Wednesday, January 31, 2018

LibreOffice Firebird driver related changes

There were quite a few bugs fixed in the last two months related to Firebird driver in LibreOffice also interesting commits

Tamas Bunth commited : Add HSQLDB schema import.
He also fixed Bug 104734 - FIREBIRD: Add those field types that are not available with FB while they are available with Hsqldb.
Lionel Elie Mamane fixed Bug 104986 - Firebird: Function EXTRACT doesn't work with WEEKDAY, YEARDAY, MILLISECOND.
Tor Lillqvist fixed Bug 71007 - EDITING: Embedded Firebird - Impossible to set milliseconds in a timefield with GUI
Tamas Bunth fixed Bug 70425 - EDITING: Embedded Firebird - Copying integer values from Calc to Base impossible