Mac, which can be enabled by visiting chrome://plugins. Linux support is on the way, and we will be enabling the integration by default in the developer channel in the coming weeks.

With this effort, we will accomplish the following:
  • PDF files will render as seamlessly as HTML web pages, and basic interactions will be no different than the same interactions with web pages (for example, zooming and searching will work as users expect). PDF rendering quality is still a work in progress, and we will improve it substantially before releasing it to the beta and stable channels.
  • To further protect users, PDF functionality will be contained within the security “sandbox” Chrome uses for web page rendering.
  • Users will automatically receive the latest version of Chrome’s PDF support; they won’t have to worry about manually updating any plug-ins or programs.

geek cpu #pron, Bill gates included

The coolest geek pr0n i have seen for months a full cpu simulated at gate level in java script

And here at page 3 is the picture with Nude cpu near Bill Gates (Warning pdf use a really Free as In FreeBeer Speach pdf reader )

Compiz 0.8.x on #Debian sid

it's a pitty and shame that compiz is not enabled by default in all distros

here is howto enable it in debian
apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-gnome compiz-gtk

in one terminal window

and in another one
compiz --replace
add it to startup from the system menu

System-> Preferences -> Startup Applications
choose Add
Put the Name: compiz
Command : compiz --replace
Description: Whatever you want

Click Add and reboot

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to get rich like #Google , #Facebook , #Ibm ... and to avoid #microsoft tools

There is a simple answer why they make money :Use linux and contribute to open source / free software movement , Avoid to pay the Microsoft, Adobe tax every year by buying their products and fixing their bugs every time .
This how a virtual company should work :
Put debian stable/testing on all desktops , install virtulabox for things that doesn't yet work in wine , replace exchange with a proper mail server like postfix with proper webmail and users in a database like firebird (also pam can be configured to use it), add samba network shares for document sharing , install a internal local twitter/irc/xmpp channel like
Use google chrome, firefox preinstalled on all desktops , use open source tools instead of msoffice : koffice, openoffice ...
There are so many good tools to choose from take a few examples from osalt
Make (php,python,c++) developers to learn Linux and basic command line tasks not to ask the admins every time when they hit the shell on a linux server
These days developers get full root access to the servers at your hand thanks to virtualization
and is imperative that they know howto install a php , a database server like firebird or basic administrative tasks so the best way to make them know Linux/Unix is to put it on their desktops
There is no other way to learn a Operating System than to use yourself daily :I give an example
you want to learn Python then the best way is to use it writing real projects a few months . You can't if you are forced for example to learn .net or other shoddy Microsoft crapware like or silvernowhere...

Afraid to do migrations ? there are tons of books and migration tools
I know i a few for Microsoft sql to Firebird written in delphi, java , ruby (used at heroku)
On old red book is from IBM , is worth to read it just to give you an example that this is real business not jokes .IBM is the centerpiece of every bank just ask them what they are using for Transaction processing
And they might know a think or two about making money or delivering them ...
You can check the proxy attack from Microsoft towards IBM (bring the popcorn)
another example is NYSE: N.Y.S.E. Places Buy on Linux, Hold on Unix

Think a little bit what developers want this is what they want :better hardware , cars, big salaries , far away holidays ...
There is the money and you give them to ... Microsoft , Oracle , Adobe
Put developers at work and pay them . you would be surprised to find out that the next google is inside your company's open source 20% time projects
Improve the life of the employees they are the gold of company not the buildings, licenses , furniture

I only just noticed these trends , The most successful projects are the opensource ones:
Chrome , Firebird , Linux , Android , MeeGo , QT , HaikuOS , Freebsd , Debian ...

