Monday, June 28, 2004

Age of stupidity - Sometimes the ugly part of people burst out from inside of them like the fury and have to forgive it , minor stupid things give birth to small wars in our rooms:(

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Almost crushed , Dead butterfly and Love - Philosophical point of view

Yesterday when was going to home we (the taxi driver and me) almost crashed with the car that was ahead . The feeling was like flying and didn't care too much if really happened .

Dead butterfly on the ground , don't know if is a sad thing or not.

Reached the chapter with Philosophical point of view on Plato's dialogue about love

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Good at hurting myself, and others . Don't know what happened this week but wasn't myself. Did some mistakes, and yes I was very boring.This is why need to be better than yesterday (improve what I am), When you don't have what to talk about is a shame. Lack of inspiration, yes not so creative these days.
Yah and illusion myself about that "forbidden love", How stupid can I be ?
Is good learning from pain , people don't see what hurts inside , some words pro duce real storms without any reason (imagine an summer storm that is above and can't do nothing to stop it).
Need to be alone a few days, to heal my wounds, and find myself.
Is just me that I'm angry and really bad , friends can't make me too happy now, have to do it alone .
You know the song:"Oh I need a friend who makes me happy..." , Another problem I s that I'm too open :tell only the truth and too fast, is hard to me finding an bridge to another person soul . Need help in friendship and have no advice from no one , Wonder what is thinking , maybe hurt it by mistake.
After a few days what I did wrong is visible : from friends to nothing. Zero ! Something is terrible wrong and this *don't want it to happen*.
Fear that's the enemy - makes me weak - fear for what she did to me.
Know know why is so - is just self defense - don't want to feel it again - to love and the suddenly train hit you , yah no love after that, make sense now ...
It's fear to feel pain again (is like going to dentist, even if is friendly and he/she wants to heal you - still go there with small heart and looking into the ground)

Finished the last exam (algorithms Complexity). Yesterday was roxa's birthday and have some idea's for a gift :P ...(hint) something green . And also was Yuly (Fane's wife) birthday a few days ago and have some ideeas for them too :)

Friday, June 25, 2004

Firebird 1.5.1 RC3 released

Download linux version as rpm and tar.gz

Some changes
from version 1.5

One article about firebird

I like the ending :)
"So am I ready to switch all my stuff over to Firebird? No...not yet.
But I don't think I'll look at MySQL quite the same way ever again. This
seems like a very attractive option."

Here is the google cached version , host seems to be down

firebird effect or ibphoenix? effect ? :)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

today funny application from linux floppymeter
Just added floppy to my borkstation

man floppymeter
floppymeter - measure raw capacity and exact rotation speed of floppy

and some benchmarks :)

Warning: all data contained on the floppy disk will be lost. Continue?

- rotations since start of test = 1000
- average time per rotation since start of test = 200062
- sliding average of the last 10 rotations 200197
- missed rotations 2

capacity=200153 half bits (should be 200000 half bits)
time_per_rotation=200062 microseconds (should be 200000)
data transfer rate=500227 bits per second (should be 500000)

deviation on capacity: +765 ppm
deviation on time_per_rotation: +310 ppm
deviation on data transfer rate: +454 ppm

Insert the following line to your /etc/driveprm file:
drive0: deviation=765

yahoo mess-enger doesn't work (gaim , and their version fails too) - i think is time for an gmessenger :)

update: it seems that gaim version from cvs it's working ok with new yahoo protocol , will try it soon ...

Re-open wound, why is so painfull? , now is closed back (it's about soul),
Why should i cry?
Know sometimes can't talk what i feel, and sometimes can't talk at all. For a moment yesterday was like heaven opened for few minutes after it closed again with great pain. False hope, back to normal again. Beter going to sleep soon , just dreaming
Water is wonderful thing, feel like reborn after swiming in the pool,Don't care about beer money other usual stuff. I like water , forgeting about stress work everything.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

forbidden love - yah some people can love and it's not my case ,
Yes i could but have to stay in my gray cubicle , no sunshine only clouds here .
Rainy days are here forever, envy the lovers who pass near me , so much hate them. They are Lucky one , growing into *one*

