Monday, December 20, 2010

Just to be safe , in case delicious is eaten by Microsoft , Oracle

I have deleted my delicious account , from now on i will keep a github backup and use git for bookmarks / imported bookmarks in google chrome (there is any gistorious extensions for keeping bookmarks in git?) 

Monday, December 13, 2010

How can i revert to previous version in git ?

There is git revert HEAD  and here is how i tested on a simple repository
mkdir test
cd test
git init  .
touch to_be_reverted
git add .
git commit -a
echo "Wrong text" > to_be_reverted
check it with

cat to_be_reverted
Wrong text
git commit -a
git revert HEAD
cat to_be_reverted

it should be empty like before

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

compiling quake 1 for #android

This time we use a simpler code than quake 2 or 3 and it should work on slower devices and emulator without problems

code is hosted in mercurial

hg clone glesquake
cd glesquake

ls -lah  release/QuakeActivity.apk
-rw-rw-r-- 1 mariuz mariuz 278K Dec  1 22:57 release/QuakeActivity.apk
next you need to upload the apk to the device and the data file (pak)

follow the intructions from install readme

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Building quake 2 for android

I followed the instructions from
What i didn't had on my machine is ant
I downloaded from apache and bunziped in

so the last step was
/opt/apache-ant-1.8.1/bin/ant debug
started the qemu from eclipse and one machine with android

then i have installed with
adb install bin/Quake2-debug.apk

start the application then click menu button -> tools and
then download

a better idea is to download the data from somewhere else and upload it to emulator
if you don't want to build it here are the instructions to use the generic app
Download didn't finished in ~1h
Seems that i need to download it manually

adb shell mkdir /sdcard/baseq2
unzip -j q2-314-demo-x86.exe Install/Data/baseq2/pak0.pak
Archive:  /home/mariuz/Downloads/q2-314-demo-x86.exe
  inflating: pak0.pak
adb push pak0.pak /sdcard/baseq2
...wait a few hours drink some water ...curse the java systems because they are crap and slow
come back and check the status until it reaches 48M
adb shell ls -l /sdcard/baseq2/pak0.pak

Then start the game :) 5fps in emulator (rockets slideshow)

A personal Apeal from Thom Yorke for Wikipedia

Doesn't Thom Yorke looks a little bit like Jimmy Wales ?
I always have the song I'm a creep in mind when i see this black banner

ps: you should install the google chrome extension to have the image on any page you visit

Friday, November 19, 2010

Compiling Firebird 2.5 on the amazon ec2 linux microinstance (centos based)

I have checked out Firebird 2.5 source from svn then i have installed the gnu c++ compiler also the readline libs also the icu ones
after that i have started the compilation process (i know it's easier to install firebird from rpm but i wanted to see how fast is the free microinstance: it compiled in something of more than one hour)

yum install gcc-c++ libicu-devel readline-devel automake autoconf libtool

after configure check if the firebird server is up
netstat -tap | grep fbserver
tcp        0      0 *:gds_db                    *:*                         LISTEN      22144/fbserver
Install python and firebird driver for it and we will do some benchmarks
yum install python26-develyum install python26-devel
tar -jxvf kinterbasdb-3.3.0.tar.bz2
cd kinterbasdb-3.3.0
python install
python -c "import kinterbasdb as k; print k.__version__"
(3, 3, 0, 'pre-alpha', 0)
create test db

at last run the benchmark and compare with a desktop machine (at the end of the post)
python --db_user=sysdba --db_password=******* --db_name=/tmp/test.fdb --setup

Here are the results for a desktop machine (core 2 duo )
#rows #seconds cum_ips last_ips #queries cum_qps last_qps

10000 56 179.4 179.4 2210 39.7 39.7
20000 136 147.1 124.7 5525 40.6 41.3
30000 250 119.9 87.5 10592 42.3 44.3
40000 399 100.4 67.4 16841 42.3 42.1
50000 551 90.7 65.4 23991 43.5 46.8
60000 708 84.7 63.7 30445 43.0 41.1
70000 866 80.8 63.5 35920 41.5 34.8
80000 1038 77.1 58.2 41111 39.6 30.2
90000 1217 73.9 55.7 46142 37.9 28.0
100000 1408 71.0 52.4 51142 36.3 26.2
110000 1607 68.4 50.2 55951 34.8 24.2
120000 1803 66.5 51.0 60282 33.4 22.1
130000 2000 65.0 50.9 64400 32.2 21.0
140000 2212 63.3 47.2 68577 31.0 19.7
150000 2414 62.1 49.3 71987 29.8 16.8
160000 2625 61.0 47.5 75301 28.7 15.8
170000 2830 60.1 48.7 78098 27.6 13.6

And here are the rezults for ec2 micro machines
#rows #seconds cum_ips last_ips #queries cum_qps last_qps
10000 207 48.4 48.4 1640 7.9 7.9
20000 551 36.3 29.0 4069 7.4 7.0
30000 1058 28.3 19.7 7733 7.3 7.2
40000 1920 20.8 11.6 12517 6.5 5.6
50000 2967 16.9 9.6 18489 6.2 5.7
60000 3944 15.2 10.2 24041 6.1 5.7
70000 4876 14.4 10.7 28416 5.8 4.7
80000 5845 13.7 10.3 32274 5.5 4.0
90000 6890 13.1 9.6 36649 5.3 4.2
100000 7869 12.7 10.2 39876 5.1 3.3
110000 8971 12.3 9.1 43522 4.9 3.3
120000 10092 11.9 8.9 47221 4.7 3.3

i will redo the tests tomorrow

also here are the partial results on AMD Athlon(tm) 7850 Dual-Core Processor

#rows #seconds cum_ips last_ips #queries cum_qps last_qps
10000 277 36.1 36.1 4830 17.5 17.5
20000 688 29.0 24.3 12028 17.5 17.5
30000 1117 26.9 23.3 20474 18.3 19.7
40000 1558 25.7 22.7 28505 18.3 18.2
50000 2021 24.7 21.6 37056 18.3 18.5
60000 2514 23.9 20.3 45290 18.0 16.7
70000 3053 22.9 18.6 54310 17.8 16.7
80000 3607 22.2 18.1 62826 17.4 15.4
90000 4162 21.6 18.0 71875 17.3 16.3
100000 4713 21.2 18.1 80515 17.1 15.7
110000 5328 20.6 16.3 89286 16.8 14.3
120000 5878 20.4 18.2 97864 16.6 15.6
130000 6431 20.2 18.1 106757 16.6 16.1
140000 6984 20.0 18.1 115589 16.6 16.0
150000 7565 19.8 17.2 124362 16.4 15.1
160000 8147 19.6 17.2 133129 16.3 15.1
170000 8687 19.6 18.5 141953 16.3 16.3
180000 9245 19.5 17.9 150991 16.3 16.2
190000 9820 19.3 17.4 159820 16.3 15.4

good night i have now my own firebird machine to experiment and will be kept online for a year at least