And bean counters found what move the wall street is : freedom to code and change it and the freedom to contribute back to community.The power of money is in love , love of the good craftsmanship and love of work of art : you can't hurry the good wine

Here are some links to read about why is healthy to avoid Microsoft Monopoly
There are many more on

If you prefer low quality you prefer Microsoft :How a Preference for Low Quality could lead to Microsoft

Here is how Facebook Scales and does Profit with Open Source

The Corporation has gone Open Source

While Microsoft and friends are doing their best to hide Linux and open-source software from the public, businesses have been adopting Linux and open-source faster than ever. That's not the opinion of FOSS (free and open-source software) fans. That's what Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with no particular love for FOSS found in its survey of 300 large private and public organizations.
Accenture "found that half of the respondents (50 percent) are fully committed to open source in their business while almost a third (28 percent) say they are experimenting with open source and keeping an open mind to using it. Furthermore, two-thirds of all respondents (65 percent) noted that they have a fully documented strategic approach for using open source in their business, while another third (32 percent) are developing a strategic plan. Of the organizations using open source, almost nine out of ten (88 percent) will increase their investment in the software in 2010 compared to 2009."

#Linux #Ubuntu / #debian the most beautiful #OS in the World , Only the defaults are ugly

Ubuntu is brilliant in skinning the Debian and exploiting this pot of gold and reselling with a nice interface
This struck-ed me while looking at the beautiful murrine themes they are absolutely gorgeous and it looks 1000x better than the default ugly theme from gnome/debian , this was the first thing i noticed when i switched to debian
horrid default theme  and something was not right  so i thing good looking defaults do matter

Here are different ways to skin the cat , you can make Ubuntu look like Windows7 or Vista (in fact 7 is a bad ripoff of kde4 as you might know)
you can skin it to look like macos and you can choose to be original and use from thousands of themes on gnome-look , kde-look , or devianvart 

and you are encouraged to use the ubuntu look on your windows machine too , that is a good way to say we are cool and copy cat us

ps: i forgot to mention compiz themes and the compiz in general
Here are some cool videos with new stuff in compiz 0.9.2

To play with compiz in debian read this page

or if you want 0.9.x branch use the source code Luke

Friday, September 17, 2010

#Daily #haikuos tips: using nightly vmware image in virtualbox

Today i have tested the nightly version of haikuos and i like to keept it clean so i use only the gcc4 no hibrid : the tip is to create a new vbox instance using the daily vbox image
also you must choose intel nic to have network on the hdd side you must add the secondary storage , Also a secondary cpu is good to have so i have enabled 2 cpu machine also increased the video memory buffer to 50M
I love the speed of the machine and i wish it had 3d acceleration support in the form of vbox 3d driver or guest support , maybe who knows we will have in the future in the kvm-linux or other drivers ...

To install a browser use
installoptionalpackage vim webpositive

and you can start browsing and chatting on the irc #haikuos node

Lazarus Book Chapter 1 :Install and Introduction

In this chapter we will learn how to install Lazarus on Ubuntu Linux and Windows also you will be given a General IDE RAD overview and learn about the medium editor , object inspector and all the tools you need to start and run a project. At the end you will learn how to create a simple graphical application and some basic concepts about the IDE RAD way , how to use the components from the components palette.

You can dowload the full chapter under GPL3 from here

you can open it with OpenOffice or koffice

Lazarus Booke Chapter 2 Creating Music Player : Intro What is a skin ? winamp , xmms , qmmp

When you try to be skinny is starting to become ugly in the players world  ,

i was expecting the skin to be more simpler but is simple enough to be modified in gimp or any editor

here is one example with a simple  xmms skin and i choose it because is so simple

Every element of the player is a bmp file and practically is painted on the screen this is why you can skin the player the way you want

even the alphabet and the numbers are kept into a bmp image

You can download the skin and inspect it from here
After looking in the source code i think skinning  can be done better with opengl and sdl but for this we will reach later the chapter with opengl :)

What is cool ? you can install the above skin xmms-unix-clear in the .qmmp/skins folder
and it will apear in the settings area : How cool is that !? You can even install winamp skin in xmmp
is quite nice when you can bring your favorite skins over the years with you ... and using a modern engine from qt

