Wednesday, September 29, 2004

linux (tux) @ rex

Here is one picture made by tibi (one of the reea designers)

ps: the pinguin is virtual :) (very funny)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Funny System crash - quoting from [Bacula-users] mailing list

About twice a year I succeed in crashing Linux, usually by hitting ctl-C

while something is going on with my tape drive. Well, tonight, I
totally froze my system. Even the little CPU meter stopped working. At
the same time, the CPU was going full out -- I can tell because the
cooling fan starts speeding up.

What is interesting is that I noticed the num-lock and caps-lock lights
blinking in a way that reminded me of something. After a few minutes, I
realized it was sending Morris code. Now, my Morris code is *really*
rusty, and though I know all the letters, I cannot recognize them very
fast, so I got:

..-. then waited until the message repeated and got ..-. .- , then
again (really painful) ..-. .- - and so on. I finally gave up after

..-. .- - .- .-.. . .-. .-. --- .-. (etc)

For those of you who do not read Morris code:

..-. .- - .- .-.. . .-. .-. --- .-.
F A T A L E R R O R ...

Linux is funny :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Porting from oracle to firebird - howto

First i downloaded the and installed it
After that i used the jdbc driver (jaybird) for firebird and the jdbc driver that is with oracle 9 (copied jars in the lib directory)
Then i clicked on the DDL plugin and configured the drivers for source and destination databases and executed it choosing all tables from oracle database .
Then after xml files are generated is needed to run the ant tool to create the sql script for firebird .Here you need to download the latest version of ant tool
In my case i installed it in /opt/ant and after reading the manualexported these variables ANT_HOME=/opt/ant, JAVA_HOME=/opt/j2sdk1.4.2.x

Go to the OpenDBcopy/plugins/opendbcopy.schemageneration and
run >ant hbm2java
and then
>ant create-schema

for me it gave an error to at one table : " composite-id incomplete must match

so i had to move manually an table then it showed to the prompt BUILD SUCCESSFULL and database schema was created and could be viewed with

$view sql/Firebird_schema_create.sql

After this euphoric moment is time to go with another step :
pumping the data between the two databases (run the "Copy data from a source into a destination datbase" plugin)
So run the generated script into new database, for it gave some errors so i had to tweak some fields generated for example : numeric (19,255) to numeric (10)
(19 is too high for firebird - more than 64 bit precision ! )
Also oracles NUMBER is replaced with equivalent FLOAT from firebird , DATE converted to TIMESTAMP.
Another thing is about keywords like
"value" or "time " - you must quote the table names , and columns if want to use it
A good tip from opendbcopy manual is to disable the fk before data pump so i did .
In plugin area there is "Create Insert scripts for destination" and could be used for the same purpose. For that plugin is good to inspect the sql files generated and quote every timestamp value (it can be done with %s/\.0/\.0'/g in vim for example)
SYSDATE references need to replaced with
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in the sql code (in fyracle you don't need to replace it - is done by the driver)
Sequences from oracle will be replaced with Generators

Saturday, September 18, 2004

keyboard is dead on the flamebird system (amd386sx) and i can't boot linux on it becaus
e have to press F1 but how can i press when keyboard is broken ? I will try later to debug
it and to find what is wrong . Now the internals (hdd , netcard,io card, video card)
are installed on an intella 486dx (@25mhz i think). It works better than 386 (memory bus is on 32 bit). Have to add second isa network card to it and install / configure shorewall (it will be a router /firewall )
Well finally i finished chapter 6 of TICPP, now is time for reading the 7 :)
update : the chapter 7 is 70% read
update : Chapter 7 is finished and now i'm at about 10% from Ch.8

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Reached to chapter 6 of Thinking in CPP. Got some din 5 to din 6 adapter for about 1$ so i don't have to kill a keyboard :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

converting my keyboard from 5-pin DIN (AT/XT) to 6-pin Mini-DIN (PS/2)
Well i have an old pc (386) and brand new converter doesn't work so an hp keyboard must be destroyed and 5-pin DIN adaptor will be used for a new keyboard (experiment :))
more about ps/2 interface

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Finished chapter 4 of Thinking in c++ and
started reading the Knuth book The Art of Computer Programming
And there is a new version (0.1.3) of flamerobin

my to do list:
- install mix emulator
- buy this book
- cut and paste into new colored icons from flamerobin screenshot

ps: well i finished with my exams :) and feel better about it