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Saturday, October 02, 2004

WINDOWS MEDIA TEST (on linux) - Thanks MTV2

We have detected your browser does not have the required Windows Media 9 plug-in to play this video.

ps: this was when you try to play some videos on them site (Yah and i'm on looonix)
A good interview
No wonder there are no good videos on MTV ... or music

LM: Do you ever want to create a new groundbreaking music video with modern technologies?

RUNDGREN: I do, but there's little demand today for music videos. There used to be a thriving, hungry market for music videos, but now most of the so-called music video outlets like MTV and VH-1 are doing reality programming -- they're not filling up their time with new videos. So the obstacle for me isn't daunting technology, it's simply the fact that there's nobody to play the result.

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