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Installing #ubuntustudio theme in #debian #sid or how i failed to do so

I hate that is not in the debian tree but here is howto install it (I'm obsessed about dark themes even on Windows nt at uni i was using hight contrast black everywhere : of course delphi was a little bit weird and the opera browser because some pages are not crafted to work in a dark env)

apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine murrine-themes
wget a lot of ubuntustudio related packages

and then i have downloaded other packages but in the end i failed
i even recompiled the ubuntustudio defaults deb but the collors weren't dark
so i used something from murrine and the images from ubuntu studio
so this is why forks fail you can't install back the packages made for ubuntu :(

but i discovered the ubuntu themes secret is murrine

so i will some of the themes there until i create the dark studio theme ... or something

apt-get install murrine-themes gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-nodoka shiki-colors arc-brave arc-colors arc-dust arc-human arc-illustrious arc-noble arc-wine

This year is full of #Firebird conferences

I have added the list of firebird conferences to the
and here is what is next on the table (reversed date sorted)

8th International Firebird Conference 2010 11th-13th November 2010 in Bremen, Germany
and the list of speakers and sessions is impressive.

Another Firebird day type conference is in Paris
Friday 1st October 2010

Firebird Day - La Cinémathèque Française
Les intervenants seront:

Dmitry Yemanov (coordinateur du projet Firebird) : v3.0 - architecture and optimizer related
Thierry Laborde : Delphi et Firebird.
Henri Gourvest : Unicode, UIB, les specificités de FB2.5 dans UIB.
Frédéric GUILLIEN : Les bonnes pratiques de maintenance.
Alexey Kovyazin : anti-corruption approach for Firebird
Paul Reeves : Framework PHP et Firebird.
Pierre Yagger : Firebird et Ruby/Rails
Philippe Makowski : Firebird and Linux

Enregistrez vous
And the last but the first one where you can attend is 3rd Firebird Conference - Moscow

The third annual Russian Firebird/InterBase Conference will take place in Moscow on Wednesday, September 29. Theme is to be Best Practices in Firebird Development and Maintenance, with special focus on big Firebird databases.

Special speakers will include Philippe Makowski, President of Firebird Foundation, along with core developers from the Firebird team Dmitry Yemanov, Vlad Khorsun and Alex Peshkov.

Register (in Russian) at
Now the finished conferences and some reports :

If you want to read about the 7th Firebird Developers Day in Brazil
here is the report

We just had the 7th edition of the Firebird Developers Day. The conference was great, and who have missed it can check some pictures in the report here (veja aqui em português).
Thanks all the attendees, speakers and all the people that was involved to make this conference another big success!

And they have donated the largest sum in Firebird Developers Day History 2,445 $

There was a conference in Ukraine (April 23)

The first Firebird conference in Ukraine had 90 attendees (and 40 online watchers). Read more and see the pictures in IBSurgeon blog.

Also in Romania helped the flosscamp 2010 especially we thank Doru Ilasi (it was an informal meeting with beers in hands but also with barcamp style presentations)
I couldn't attend (health related issues) but maybe next time i will make it also i hope that someone from firebird community to attend at the next eliberatica event in 2011 as speaker (My hope would be Jim or Ann or anyone from the foundation/ core developers)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#Wordpress white screen of death | I hate you

I have seen it many times while trying to comment to some wordpress based sites

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

something is wrong with #mssql tpch submission

It seems to me they have submitted the mssql ent version for one cla (one user) and that means one app will use that server ! now that is cheap because is useless .Why don't they put something like ent edition licesed on x2 cpus ?
also the price for the windows os induces some handicaps , compare that with free as in freedom linux (debian)

did you knew that mssql server 2008 is limited to 8 cpus ! compare that with firebird where is unlimited
also the limit in r2 is 256 , in firebird  you have a no limit again and you can use it on a 2048 cpus type server if you want or more if sgi allows us to test it on that server :
with architectural support to 262,144 cores (32,768 sockets).

