Monday, March 28, 2011

Building haikuos on ubuntu or debian

I'm following this guide on ubuntu natty and debian sid

checkout haiku source code
checkot build tools and install jam
svn checkout haiku/buildtools
cd haiku/buildtools/jam 
sudo ./jam0 install 
checkout haiku
svn checkout haiku/haiku
i'm interested only in gcc4 builds
so this is the 32 bit version
./configure --build-cross-tools-gcc4 x86 ../buildtools/
jam haiku-image
qemu generated/haiku.image
and if you like the 64bit version

./configure  --build-cross-tools-gcc4 x86-64 ../buildtools/
jam haiku-image
qemu generated/haiku.image

Thursday, March 24, 2011

unity3d on lubuntu 11.04

the install of the full gnome is needed and gdm will replace lxdm

sudo apt-get install unity
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

and voila it works with the open source radeon driver (gallium3d enabled)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Android x86 on radeon videocards

I had some issues with starting the android 2.2 on my workstation and after asking on the android-x86 group i found they way adding nomodeset to the grub entry (presstab and add nomodeset to the grub entry)

No screenshots this time :) but is really fast , I showed to one coleague how fast is google maps rendering, There is one type of free appstore and the ssh shell works pretty well
I had to change the keyboard from chineese to english
Next is to test the 3d rendering if it works with the opensource radeon driver (test it with quake 1/2/3)
I love the browser's keyboard integration (pretty good at going trough the links in a speedy way )
I need that in  Chromium/Arora too
ps: i always have the links browser habbit of pressing Alt - Left Arrow and i'm always throwed in the
first console
I think with Android 3.x can be used as netbook/desktop on almost anything
And now i know where unity/gnome3 is going is the android connection NoX fast rendering
Dumb desktop with no backward compatible with win95/xp feeling but with semimodern Apple bad interface rippof : big icons with opengl rendering enabled view (to have the animated backgrounds crap)
What is next to test :Chrome OS

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fixes to fbexport compilation on linux systems debian/ubuntu

It's easy to compile firebird export utility just download the version from sourceforge

cd fbexport-1.90
after that modify fbcopy/TableDependency.cpp
and add
#include <stdio.h>
to the include section otherwise you will get the error error: ‘printf’ was not declared in this scope
make should complete the job (of course you need the firebird headers , check if you have them installed with dpkg -L firebird2.5-dev)

g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o fbcopy/args.o fbcopy/args.cpp
g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o fbcopy/fbcopy.o fbcopy/fbcopy.cpp
g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o fbcopy/TableDependency.o fbcopy/TableDependency.cpp
g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o fbcopy/main.o fbcopy/main.cpp
g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o ibpp/all_in_one.o ibpp/all_in_one.cpp
g++ -pthread -lfbclient ibpp/all_in_one.o fbcopy/args.o fbcopy/fbcopy.o fbcopy/TableDependency.o fbcopy/main.o  -oexe/fbcopy
g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o fbexport/ParseArgs.o fbexport/ParseArgs.cpp
g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o fbexport/FBExport.o fbexport/FBExport.cpp
g++ -c -O1 -DIBPP_LINUX -DIBPP_GCC -Iibpp -o fbexport/cli-main.o fbexport/cli-main.cpp
g++ -pthread -lfbclient ibpp/all_in_one.o fbexport/ParseArgs.o fbexport/FBExport.o fbexport/cli-main.o -oexe/fbexport

and the binary is in exe dir

FBExport v1.80 by Milan Babuskov (mbabuskov), using IBPP
Tool for importing/exporting data with Firebird and InterBase databases.
Usage: fbexport -[S|Sc|Si|Sh|I|If|X|L] Options

 -S  Select = output to file  (S - binary, Si - INSERTs, Sc - CSV, Sh - HTML)
 -I  Insert = input from file
 -If Insert by Full SQL = input from file, by parameterized SQL
 -X  eXecute SQL statement, use with -F to execute sql scripts
 -L  List connected users

Options are:                           -H Host          [LOCALHOST]
 -D Database                           -U Username      [SYSDBA]
 -F Filename (use - for stdout)        -O Role
 -P Password                           -T Trim chars    [off]
 -A "Charset"                          -J "Date format" [D.M.Y]
 -Q "SQL Query statement"              -K "Time format" [H:M:S]
 -C # = Checkpoint at # rows [1000]    -M Commit at each checkpoint [off]
 -E # = Ignore up to # errors [0] Set to -1 to ignore all
 -R Rollback transaction if any errors occur while importing [off]
 -V Table = Verbatim copy of table (use -Q to set where clause if desired)
 -B Separator [,] = Field separator for CSV export. Allows special value: TAB
Command-line options are not case-sensitive (except the TAB setting)

I have added a few more fixes in this fork on the github (related to linking errors) and included the compiling fixes from above 

TIP : building firebird 2.5 from source remove /tmp/firebird folder

before doing make install is better to remove the /tmp/firebird if is owned by root

with 2.5.0 i had this error
 ConfigStorage: Cannot initialize the shared memory region
        operating system directive open failed
        Permission denied 

So i have checked out the 2.5.1 from svn/bzr
bzr branch lp:firebird/2.5
cd 2.5
./ --prefix=/opt/firebird2.5.x --enable-superserver --with-system-editline
stop firebird
rm -rf /tmp/firebird
make install

now firebird runs happily on CentOS release 5.5

bristol tip on !ubuntu !debian use jackd

start jackd with alsa parameter
jackd -d alsa

then start bristol
startBristol -jack -vox

connect the imputs and the outputs from Jack Audio connection Kit

out_left -> playback_1
out_right -> playback_2

ps : now  i can remove monobristol from my system and clean all dependencies :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

qmake not war , use qtquick use android , show middle finger to #Microsoft

Qt quick is released and is funny that the demo is the old WW hippie bus

That means only one thing , freedom from the Mokia regime :Qt lives on in MeeGo, Ubuntu, WebOS, and now Android

Nobody wants silver crapware , I want java script , v8 , css3 , webgl not a crippled evironment like ie9=new ie6 is

Warwick Thumb Singlecut + Ashdown Mag - quick groove