i'm not allowed to love - is like a sin - you know is there but you can't touch it. Today my heart stopped for a moment when have read about someone love , don't know
for a moment the impossible dream looked real - Wake up ! It's not my dream , the ceremony has begun , If this would be our last day what would you do ? Would i look in the sun all day - blind we are - can't see the sun . Just shadows passing trough
Only friendship remains in my case , no one listen to my cryings
On the other side : happy i'm we got friends , pain is going away like the cloudy weather and Sun is smiling again :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

platon - about types of love

Well I just started reading the dialog about love and is quite interesting , it describes many types of love : physical , and the pure love
the latter one can give you the freedom of soul (it doesn't stop after death), I may add there is another one called divine love , the strangest from it's sisters

physical love - is dying after body becomes ugly - just an illusion , shadow in FaCe of death
pure love - almost mystical , makes the man and women make crazy things (out of normal behavior)
divine love - have you wondered what make the saints be happy when thrown to lions or tortured , sometimes normal people (like us) can see only a glimmer of that , is the meeting with god - what could be greater than it ...?

Sunday, June 20, 2004

got gmail , let's see what it does

the problem :1000M is too much for me, one example: on yahoo account got 100M of free space and it used 0% now , i will try to find methods of filling space , some of discussion lists could be transferred to this new account

anyone working on a thunderbird extension ? :)
even with ads , it could be very useful for me

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Want an linux keyboard and i want it now ...
Heheh , seen the link on slashdot on 486's birthdate discussion
Here are some of my rummblings

One think i liked is about old ibm keyboards :"The old XT keyboards were made from steel. Even into the late 1980s, IBM keyboards still had a steel plate underneath. The IBM PS/2s had steel cases, you could use the case in place of cinder blocks to raise up your car."

Heck i have one at home and you can't break it and have steel inside

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Beyond Proprietary Databases: Helen Borrie on the Future of Firebird - is nice read for today , There is where we should go - replace every oracle, mssql ,mysql with an open source database : firebird, postgres, mysql . Not just talking it , do it ...
Another very good news for me is Debian AMD64 Port Ready yah they
will include it in SID (aka unstable)

I took Differential equations exam with 8 (from 1 to 10 scale):) Yupee !
In the morning i thought that will not pass it , was very tired but all finshed in a good way . 2011 update: mysql is propietary

Thursday, June 10, 2004

linux exam is done here are the course materials :) now follows the diff equations exam ...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Well if you have firefox installed type in the folowing http://localhost then press [ENTER] ... Enjoy :)

Monday, June 07, 2004

But you have left me in the rain - I Like this melody (is named Burning of Desire or something) , is played on Kiss radio every day

By the way from today i'm away at learning (1 week) maths (Differential equation)

Also have an Operating System exam . Look what i found for reading :)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Open source application of the week
DireqCafe 3.0 By A.J. Venter is located on interweb right here , It works only on Linux , not too usefull for an i-caffe with windozzze :)
The search for best open source I-caffee aplication continue ...

Loook out at credits in the manual :P


The Lazarus developers for making Delphi work on Linux better than Borland could, and the Lazarus mailing-list members for always happily answering my (often stupid) questions.

DireqLearn, my employers for giving me the opportunity to create Free, Open Source software for a living. The only thing nicer than altruism, is profitable altruism :)

My cat, Vyf, for (forcefully) ensuring I take the occasional break.

Hahah the cat !! :P

Friday, June 04, 2004

Some romanian poetry , warning is in romanian ! doh :P
I love this site's design!

Quotes of the day
- "Page proudly processed in 0.901651 second(s) "
- "I can download the patch for my new razor, what should I do?
Please upgrade to the Linux kernel and reboot." :)

Yah today i should learn at Maths , the exam is on 12 June and there are few days until then :(

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Pigeons and Crow in fight

Today have seen an amazing thing , two pigeons fighting for their "kids" life with a huge crow , I never belived that could fight with
so much power and anger, Crow tried to kill and eat Pigeon's egs or baby , every time she/he was near nest one of pigeons flied right into the enemy (Kamikaze) .. so on .. Like dog fighting aircrafts rushing each other .