Re: Let's not make the same mistakes. #haikuos #linux #qt

this seems like flamewar but in the real world all we can be friends and the freedom
to fork is essential to progress
ex:the number one smartphone os is: android and it doesn't look like anything else and you can code in java but also in python, qt ..., opengl and is always good to have a healthy ecosystem
look on what happened when apple put the locks on what you should program in : objective c and c++ only :there was a revolt and now they are switching back to allow other scripting languages
Toolkits do matter for developers but not for users
and yes i do programming in several languages :python , perl ,c++ ,pascal and several toolkits
qt, wxwidgets ...and yes i do love learning on haiku internals and howto program the real haiku way but i don't see any problem using all of them and i use programs done in different toolkits and i don't care in what is written , i want the tool to do the job and do it well
for example i love some of the qt apps like arora - browser , qmmp , qtwitter , qbittorrent
they are simple and beautiful also i will try to install koffice (I don't like the kde bloat but there are very good qt apps)
I will port flamerobin and firebird database on haiku os and i see the future of haiku with more
bazaar type of democracy not a tyrannical type like in the Jobs company or in Ubuntu
who knows maybe someone comes with a 3d window manager like compiz/kwin and with better integration than in linux ,we should target also the gamers and other high end users not only people with old hardware
ps: take look at paladin installer i think is the right way ala gdeb way next next next

Creating a new distro ? use #debian core instead of #ubuntu

here are some of the reasons and examples of linux distros that are switching to the real core of ubuntu : debian

eeubuntu switches to debian
gnu sense switches to debian
mint switches to debian

you can also check the timeline for derived distros from debian/ubuntu

Jani asked me about he future of kiwilinux and this is my response to that :

Getting some input on the future of Kiwi Linux especially regarding how to continue development and releases

I've invited you to fill out the form Future of Kiwi Linux. To fill it out, visit:

This is why customers choose #Firebird #sql over #mssql :exorbitant prices

Here is why : let's say you have a quad cpu server (and that is average in the datacenter)
and let's say you want license for this server so
4xSQL Server Enterprise License per cpu = $27,495 * 4 = $109980
and that withot taking in account the os
let's put the Datacenter edition in the equation
4xSQL Server Enterprise License per cpu = $54,990.00 * 4 = $ 219960

That is close to the yacht price isn't it ?
and now the price for Firebird
4xFirebird 2.5 License = $0 * 4 = $0

That is not cheap because you are morally obliged to help the community and donate to firebird foundation

If you are not comfortable with the 0$ price then you can buy support from ibphoenix with all ranges of prices and if you choose the premium one

you got the $ 100,000.00 price tag
still cheaper than $ 219,960 one

ps: did i told you that Microsoft increased it's prices from sqlserver 2005 to sqlserver 2008 ?
2008 ent = $27,495 /cpu
2005 ent = $24,999 /cpu

Did i mention that they raid your company with the kgb state police help using tyrannical methods and suppressing your freedom to use software ? Microsoft = communism + monopoly ?
Russia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent
and here is another article on techrights


pps: i recheck and update the mssql to firebird migration guide and this is why i'm in this area of thinking

Monday, September 13, 2010

Haikuware | #HaikuOS is opening three more bounties for #Gallium3d,#Cups, #TV

Haikuware is opening three more bounties, it believes, will be popular and successful with the community (and developers)

So, as I said, the money is available today (and we're accepting donations). The following three bounties have been started:
Gallium3D Port Solution
TV Card Drivers

Sunday, September 12, 2010

FreeBSD + [FireBird] in a jailed enviroment + firebird 2.0.x port upgrade progress

So i found the solution to make it work

to get over the message:

Please do not build firebird as 'root' because this may
cause conflicts with SysV semaphores of running services

I use

Installing #qt 4.7 rc1 from #debian experimental

qt sdk 4.7 is out and i started recompile it but also i like to use the debian way

so i used this method (It might break your system)

I have installed debian unstable sid and i have added in


these lines

deb experimental main
deb-src experimental main

and installed qtcreator libqt4-sql-ibase and arora
apt-get update -t experimental
apt-get install -t experimental qtcreator arora libqt4-sql-ibase

And if anyone doesn't have a game plan in place to quit #mysql and move to #firebird or #postgresql, then they are doomed.

