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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Android x86 on radeon videocards

I had some issues with starting the android 2.2 on my workstation and after asking on the android-x86 group i found they way adding nomodeset to the grub entry (presstab and add nomodeset to the grub entry)

No screenshots this time :) but is really fast , I showed to one coleague how fast is google maps rendering, There is one type of free appstore and the ssh shell works pretty well
I had to change the keyboard from chineese to english
Next is to test the 3d rendering if it works with the opensource radeon driver (test it with quake 1/2/3)
I love the browser's keyboard integration (pretty good at going trough the links in a speedy way )
I need that in  Chromium/Arora too
ps: i always have the links browser habbit of pressing Alt - Left Arrow and i'm always throwed in the
first console
I think with Android 3.x can be used as netbook/desktop on almost anything
And now i know where unity/gnome3 is going is the android connection NoX fast rendering
Dumb desktop with no backward compatible with win95/xp feeling but with semimodern Apple bad interface rippof : big icons with opengl rendering enabled view (to have the animated backgrounds crap)
What is next to test :Chrome OS
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