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Monday, March 07, 2005

special day - my birthday

about special day , it was special : in the morning saw a truck hitting an small vehicle and comming towards me

first reaction was to run back wards avoiding the truck

Ehh the truck avoided another machine (garbage one ) and driver did some big efforts to keep it on the road .

What i remember most was the driver eyes were fixed upon me/us (there were other ppl too)

Still amazed how fast it stoped that big monster ,

Ok driver cursing after getting out of it's place (it was the small vehicle's fault)

Oh and forgot to mention it was snow on the road ...

ps: treat your days as the best ones , who knows how many are left

Another story i have , saturday i was going town center and one moment was thinking of at one machine numbers

("VXW" or something) and then thought about what would be if someone had GOD number on his plate . Sunday while going to school i saw that number ! "GOD" , Hmm interesting ... And monday the truck scared me .

Still have the adrenaline inside rushing trought my veins

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