Amazon Free EC2 micro instance started success , time for #Firebird #Sql tests

after using my card with some money on it where money > 1$
i got the instance running , now is time to run some firebird 2.5/3.0 benchmarks on it

What it sux ? well i can't choose a debian 6.0 microinstance from the menu
but for the moment i can choose only some centos like crap

ssh -i .ssh/xxx.pem
Please login as the ec2-user user rather than root user.
Connection to closed.
mariuz@borkstationX64:~$ ssh -i .ssh/xxx.pem

       __|  __|_  )  Amazon Linux AMI
       _|  (     /     Beta

See /etc/image-release-notes for latest release notes. :-)
[ec2-user@domU-12-31-39-14-C6-7E ~]$ cat /proc/cpuinfo 
processor : 0
vendor_id : GenuineIntel
cpu family : 6
model  : 23
model name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5430  @ 2.66GHz
stepping : 10
cpu MHz  : 2660.000
cache size : 6144 KB
fpu  : yes
fpu_exception : yes
cpuid level : 13
wp  : yes
flags  : fpu tsc msr pae cx8 cmov pat pse36 clflush dts mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht pbe syscall nx lm constant_tsc up arch_perfmon pebs bts rep_good aperfmperf pni dtes64 monitor ds_cpl vmx est tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr pdcm dca sse4_1 lahf_lm tpr_shadow vnmi flexpriority
bogomips : 5320.00
clflush size : 64
cache_alignment : 64
address sizes : 38 bits physical, 48 bits virtual
power management:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Game of the day Sauerbraten in #ubuntu / #debian

It's quite cool that Sauerbraten cube2 inspired minecraft also you can load minecraft maps in sauerbraten

The ingame editor is quite cool

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Testing #Firebird 3.0 on #Debian experimental

Firebird 3.0 final is now uploaded to debian experimental

Here is my sources.list
cat /etc/apt/sources.list

deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main
deb experimental main
deb-src experimental main

# apt-get update -t experimental

Then install server package that includes all the versions Super , Classic , SuperClassic into one binary (the difference compared with 2.5 packages will be that the startup script will start in mode you need)
# apt-get install -t experimental firebird3.0-server
dpkg-reconfigure firebird3.0-server

You can read what is about the new superclassic architecture introduced in 2.5

Install examples and flamerobin
apt-get install -t experimental firebird3.0-examples flamerobin

cd /usr/share/doc/firebird3.0-examples/examples/empbuild/
sudo gunzip employee.fdb.gz
sudo chown firebird.firebird employee.fdb
sudo mv employee.fdb /var/lib/firebird/3.0/data/

you can connect to the database with flamerobin

you can also build the firebird 3.0 package from git if you feel the urge.
A good idea is to check the git summary to  know what is changed.

The most beautiful os part two : #Debian

Here are new themes created for Debian release

Space Fun is well Fun (People relax we know Linux must be just Fun and Enjoyable and not Ugly like the Old farts Windows )

by @StingBL in

I like also Nightly

Lisp machines are really cool

Monday, November 15, 2010

What linux sites i read

Cristi Gherman asked me what is that page with linux news that i read
well is
also to the mix add

digg is now less reliable source for linux news
at least i can't find the section for linux anymore ...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Installing the #Romanian dictionary in #OpenOffice / #LibreOffice

First you need to install it the good one from this list

What is the good one ? this one seems to be up to date and it installs without errors

I found it the hard way that i need installing the second one (i had to rename the extensions to zip and remove the nul file from install on a windoze machine, in debian/ubuntu works without issues)

Now the spellchecker works and we are happy :)

So there is no need for Microsoft Office in School libre office is quite phenomenal

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Wolfenstein Qt. Qt widgets in a 3D environment - Update 2010

3D linux desktop is here
in 2008 there was a demo but it was quite hard to compile it

well now the compilation works smooth without the need for a qt snapshot
all you need it some qt 4.6.x headers that come by default in ubuntu and debian
I will spare you about the details and some opengl ones

something like
git clone git://
search for headers needed in the ubuntu/debian repository (I will write an article about what is needed later)


the results are impressive :the video player works , the browser does work with some issues (flash related) but the engine is impressive i wonder why the fonts are smoother than in the xorg browser , maybe the AA from opengl helps ...There is still a lot of work
and what i miss mostly is a quake style terminal and a cool desktop like hud but that will come later

Here is video that can be played in vlc/mplayer

youtube didn't converted my video correctly
and vimeo gives some errors

God this is why we need html5 for interweb , simple ogv upload and share

Securing #Firebird using #Ssh tunnel

there is a very easy way to do a secure connection with firebird

create a ssh tunnel to  FirebirdRemoteHost
add in .ssh/config

host FirebirdRemoteHost
  LocalForward 3050

Then when you do ssh FirebirdRemoteHost a ssh tunnel is created
between your machine to remote firebird server

so port 3050 is tunneled to remote host and  when you connect to localhost 3050 you will connect in fact
to the remote host ( is local address on that machine) and the port 3050

In flamerobin you can work on it like on local machine server installation

if you have already a firebird installation on your local workstation then is good to put another port for the tunnel

LocalForward 3051

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Installing Antico Light (QTDE is like LXDE but more "cute")

I found Antico Light a good and light wm based on qt (similar to lxde)
and is very easy to install (I have allready the qt related build tools)

git clone
cd antico/
sudo make install 

And now logout and choose the Antico session for WM and it will start in all it's glory

Did i mentioned that is very spartan and light ? 32M for all the wm , it's smaller than many gnome phat processes ... let's not talk about kde bloat

