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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Warning is about microsoft! hide the kids please :)
Kill Bill article
on yahoo news

Related to this article today I have seen another ! local shop that sells AMD/intella systems with linux pre-installed
Is called altex (for thouse who knows the shop) . Still amaze me to see linux in the shops ;-)

Procesor AMD Athlon XP 2200+
Memorie 256MB
HDD 80Gb 7200pm
FDD 3.5
Placa video ATI Radeon 9200, 64MB
Placa de sunet integrata
Placa retea integrata
Carcasa ATX
Monitor nu
Tastatura da
Mouse da
Sistem de operare: ***Linux***

Here are the products click on *Davio* systems

1 comment:

Alex Stanciu said...

Well, they sell`em with Linux because the systems are $100 cheaper with Linux then with XP.But this is nothing more then encouraging piracy. No one will use Linux on those systems, and we all know it very well. They`ll get a pirated copy of XP and install it. Therefore I really do not approve this trick, if I am allowed to call it this way, to make the systems cheaper. I`d be OK with it, if they had installed Linux with OpenOffice, and all the software a user needs, and the user would use Linux, not format the disk and install Windows.
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