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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Installing phpbb2 with firebird support

download phpbb2.1x from this page


tar -zxvf phpBB22-CVS_200506041100.tar.gz

install firebird extension

apt-get install php4-interbase

enable interbase (firebird) extension in php.ini (uncomment line with ) and restart apache server

check if firebird server is installed
on debian unstable i have installed thouse

with apt-get install [Name of package]

firebird2-dev - Development files for Firebird
firebird2-examples - Examples for Firebird
firebird2-server-common - Common files for Firebird
firebird2-utils-super - Utilities for Firebird
firebird2-super-server - Firebird Super Server

If you dont like Super-Server , classic can be installed

Verify that php extension is really loaded php_info()
then start installing

Uncomment the notice in common.php
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