Friday, October 29, 2010

Using Firebird 2.5 official tar.gz installer on #Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10

get a old libstdc++5 from debian archives
in my case ubuntu is on 64 bit so i need amd64 (aka x86-64 and can be used even on Intel machines)
for 32 bit use the following link

you can determine you type of installation with
$ uname -m

sudo dpkg -i libstdc++5_3.3.6-18_amd64.deb

Download the Firebird tar.gz installer from Firebird 2.5 release page

The easiest way is to install FirebirdSS (aka Super Server)
in my case i choose the 64 bit version for Linux

tar -zxvf FirebirdSS-
cd FirebirdSS-

sudo ./

Firebird super Installation

Press Enter to start installation or ^C to abort
Extracting install data

Starting Firebird server: Please enter new password for SYSDBA user: SYSDBApassword
Install completed

(ignore the insserv warnings )

Now work withe the example database

SQL> connect "/opt/firebird/examples/empbuild/employee.fdb " user 'SYSDBA' password 'SYSDBApassword';
Database:  "/opt/firebird/examples/empbuild/employee.fdb ", User: SYSDBA
SQL> show tables;
       COUNTRY                                CUSTOMER                       
       DEPARTMENT                             EMPLOYEE                       
       EMPLOYEE_PROJECT                       JOB                            
       PROJECT                                PROJ_DEPT_BUDGET               
       SALARY_HISTORY                         SALES                          


Next install flamerobin and you start working with your new shinny firebird server (create databasese ...)

sudo apt-get install flamerobin

SQL> CREATE DATABASE '/tmp/myshinnymetal*ss' user 'SYSDBA' password 'SYSDBApassword';
SQL> connect "/tmp/myshinnymetal*ss" user 'SYSDBA' password 'SYSDBApassword';
Database:  "/opt/firebird/examples/empbuild/employee.fdb", User: SYSDBA

Where #Firebird is better than #postgresql features included

I wanted to mention so will not forget when i will write a more extensive paper

1.Firebird required 0 Administration and is simpler to use than Postgresql
(think of sqlite like easy of use with oracle/postgresql like features)
I always hated the vacuum and complex installations for postgresql and yes
simplicity is a feature

See the postgresql features that they don't want (Scroll down to bottom)

2.Firebird does have Embedded mode and is fully multi threaded in 2.5

So yes i can build a single Firebird so/dll and put it on Android, Meego for example
and there is no need for a SuperServer , SuperClassic for it I just deploy it on the target device

3.And yes Firebird is fully multithreaded where Postgresql is NOT

so we are ahead in this area with at least 2 or more years

"All backends running as threads in a single process (not wanted)
This eliminates the process protection we get from the current setup. Thread creation is usually the same overhead as process creation on modern systems, so it seems unwise to use a pure threaded model, and MySQL and DB2 have demonstrated that threads introduce as many issues as they solve. Threading specific operations such as I/O, seq scans, and connection management has been discussed and will probably be implemented to enable specific performance features. Moving to a threaded engine would also require halting all other work on PostgreSQL for one to two years."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now the benchmark results :Firebird 2.5 seems that clang++ is faster!

clean run , the old llvm results were when the system was under high load
now i have the clean results and seems that clang++ is faster

clean run

running on the g++ (compiled from source)

python --db_user=sysdba --db_password=masterkey
--db_name=/tmp/test.fdb --setup --max_rows=100000 --setup
#rows #seconds cum_ips last_ips #queries cum_qps last_qps
10000 39 257.5 257.5 1920 49.4 49.4
20000 117 171.6 128.6 5376 46.1 44.5
30000 230 130.6 88.4 10469 45.6 45.0
40000 366 109.3 73.4 16763 45.8 46.2
50000 509 98.2 69.7 24325 47.8 52.7
60000 663 90.5 65.2 31234 47.1 45.1
70000 832 84.1 59.1 37080 44.6 34.5
80000 998 80.2 60.2 42211 42.3 30.9
90000 1179 76.4 55.3 47324 40.1 28.3
100000 1372 72.9 51.7 52632 38.4 27.4

clang++ clean

python --db_user=sysdba --db_password=masterkey
--db_name=/tmp/test.fdb --setup --max_rows=100000 --setup
#rows #seconds cum_ips last_ips #queries cum_qps last_qps
10000 30 338.9 338.9 1870 63.4 63.4
20000 91 219.3 162.1 5191 56.9 53.8
30000 179 167.2 113.3 10145 56.5 56.1
40000 294 136.1 87.4 16250 55.3 53.3
50000 469 106.6 57.1 23999 51.2 44.3
60000 639 93.9 58.8 30649 48.0 39.1
70000 798 87.7 62.9 36553 45.8 37.1
80000 957 83.6 63.0 41553 43.4 31.5
90000 1128 79.8 58.4 46852 41.5 30.9
100000 1301 76.9 58.0 51411 39.5 26.4

clang++ fronm ubuntu 10.10

after each run i have run the following scripts

sudo killall -9 fbguard
sudo killall -9 fbserver
sudo rm -rf /opt/firebird2.5
sudo rm -rf /etc/init.d/firebird
make clean
rm -rf gen
./configure --prefix=/opt/firebird2.5 --enable-superserver
--with-system-icu --with-system-editline

sudo make install

(in the firebird 2.5 from subversion tree)

make install doesn't work quite correctly in g++ and clang++ there are
some bugs on ubuntu 10.10
I have to CTRL-C the installer after i put the password , so i will
mark it as bug in jira for both compilers

Saturday, October 23, 2010

#Firebird on #Reactos

1. Firebird 2.5 Installer works !
2. fbserver it doesn't finds the msvcrt80.dll so i must investigate why
3. maybe a better idea is to compile it with mingw and skip the Microsoft crap