That would be the quote of the day
and the first sentence would be

If the #opensource community isn't running away from #oracle right now, they only have themselves to blame.

These quotes are from a real firebird customer in USA and on it's website it does mention it (providing Firebird hosting on centos and cloud servers)

Customized hosting solutions designed specifically for Firebird 1.5 SQL database hosting

And I have seen one hoster that it used Firebird for it's premium features (enterprise grade db)
I don't find the link , i think is on ibphoenix firebird hoster list (or on the news area) , but i will search it and add the link here

in the end we do care about your data not like other nosql/dbms attempts

"Apollo placed a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her
predictions. "

So it will never scale

Digg was originally built on the tried-and-true LAMP stack (Linux,
Apache, MySQL, PHP) of open-source technologies, but it was straining
under the load of Digg’s traffic. Replacing MySQL with Cassandra was
supposed to help fix that. It came with its own set of larger problems

this i saw in the field : you must add more people to keep the site on
with oodbs or tree based storages

A few days with #Gnash on #debian #sid #amd64

seems that on my systems amd64 the adobe's proprietary plugin is temporarily removed because of it's dependencies
Yes i do use the flashplayer-mozilla from debian multimedia but today update removed it also the nspluginwrapper

flashplayer-mozilla depends on nspluginwrapper and ia32-libs
but the new version of ia32-libs conflicts with older version of ia32-libs-gtk

debtree flashplayer-mozilla >
dot -T png -o out.png

or use the svg version to see the dependencies better
dot -T svg -o out.svg

so i will use gnash plugin >0.8.8 for a few days for the youtube videos that are not converted to webm (seems that is working in iceweasel, and google chrome, on arora i have one error)

apt-get install mozilla-plugin-gnash

it's not that bad : both cpus are used so is full multi threaded
some movies are working ok : like the new compiz 0.9.2 examples
but some are not (like the main splash movie)

Friday, September 10, 2010

#Q One of the main reasons we chose #Firebird over #SQLServer was because of licensing costs

This is what your boss want to hear about a good product :lower cost and make a higher margin
that means profit

"We have been using Firebird for years with a little headache but I believe the headache was caused by code issues and not Firebird issues. One of the main reasons we chose Firebird over SQL Server was because of licensing costs. We can sell our commercial application for a lower cost and make a higher margin than if we were using SQL Server. Our databases are a few gigs in size."
Posted by Shaq Mughal
Go to complete discussion:

Thursday, September 09, 2010

if pptp vpn is grayed out in network-manager applet #debian #sid #gnome

seems to be a good idea to install the pptp plugins for network manager

sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp-gnome network-manager-pptp

also vpn connection is quite slow so i have disabled the vpn to be the default route and i use my own dns

so i choose Automatic Address only
and ignore automatically obtained routes to be the default one (play with these checkboxes)
and you can observe the results with
# ip ro

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This is why we hate mysql and .net installers

Product: MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE -- This setup requires the .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed.

and yes .net installer crashes while installing
this is why innostup is better choice for firebird

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

weird message while building #firebird 2.0.x in #freebsd

Please don't build firebird as root it conflicts with sysV semaphores of running services

Here are the reasons Firebird is preferred over SQL Server and Oracle Express | #SQLServer #Oracle #MySql

Here are the reasons Firebird is preferred over SQL Server and Oracle Express : No license fees and is Limitless (No matter how large is the machine CPUs+ Memory or how big is your database :Terabytes) .
Start small grow large and still no fee to pay and you can use the same database file :example.fdb in both embedded and in SuperServer version (client server model) after application requires external connection (Did i mentioned that is multi threaded and lockless if you compare it with sqlite )

