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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Booting FreeVMS under Bochs (amd64)

We assume bochs is already installed .You can download an bootable BOCHS disk image from this url
Then uncompress it with tar -jxvf disk1.tar.bz2
modify bochs configuration (make the cd bootable)

boot: disk
ata0-master: type=disk, mode=flat, translation=auto, path="/freevms/freevms.dsk", cylinders=130, heads=16, spt=63, biosdetect=auto, model="Generic 1234"

It should show you this boot prompt

ps: my system is an "old" barton 2500+ emulating an opteron(amd64) system at 8Mhz. Need this for installing debian 64bits under emulator one day (now is crashing)

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mariuz said...

Now is on osnews