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

clang++ production tests (fbench) with Firebird 2.5 part two

I have ran a new set of benchmarks at Phillipe's suggestion (with some minor tweaks to the fbench script)
and all finished ok
sudo apt-get install python-configglue
sudo apt-get install python-configobj

svn co
cd benchmark/

cp fbenchdb.fbk /tmp/

Restore it with flamerobin or any other tool
in /tmp/fbenchdb.fdb

./ /tmp/fbenchdb.fdb 
Database  /tmp/fbenchdb.fdb
Running ComputeClient 5x100000 . . . . . .
Running ComputeClientProxy 5x100000 . . . . . .
Running ComputeServer 5x1 . . . . . .
Running ComputeServerProxy 5x1 . . . . . .
Running ComputeServerProxyNofetch 5x1 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorClient 5x100000 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorClientProxy 5x100000 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorServer 5x1 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorServerProxy 5x1 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorServerProxyNofetch 5x1 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorTableClient 5x100000 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorTableClientProxy 5x100000 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorTableServer 5x1 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorTableServerProxy 5x1 . . . . . .
Running GeneratorTableServerProxyNofetch 5x1 . . . . . .
Calibrating Index2AndFilterAll ... set to  100  iterations.
Running Index2AndFilterAll 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating Index2AndFilterOne ... set to  100  iterations.
Running Index2AndFilterOne 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating Index2OrFilterAll ... set to  10  iterations.
Running Index2OrFilterAll 5x10 . . . . . .
Calibrating Index2OrFilterOne ... set to  100  iterations.
Running Index2OrFilterOne 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating Index3OrAndFilterAll ... set to  10  iterations.
Running Index3OrAndFilterAll 5x10 . . . . . .
Calibrating Index3OrAndFilterOne ... set to  100  iterations.
Running Index3OrAndFilterOne 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating IndexFilterAll ... set to  100  iterations.
Running IndexFilterAll 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating IndexFilterOne ... set to  100  iterations.
Running IndexFilterOne 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating JoinAll ... set to  1  iterations.
Running JoinAll 5x1 . . . . . .
Calibrating JoinOne ... set to  100  iterations.
Running JoinOne 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating NaturalFilterAll ... set to  1  iterations.
Running NaturalFilterAll 5x1 . . . . . .
Calibrating NaturalFilterOne ... set to  10  iterations.
Running NaturalFilterOne 5x10 . . . . . .
Calibrating NaturalFullAll ... set to  1  iterations.
Running NaturalFullAll 5x1 . . . . . .
Calibrating NaturalFullOne ... set to  100  iterations.
Running NaturalFullOne 5x100 . . . . . .
Calibrating OrderAll ... set to  1  iterations.
Running OrderAll 5x1 . . . . . .
Calibrating OrderOne ... set to  1  iterations.
Running OrderOne 5x1 . . . . . .
Calibrating SortAll ... set to  1  iterations.
Running SortAll 5x1 . . . . . .
Calibrating SortOne ... set to  1  iterations.
Running SortOne 5x1 . . . . . .

#OpenGL nehe lesson01 tip on #debian #ubuntu

Download the first lesson
Linux Code For This Lesson. ( Conversion by Richard Campbell )

mkdir lesson01
$ cd lesson01/
tar -zxvf lesson01.tar.gz

sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev
apt-get install libxmu-dev
apt-get install libxi-dev

you will get a beautiful beautiful black screen

press ESC
The webgl lesson is a little bit longer and tougher

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

clang++ production tests with Firebird 2.5

Two good news and a bad one
I will start with the bad one , small bug in make install (I call it Stopping Firebird server forever on make install)

Seems that there is still bug while doing make install in
the Release 2.5 branch
./configure --prefix=/opt/firebird2.5 --enable-superserver --with-system-icu --with-system-editline
make install 
(cd ../gen/FirebirdSS-; FIREBIRD= ./

Firebird super Installation

Press Enter to start installation or ^C to abort
Extracting install data
Stopping Firebird server: Stopping Firebird server: Stopping Firebird
server: Stopping Firebird server: Stopping Firebird server: Stopping
Firebird server: Stopping Firebird server: Stopping Firebird server:
Stopping Firebird server: ^Cmake[2]: *** [install] Interrupt
make[1]: *** [install] Interrupt
make: *** [install] Interrupt

2. I checket out the 2.5 branch and all compiles fine and installs somehow (password is ok)
and i can start the super server with /etc/init.d/firebird script after i press ctrl-C
on make install
Here are some entries from the log (while installing the super server)

borkstationx64 (Client) Tue Oct 19 15:20:32 2010
/opt/firebird2.5/bin/fbguard: guardian starting
borkstationx64 (Server) Tue Oct 19 15:20:32 2010
Database: /opt/firebird2.5/security2.fdb
Can't access lock files' directory ../gen/firebird
borkstationx64 (Client) Tue Oct 19 15:20:32 2010
/opt/firebird2.5/bin/fbguard: /opt/firebird2.5/bin/fbserver
terminated due to startup error (2)
borkstationx64 (Client) Tue Oct 19 15:20:38 2010
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 111

3.the firebird tests are running (for about a few hours) and all sems
to be fine ! I was expecting some errors any errors but all seems to be fine as you will see from bellow numbers (I will test/show the g++ vs clang++ numbers later)
Database was created with flamerobin in /tmp/test.fdb
and then i have installed kinterbasdb 3.3.x

python --db_user=sysdba --db_password=masterkey --db_name=/tmp/test.fdb --setup
#rows #seconds cum_ips last_ips #queries cum_qps last_qps

10000 56 179.4 179.4 2210 39.7 39.7
20000 136 147.1 124.7 5525 40.6 41.3
30000 250 119.9 87.5 10592 42.3 44.3
40000 399 100.4 67.4 16841 42.3 42.1
50000 551 90.7 65.4 23991 43.5 46.8
60000 708 84.7 63.7 30445 43.0 41.1
70000 866 80.8 63.5 35920 41.5 34.8
80000 1038 77.1 58.2 41111 39.6 30.2
90000 1217 73.9 55.7 46142 37.9 28.0
100000 1408 71.0 52.4 51142 36.3 26.2
110000 1607 68.4 50.2 55951 34.8 24.2
120000 1803 66.5 51.0 60282 33.4 22.1
130000 2000 65.0 50.9 64400 32.2 21.0
140000 2212 63.3 47.2 68577 31.0 19.7
150000 2414 62.1 49.3 71987 29.8 16.8
160000 2625 61.0 47.5 75301 28.7 15.8
170000 2830 60.1 48.7 78098 27.6 13.6

I will run the other set of tests fbtcs, and the ones from qa

Monday, October 18, 2010

clang++ compiling successful experiments with Firebird 2.5

I started playing with clang and Firebird sourcecode in a lunchbreak
on Lubuntu 10.10 amd64
If you wonder why seems to be a faster compiler and anyway is good to test the code in at least two modern compilers

The results are impressive : i mean i didn't expecting that clang++ to be so advanced that my Firebird 2.5 compilation finished in the end resulting in working binaries for Firebird 2.5

Read the full thread on Firebird-devel , on small patches needed to get it on .

