Monday, May 28, 2007

Use open standards!

Use open standards!
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please don't hurt the web

I saw this image on the zak's presentation (from mozilla corp)

Friday, May 11, 2007

I finished my biography for eliberatica 2007 where i will do an firebird/flamerobin presentation

1998-2001 Automation with specialization Industrial and automation IT (University Petru Maior Tg-Mures)

2002-2005 Mathematics and Computer Sciences (Faculty of Sciences and Letters Department of Petru Maior University, Tg-Mures)
I Live and work in Targu Mures Romania . Currently employed at as programmer and sys admin , In my free time i do Firebird/Flamerobin advocacy .
I started programming in High school where i played with TurboPascal under Dos and
created an program similar with paintbrush .
My first real job was at where i had first contact with Interbase/firebird and
Delphi (a real fast rad tool) . Firebird is quite powerful and impressed me with it's simplicity , also i learned about it's inner workings from printed documentation and playing with isql (command line tool).
One day i installed the redhat 6.0 on my workstation and started to learn Perl , After a while i went to where i worked with :firebird,perl,delphi,mysql . I wanted this
way to escape the Windows only world and to learn more about linux ,php and perl.
I had an short period and worked for an Microsoft's partner ( where i learned
this cool language named C# and did some delphi , c++ programming (dcom,com+) and
javascript . On my second partition i had redhat installed and next to me was an solaris machine. Cygwin was an too helped me in that period.
From Jan 2004 until now , i'm working at located in Tirgu-Mures
- Developed a large range of Web based applications for small/medium organizations in PHP and Perl
- Administration for hosting servers and internal ones and support services for external clients (tomcat, apache, sendmail , qmail , postfix , all open source technologies)
- Technologies used: Perl, Bash, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql, openldap, mono, Firebird database
Hobbies : open source programming (c++,php,oopascal), traveling , Firebird/Linux advocacy , biking

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The DWL-G122 wireless adapter doesn't work "out of the box" in Ubuntu Festy due to a bug that has been also posted on launchpad. This article will guide you on bypassing this bug quickly and easily.i used this guide for installing the driver from cvs

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An Angel's Face

An Angel's Face
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it looks like an dark angel to me
anyway is scary

Angel #1

Angel #1
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when you are tired of the world's pain try to cry it out