Here are other discussions on what Firebird advantages are over other Open Source Relational Databases

Here are the reasons for Choosing Firebird over Mysql

Also Firebird is NOT scamware like Oracle with mysql you can actually make live backups and not like in innodb engine case where you need to pay for the live backup tools

Monday, September 06, 2010

WebPositive (#HaikuOS #Webkit Browser) Nightly

if you want the nightly WebPositive browser here is the page where you can download the latest

I have just downloaded the and unziped in the /boot partition as usual

but there are errors with symbols (old libcrypto and ssl libs )

runtime_loader: /boot/apps/WebPositive/lib/ Could not resolve symbol '_ZNK9BLanguage2IDEv'
resolve symbol "_ZNK9BLanguage2IDEv" returned: -2147478780
runtime_loader: /boot/apps/WebPositive/lib/ Troubles relocating: Symbol not found

But that didn't solved the problem so i have installed a version that is older v.515

In the end i have tested also tested the newer version from the optional area but they need newer icu 4.4 and other libs , I will try later

i miss apt-get update / install ...

Saturday, September 04, 2010

First steps with #freebsd , #Firebird port update

I have installed it in virtualbox and then i needed a good editor
vim for the moment is ok
# cd /usr/ports/editors/vim/
# make install clean

I will update the Firebird port to latest stable

First step just to warm up will be to patch the firebird2.0 Makefile seems that is old (2.0.3)
and i will send the patch (problem request) to the freebsd team

Here is my original request to activate me as Maintainer (I find the process easier than in Debian and Ubuntu case!) just send an email and you are already a maintainer if the port is not updated or the maintainer field is set to ports at

Hello i want to takeover the port maintenance for the following ports


and create the new ones for


and update the port for flamerobin

Could you help me with the steps that are necessary to be a maintainer
of these ports?

There are a lot of questions on howto install firebird 2.1.x from
source and seems a better idea to update the main port

Proposal :vertically aligned window controls in the next #Ubuntu 11.04

While reading the ugly interface review for itunes X it struck-ed that ubuntu will copy this new interface feature as usual but is not a bad idea , it will save some pixel and it would kill the title bar maybe (left whiskey bar anyone ?) And yeah fuck the HIG , thouse are to annoy developers put the buttons wherever you want (maybe in a random corner  )

Now, iTunes 10's new "look-and-feel" is an entirely different matter. Immediately noticeable is the cringe-inducing vertically aligned window controls. Admittedly, it does save a few pixels of vertical space, since Apple got rid of the title bar entirely. But the Human Interface Guidelines are there for a reason—to provide users with a consistent paradigm for interacting with applications. The common wisdom is that you shouldn't break the HIG unless there is a compelling reason. In our opinion, a few pixels of vertical space isn't a compelling enough reason, especially considering all the comments we have heard from colleagues and readers who find it confusing.

Now i like the next post where it shows howto put the buttons back
at least in ubuntu there is something like gconf and it's visual.
And people still annoy Linux users that they are using the only thing that can save you
"The Terminal" and the "Command Prompt"

Thankfully, you can get rid of this style with a hidden terminal command. Quit iTunes 10, and enter defaults write full-window -1 in a Terminal prompt. Relaunch iTunes and—voilà!—the standard window controls return.

Friday, September 03, 2010

#quote of the day #Oracle about #mysql in the year 2006

"It's like comparing the free town bicycle in the park to a car that someone pays for," he said. "MySQL is not playing in the same league as commercial databases. While I do see a lot of free MySQL around, I think they replace Microsoft Access more than anything else. I think MySQL will stay in the 'other' category for quite awhile."

How funny now the bicycle is in the oracle park and demoted , rotting there ...