See my screenshot with flamerobin (compiled with g++) connecting to just compiled Firebird 2.5 with clang++

ps: I like the error message , they look more human readable than the ones from g++ (colored)
Update: compilation works by default now if you use B2_5_Release Branch of Firebird
svn co firebird_2_5_Release

cd firebird_2_5_Release

./ --prefix=/opt/firebird2.5 --enable-superserver --with-system-icu --with-system-editline

export CXX="clang++"


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playing safe doesn't make you a good player #IBM #Java #Cobol

This is my state of mind , you know IBM played safe with joining Oracle in their quest of COBOLisation of Java , in fact they are the COBOL in Java
you know :xml , and all the crappy 7 layers of bloatware   you can throw at it
swing and other swt ....

You know maybe they just don't care about the mobile space after all ...
The retarded t-rex (mainframe) doesn't care about the small mamals like Androids

it's just stoned in stone like a an ancient relic of an ancient past with big letters engraved on it's grave
It's just doesn't care about the modern civilization and of course it doesn't care about the Star Trek

All it cares is about COBOL the big evolution's mistake
"That deal ultimately went south when Sun refused to consider any deal that IBM wouldn't promise to carry to completion, even in the face of regulatory roadblocks sure to come up. Many of us breathed a sigh of relief; if there's any Java company even more firmly stuck in the old world than Sun, it's IBM...and we weren't looking forward to dealing with that."

it' doesn't care about your opengl , games ... all it needs to rest in peace is COBOL and JAVA and the three fingers salute XML engraved on the black immortal business (evil) soul

And xml was invented to replace text files and just to suck at at

Some of the good things made by IBM corporation in the past ...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

html5 is here and ready , thanks microsoft we don't want silvercrapware or DRM !

Philippe Le Hégaret seems to be payed by Microsoft :
he seems to work on  xml crapware tracks on w3c (you see the dots: office open xml , odt , word ... ?) and he want's let me put it this way to NOT use w3c standards like html5 and you wonder why ?
because he want's that we should use DRM ? and silverlight instead of html5 video in youtube
and his reasoning is that html5 is not ready for Microsoft maybe ?!-HTML5-is-Ready.aspx
and here another response to the FUD
and more from smarter people than me

only microsft shills use the word "interoperability" when they say that something must work only on windows platforms the rest of the world doesn't need "interoperability" because your website will just work on mac, linux , haikuos ... only microsft wants te be incompatible with itself
From my point of view is the most retarded attack html5 from Microsoft part

IE6 is f**ing dead already what he is smoking and i wonder what is his salary at Microsoft
"We're not going to retire Flash anytime soon," Le Hegaret said. It will take years before all Web clients support HTML5, he said. He cited Microsoft's IE6 browser as an example of popular client not supporting the standard. "IE6 is still being used on the Web today, and it is 10 years old."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#MySQL price hikes reveal depth of #Oracle 's wallet ,Time for #Firebird?

These emails promise "changes to MySQL's pricing and possibly pricing model soon," with a further stealth price increase in the form of removal of MySQL's Basic and Silver support options.

Here is the Oracle letter in its entirety:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

webgl lesson 0 finished

Now it's easier to get your browser up to learn webgl
webgl is enabled by deafault in chrome (devel) and firefox beta

The biggest news is that the Mozilla and Chrome teams have turned WebGL on by default in their latest beta builds, for versions 4 and 7 respectively


Firebird 2.5 introduce noi facilităţi de audit şi scalabilitate îmbunătăţită.


4 Octobrie 2010


Proiectul Firebird anunţă astăzi Firebird 2.5, a cincea şi cea mai recentă versiune majoră a sistemului relational de gestiune a bazelor de date open source. Îmbunătăţirile acestei versiuni vizează o mai bună scalare la nevoile afacerii pe care o serveşte, de la dispozitive embedded până la soluţii complexe ERP.


Philippe Makowski, preşedintele fundaţiei non-profit Firebird a remarcat că  lansarea versiunii Firebird 2.5 constituie un pas foarte important în anul în care aniversăm 10 ani de Firebird, nu numai pentru  proiectul Firebird, dar şi pentru lumea open source deopotrivă.


"Afacerile de astăzi au nevoie de o soluţie matură pentru un cost eficient iar Firebird 2.5 le oferă soluţia, atât cu adevărat puternică cât şi cu sub licenţă cu adevărat liberă", a precizat Philippe Makowski.


Îmbinarea de performanţă ridicată, amprenta mică de memorie, scalabilitate supremă, instalare simplă şi facilă şi licenţa de utilizare şi distribuţie liberă transformă Firebird în alegerea cea mai atractivă pentru orice fel de dezvoltatori sau integratori de software. Există astăzi instalări de Firebird în număr mare la nivel global ce servesc volume de date care depăşesc curent 300GB pentru sute de mii de sisteme pentru afaceri.


Instalările cunoscute de Firebird numără mai mult de 2000 pe zi, după cum confirmă statisticile de  descărcare.


"Majoritatea clienţilor noştri au baze date Firebird cu mărimi cuprinse între 200GB şi 400GB care continuă să crească", declară Stewart Spink, CTO la Watermark Software. "Îmbunătăţirile de performanţă din versiunea Firebird 2.5 ne asigură că cererinţele lor viitoare vor fi complet satisfăcute."


Alexander Shaposhnikov, CIO la distribuitorul Profitmed estimează că Firebird 2.5 va suporta cerinţele în continuă ale afacerii Profitmed. "Acum avem o bază de date de 65GB şi 250 conexiuni concurente active 24x7. Ne aşteptăm să dublăm atât mărimea bazei de date cât şi numărul de utilizatori în următorii doi ani şi am ales Firebird 2.5 pentru acestă misiune critică pentru afacere."


