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Thursday, March 24, 2011

unity3d on lubuntu 11.04

the install of the full gnome is needed and gdm will replace lxdm

sudo apt-get install unity
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

and voila it works with the open source radeon driver (gallium3d enabled)


Promethean said...

Uhm, why not just get Ubuntu instead of Lubuntu, if you're going to install off of the Ubuntu applications and the desktop environment?

This article feels like it's leading the reader into orbit to go next door.

Promethean said...

Why? Why not just go with Ubuntu in the first place if you're going to install everything that Ubuntu comes with?

It's no longer Lubuntu after you've done all of that, but Ubuntu. Maybe we shouldn't go into orbit to go down the block.

mariuz said...

I wanted to test unity in lubuntu
but is so "integrated" with gnome/ubuntu desktop that you have to install almost all packages

Don't be afraid i went back after the unity experience , is nice that i can choose back lubuntu desktop :)