In an old computrworld article about db market in 2006

I was interested in reading about the rdbms enterprise market share fight while reading this article (pdf alert)
Running enterprise applications on Firebird

Fyracle was a good idea and still is maybe with a few years too early
and it should have been opensourced , that would have killed oracle quite fast

Is Oracle Becoming the New Microsoft?Yes and a expensive one time for alternatives : Firebird

Oracle seems they kill mysql project and it will go the route of no return with the project acquired from sun

Scoracle made two major moves that sent open source aficionados into fits: It sued Google over alleged misuse of Java and shut the door on OpenSolaris. "Oracle is an enemy of everyone," said blogger Martin Espinoza. "It is in their best interest to keep their fork of MySQL weak, and indeed to do anything they can to sell seats of Oracle, the world's most overpriced RDBMS."

'They Don't Get Open Source'

Meanwhile, "not only are former supporters of Java trash-talking both Java and Oracle, they're also looking at alternatives for another former Sun property that Oracle bought: MySQL," Hudson warned. "If the idea of acquiring Sun was to build a friendly path from open source to Oracle's closed-source solutions, this wasn't the way to do it."

"Oracle has to make up for all the money they spent for Sun, and the best way they can do that is to kill the FOSS offerings."

All in all, "the problem with Oracle is that they tend to be very controlling when it comes to things they think they own," Montreal consultant and Slashdot blogger Gerhard Mack concluded. "I think it's fair to say they don't get open source in any case, other than tweaking Linux to make their database run better."

The only exit from this mess is using real opensource/free software projects like qt ,firebird and the stats already prove it that interest in firebird and qt increased
it is better to code in C++/Ruby/Python and FirebirdSql than to use something that is on the death row like :mysql , glassfish , javafx , sparc , java
Firebird does have the oracle features into a small package and easy to install and administrate
We try to replace Oracle and not jokes like mysql or sqlite
"SQLite is not designed to replace Oracle. It is designed to replace fopen()."

And what about the hardware unit ?
Do you still remember Network Computer failure , Ellison doesn't gets how hardware is done
it only want's to pay him the overpriced failures like Oracle rdbms and it looks like a scam ware company (patent trolls)

I avoid all php frameworks , use simple MVC

I avoid all php frameworks they all stink and fail on reimplementing RoR in a worse language They way to go keep it simple use a simple template language something like json template and a simple NoFramework View Controller

use a simple data abstraction layer that works mdb2 , pdo ... or if you want speed use the Firebird ibase functions directly Keep the model of the application in database , it is faster and better than any ORM crappy frameworks
ps:I would avoid php in the first place and choose a better language: ruby, javascript(nodejs, gluescript), python ,freepascal 

Thursday, September 02, 2010

#Firebird main website traffic doubles on

seems that traffic for main site doubled if you take a look at compete stats

apple itunes gets social like qloud and without facebook connect

Well apple introduces social like features to itunes but without the power of sharing on facebook or any other social sites (hi5, orkut ..)

We did something like that in year ~2006 and is called qloud it was a plugin for itunes but also a plugin for firefox (songbird)

and it still connected to the web but i guess the servers are online and run themselves (the power of linux servers well tuned)

I still think that is a great idea but powered and made open source and written from scratch (similar to what is for twitter)
I would choose the following tools javascript v8 engine node.js (maybe gluescript on some parts) and firebird for database engine : I would avoid php and mysql (owned by scoracle) i would use only html5 videos and it will not support internet explorer at all just modern browsers based on webkit and firefox and written to be an extension to them  and all will be transfered in pure json no bloatware on the wire

The lesson : don't write to propietary tools like itunes , iphone they will eat you and steal your gratest ideas in the end , it will close the doors for your best efforts

Some days i start to agree with RMS some days is good to listen to some of his good ideas
go freesoftware from day one and make it gpl3 just to protect your investment from patents and cloused sourceness : do it like , does it make the core bullet proof
and it will never die and will attract other people and developers forever
and it will not shut the doors like twitter

Do you like / use Thunderbird ?