Distribuţii Firebird binare sunt disponibile pentru o largă varietate de platforme hardware şi sisteme: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, HP-UX şi altele. Firebird rulează pe x86, x64, PowerPC, Sparc şi alte platforme hardware, oferind posibilitătea de a migra uşor între diverse platforme.


Distribuţiile binare versiunea 2.5 sunt disponibile pentru platforme 32-bit şi 64-bit pentru Windows şi Linux, urmate în curând de cea pentru MacOSX x86.  În funcţie de cerere, versiuni binare pentru alte platforme POSIX vor fi disponibile până la finele acestui an.


Facilităţi noi în Firebird 2.5


    * Prin SuperClassic Firebird 2.5 introduce o nouă arhitectură denumită "SuperClassic", destinată exploatării eficiente a platformelor multicore şi multiprocesor care asigură o utilizare judicioasă a resurselor pe sisteme cu baze de date mari şi mulţi utilizatori concurenţi.


    * Auditarea sistemului, sesiunilor şi utilizatorilor prin interfaţa API oferă posibilitatea monitorizării a tot ce se întâmplă în baza de date aproape în timp real.


    * Interogările peste mai multe baze de date din Firebird 2.5 oferă posibilitatea mai multor instanţe de baze de date Firebird să se interogheze reciproc şi să schimbe eficient date.


    * Managementul îmbunătăţit al utilizatorilor este acum accesibil prin comenzi SQL transmise din baza de date de securitate.


    * Alte facilităţi incluse : Tranzacţii autonome permise în interiorul modulelor PSQL (proceduri stocate, triggere, blocuri SQL), suport pentru expresii ca argument în SQL utilizând predicatul  SIMILAR TO, închiderea asincronă a unei conexiuni, îmbunătăţiri ale capabilităţilor de monitorizare şi multe altele.


Paul Beach, preşedinte şi CEO la IBPhoenix, una din organizaţiile care oferă servicii profesionale şi contribuie la dezvoltarea Firebird, consideră că noile facilităţi de securitate şi capabilităţile impresionate de scalare Firebird 2.5 vor fi binevenite şi bine primite de majoritatea utilizatorilor curenţi de Firebird.


"In particular, aceste facilităţi vor fi de mare sprijin în întâmpinarea cerinţelor în continuă creştere din verticalele finanţe şi sănătate.", a precizat, "în special în a forţa limitele performanţei."


David Wilder, CTO la Bas-X, a salutat versiunea Firebird 2.5 pentru disponibilitatea şi flexibilitatea îmbunătăţite. "Va permite clienţilor noştri un număr crescut de utilizatori concurenţi şi rularea mai multor tranzacţii pe acelaşi hardware," a precizat.


Preţ şi disponibilitate


Sistemul de gestiune al bazelor de date realţionale open source Firebird 2.5 este disponibil gratuit în orice formă de utilizare, fie în scop comercial, în educaţie, non-profit sau pentru uz personal. Atât distribuţiile binare cât şi codul sursă sunt disponibile şi pot fi descărcate şi instalate gratuit şi imediat de pe site-ul proiectului Firebird. Nu este necesară înregistrarea pe site sau activarea produsului.


Despre fundaţia Firebird.


Fundaţia Firebird este organizaţie non-profit care are ca scop să spijine dezvoltarea sistemului de gestiune de baze de date relaţionale Firebird. Fondarea ei a avut loc în anul 2002 şi numără acum mai mult de 300 de membri activi, printre care şi mulţi sponsori. Acceptă şi gestionează de asemenea şi donaţii financiare sau de resurse şi de la persoane care nu sunt membrii în fundaţie. Fundaţia redistribuie aceste fonduri în scopuri specifice către unii din contribuitorii cheie ai proiectului Firebird. Proiectul Firebird nu are alte surse de venit.


Contact Media : Alexey Kovyazin * +7 910 402 94 34 * admin AT mindthebird DOT com

Firebird 2.5 (final) released and overview after 10 years

The community project Firebird 2.5 is released. You can read the press release and most importantly release notes. And sure, you can download it and use/test/deploy.

Congratulation to us, the Firebird Project, especially the core team. And also to you, users, I hope you will enjoy and like the new Firebird 2.5 version as we (I) do. You can read the overview after 10 years for this aniversary release

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Borkstation x64 Upgrade for Xmass ? on My Wishlist santa , boss ... god

I don't want a quad core , now i have a dual core and is great but i want something more
so i guess a six core monster from amd would suffice and is quite cheap compared with intel i7 beasts

yes i compile c++/c/pascal a lot and transcode ogg and i need that kind of power
also i use linux-kvm(qemu)+virtualbox to run varios os-es : freebsd , windows , haikuos , ubuntu ,
also i needed for eclipse to develop android apps

For videocard my hope is a ati radeon 5750 that is quite good in opengl benchmarks and is cheap (or any ati 5000 series would do ) , I want to study and learn opengl and in the current version aka 4.x
and the amd/ati board is what i need also i want to play with opencl and firebird too and here is why opengl and onpecl won the api battle

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Game du jour: Steel Storm Episode I

via planet quake

real programmers do hex and asm , and they don't eat burgers : Java , C# ...

This is my response to this post Tiobe index decomposed
I found the same with debian generic test but also with my programming experience
We are served with slow and bloated languages (burger king) like
C#,,java and we are somehow forced by companies stupid rules to work on thouse but in fact if you want fast things you need to code in c++, and pascal on the server side (some might say the real

programmers do hex or asm :P)
heck i can run >10 instances of quake engine written in c in the native form implementation in the same time in the browser
so native code rulz for speed and low memory usage (see the pascal low memory footprint compared with java)

so why the heck we are still continue eating burgers ? it's time for a low carb diet , we want real food with good taste and in classy
restaurant with good history
not the fake food and fatness on our bottoms

Howto and tips :converting from #mysql to #firebirdsql Part 2

In the first part i have showed you a method using csv files but there is
a smarter way to migrate from mysql or mssql , get the column info :name,type,pks
after that for each table we can create the table in firebird
1. get tables,get tables columns , types relations from mysql , or mssql (for that i will do an article later)
2. for each table, column create new tables with columns in firebird
3. for each row in each table select from mysql,mssql and insert in corresponding table in firebird
in a similar way we did in previous example but there i have inserted from csv
for mssql i will write another script for info , there is one sp that gives you just that
and we can use one query to get it

Here is the first sub step get all the columns info for one table

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

reading Rendering Quake 3 maps with WebGL: Tech talk

I wonder why webgl is not enabled by default ? here is my 2-3 fps test on intel board (netbook)
Here is the full paper and demo for loading webgl

it's one of the best prototyping env for openg es 2.0 (for android and the rest)
so this is why i will enable by default on my browsers

and webgl lessons are amazing , here is the example with spinning sphere

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Installing #ubuntu fonts and #droid ones on #debian sid

For me it seems a good idea to have the droid fonts as default for ubuntu and debian.

Here is howto install the ubuntu fonts on debian and in a similar way you can install the droid fonts

dpkg -i /home/mariuz/ttf-droid_1.00~b112+dfsg+1-0ubuntu1_all.deb
fc-cache -v -f /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-droid
the same i did with ubuntu fonts
dpkg -i /home/mariuz/Downloads/ttf-ubuntu-font-family_0.68+ufl-0ubuntu1_all.deb

Monday, September 27, 2010

xtightvncserver tip:improve fonts display rendering

seems that by default when i start tightvncserver on a remote server the
fonts were horrible and almost i could'n read them so i had to enable better dpi ~96 (before was 70 i think) and anti aliasing in the xfce display settings 

My first app for Android :Goodbye world

just testing the android sdk before i install the ndk and play with better languages
here is the result on my atom netbook , it works quite well minus the startup speed for qemu image
but for that i have installed the sdk on a machine with more cores and better cpu than my small netbook

Tip:One way to speed up the debugging is to leave the emulator online and to re-upload the app when is done
I will search howto run it on a remote machine or howto run android-x86 on my netbook

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spread the word :A few days are left until the #ubuntu 10.10 is released

Be You can help by spreading the word and adding the counter to your blog or site

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

and there are many buttons created  to chose from if you don't like it

In other news you can help on debian front too

126 bugs need to be fixed by Debian Contributers to get Debian 6.0 Squeeze released.

Hedgewars Frontend in Qt C++ , engine in Free Pascal and scripting in lua

The hedgewars is an interesting mix of languages C++/Qt for the UI, Free/Libre Pascal for the engine , Lua for scripting also there is the ObjectiveC, Java glue for the mobile platforms: ios/android You can check the sourcecode for this cool mix ps: I forgot that the server is written in Haskel

The power of #qt 4.7 on #haikuos :#qml

qml is quite cool  even if is rendered by the cpu , the graphics look very well on my haiku box and i was surprised to see that it works out of the box
also i love that syntax is quite simple
here is the screenshot with all the javascript+qt power combined

And here is the samegame running , I love the particle effect

Why free pascal on the server side ? speed and memory and yes you can press the turbo button

If php tries to mimic a modern language with adding strict typing
and some disoriented view of objects and namespaces (dos style "\" namespace anyone instead of "::" or "." ?) and then compiling it to pure c++ then asm with llvm
then why not using a proper language that do proper compilation and type checking from the start and is way faster

How fast ? 100 times , yes that is not a typo
and bonus 100 times less memory or more ~ 1000 times

Pascal can beat any of the dynamic languages for speed and memory and can beat anytime c++ at compilation speed :)
And by default it beats java at memory allocation :P i think anyone can beat that

here are some examples :
Let's first beat php
Then ruby
then javascript v8
then python
and so on ...lua , mono c# , ...

It's just like having another 100x memory needed for one server or the cpu power
nobody gives you that for free : ask Amazon how much they charge per server or cpu power
and you get something 100x memory on your servers for free
let's say is 4G in typical configuration and with pascal in some area is like 100*4 = 4000G
compared with typical php/ruby one.
I mean no one will give you a sgi type machine with 1000 cpus and 4T of ram for free just to run some webpage or host a facebook type application
from 10.000 concurent users you can host more 100.000 or more 1M on the same machine
and that without working it to make it scalable
There are things to be improved the in benchmark war but pascal looks good on the server side
check extjspascal
and howto use json/javascript with object pascal on the server side

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Howto and tips :converting from #mysql to #firebirdsql

here are some basic types to be converted from mysql to firebirdsql when you run the create table scripts

  • int(10)->int
  • smallint(5)->int
  • datetime->timestamp
  • replace the ` with double quote " or with nothing

dump the database with full inserts and then run it with flamerobin
mysqldump  -u root --password=mysql_password -t -c dbname tablename > /tmp/foo.sql

another option is to put dump table in csv format and import it using a php script
that fetches each row and inserts it into firebird table
here is one example for a table with 3 columns

or search for a tool that will do that for you

Howto Checkout Firebird 2.5 Release branch

here is the hosted Firebird 2.5 release branch

sudo svn co firebird_2_5_Release
cd firebird_2_5_Release
./ --prefix=/opt/firebird2.5.x --enable-superserver
make install

ps: now the Firebird 2.5.0 is released but code for later 2.5.x releases is added in this branch

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eminescu , Dracula and Google translate poetry

All started with my wish to transmit ot a friend from Brazil how is the shit life in Romania (It's a crazy country these days) and is better pictured with the ending Satire III by  Mihai Eminescu but the translation is quite crazy if read it
I don't know what the poet who translated that smoked but is not good ... Fagots anyone?

Here is the original text in Romanian :
Dar lasati macar stramosii ca sã doarma-n colb de cronici
Din trecutul de marire v-ar privi cel mult ironici.
Cum nu vii tu Tepes doamne, ca punand mâna pe ei,
Sã-i imparti în doua cete: în smintiti si în misei,
Si în doua temniti large cu de-a sila sã-i aduni,
Sã dai foc la puscarie si la casa de nebuni!

O, leave in the old chronicles our forefathers to rest;
For they would gaze upon you with irony at best.
Rise once more, o Tepes ! Take and divide these men
As lunatics and rogues in two big tribes, and then
In mighty, twin infirmaries by force both tribes intern,
And with a single faggot prison and madhouse burn.

So let's try with google translate

"But at least let you sleep-like ancestors in the chronic dust
Enlargement of the past you would look up ironic.
How come you did not Dracula, Lord, that by putting his hand on her
Let's split into two bands: the mad and the mise,
And two with large prison by force to gather them,
To give fire to the prison and the madhouse!"

and then in Portuguese

Mas, pelo menos, deixá-lo dormir antepassados-como na crônica de poeira
Alargamento do passado que você ia olhar irônico.
Como é que você não Dracula, Senhor, que ao colocar a mão no seu
Vamos dividir em duas bandas: o louco eo mise,
E dois de prisão por grande força para recolhê-los,
Para dar fogo à prisão eo hospício!

Doesn't sound too bad only That Vlad Tepes is not equal with Dracula from the movies

In the letter (Satire III) is seen as heroic character:

His image in modern Romanian culture clashes with foreign perceptions. It is the last part of a rather popular 19th century poem by Mihai Eminescu, "Scrisoarea a III-a", that helped turn Vlad's image into modern legend, by having him stand as a figure to contrast with presumed social decay under the Phanariotes and the political scene of the 19th century (even suggesting that Vlad's violent methods be applied as a cure).

The best pdf viewer is ... Google Chrome

I have noticed that google chrome is using one of the best pdf viewers in my opinion : with no crashes and no exploits

so i can recommend is as the best pdf viewer in the world and maybe it can be added in the list of (seems that is not enabled by default in chromium from sid but maybe in the future it will be enabled if is free/libre software  )

Here is the original google announcement 

Today, we are making available an integrated PDF viewing experience in the Chrome developer channel for Windows and Mac, which can be enabled by visiting chrome://plugins. Linux support is on the way, and we will be enabling the integration by default in the developer channel in the coming weeks.

With this effort, we will accomplish the following:
  • PDF files will render as seamlessly as HTML web pages, and basic interactions will be no different than the same interactions with web pages (for example, zooming and searching will work as users expect). PDF rendering quality is still a work in progress, and we will improve it substantially before releasing it to the beta and stable channels.
  • To further protect users, PDF functionality will be contained within the security “sandbox” Chrome uses for web page rendering.
  • Users will automatically receive the latest version of Chrome’s PDF support; they won’t have to worry about manually updating any plug-ins or programs.

geek cpu #pron, Bill gates included

The coolest geek pr0n i have seen for months a full cpu simulated at gate level in java script

And here at page 3 is the picture with Nude cpu near Bill Gates (Warning pdf use a really Free as In FreeBeer Speach pdf reader )

Compiz 0.8.x on #Debian sid

it's a pitty and shame that compiz is not enabled by default in all distros

here is howto enable it in debian
apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-gnome compiz-gtk

in one terminal window

and in another one
compiz --replace
add it to startup from the system menu

System-> Preferences -> Startup Applications
choose Add
Put the Name: compiz
Command : compiz --replace
Description: Whatever you want

Click Add and reboot

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to get rich like #Google , #Facebook , #Ibm ... and to avoid #microsoft tools

There is a simple answer why they make money :Use linux and contribute to open source / free software movement , Avoid to pay the Microsoft, Adobe tax every year by buying their products and fixing their bugs every time .
This how a virtual company should work :
Put debian stable/testing on all desktops , install virtulabox for things that doesn't yet work in wine , replace exchange with a proper mail server like postfix with proper webmail and users in a database like firebird (also pam can be configured to use it), add samba network shares for document sharing , install a internal local twitter/irc/xmpp channel like
Use google chrome, firefox preinstalled on all desktops , use open source tools instead of msoffice : koffice, openoffice ...
There are so many good tools to choose from take a few examples from osalt
Make (php,python,c++) developers to learn Linux and basic command line tasks not to ask the admins every time when they hit the shell on a linux server
These days developers get full root access to the servers at your hand thanks to virtualization
and is imperative that they know howto install a php , a database server like firebird or basic administrative tasks so the best way to make them know Linux/Unix is to put it on their desktops
There is no other way to learn a Operating System than to use yourself daily :I give an example
you want to learn Python then the best way is to use it writing real projects a few months . You can't if you are forced for example to learn .net or other shoddy Microsoft crapware like or silvernowhere...

Afraid to do migrations ? there are tons of books and migration tools
I know i a few for Microsoft sql to Firebird written in delphi, java , ruby (used at heroku)
On old red book is from IBM , is worth to read it just to give you an example that this is real business not jokes .IBM is the centerpiece of every bank just ask them what they are using for Transaction processing
And they might know a think or two about making money or delivering them ...
You can check the proxy attack from Microsoft towards IBM (bring the popcorn)
another example is NYSE: N.Y.S.E. Places Buy on Linux, Hold on Unix

Think a little bit what developers want this is what they want :better hardware , cars, big salaries , far away holidays ...
There is the money and you give them to ... Microsoft , Oracle , Adobe
Put developers at work and pay them . you would be surprised to find out that the next google is inside your company's open source 20% time projects
Improve the life of the employees they are the gold of company not the buildings, licenses , furniture

I only just noticed these trends , The most successful projects are the opensource ones:
Chrome , Firebird , Linux , Android , MeeGo , QT , HaikuOS , Freebsd , Debian ...

And bean counters found what move the wall street is : freedom to code and change it and the freedom to contribute back to community.The power of money is in love , love of the good craftsmanship and love of work of art : you can't hurry the good wine

Here are some links to read about why is healthy to avoid Microsoft Monopoly
There are many more on

If you prefer low quality you prefer Microsoft :How a Preference for Low Quality could lead to Microsoft

Here is how Facebook Scales and does Profit with Open Source

The Corporation has gone Open Source

While Microsoft and friends are doing their best to hide Linux and open-source software from the public, businesses have been adopting Linux and open-source faster than ever. That's not the opinion of FOSS (free and open-source software) fans. That's what Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company with no particular love for FOSS found in its survey of 300 large private and public organizations.
Accenture "found that half of the respondents (50 percent) are fully committed to open source in their business while almost a third (28 percent) say they are experimenting with open source and keeping an open mind to using it. Furthermore, two-thirds of all respondents (65 percent) noted that they have a fully documented strategic approach for using open source in their business, while another third (32 percent) are developing a strategic plan. Of the organizations using open source, almost nine out of ten (88 percent) will increase their investment in the software in 2010 compared to 2009."