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Friday, December 02, 2005

Monsterz of Transylvania
atika got some pictures from this rock festival
Yah the first one is me :P

Taine sang very well (artis looks a little like Jim Morrison) , I was impressed also by the hungarians (Tuzmadar) , ehh Northen Lights were so-so (I didn't expected much from turkish band) but they have a funny name (for an Euro-Asian country )
What i liked : before they actually started playing the man at keyboard sang intro from "Imperial March" -Star Wars that was really cool
Yah they looked strange for us , yah and the voice ...well artist sang like me when i'm good of nothing :average (and i do know when i stink at singing) . Guitarist looked good ,didn't impressed me .
Iron Mask - had the best guitarist from bands that performed in that night .
Incredible (Yah i liked how fast and good it was ) I liked the solo and some neo-classic style of him, Minus-es the vocalist it looked
bald like me :P and fat (at least i'm slim)
I liked the idea to be on stage with gloves
(Maybe is the kid in me)
The turkish vocalist was near me when guitarist from Iron Mask performed his
solo , Maybe they learn-ed something :)
Let's go to the Lame rock:Phantom-X : If I ever reach on stage i don't wan't to look
like them (blonde hair and silk ...etc) I wan't to be rough plain and simple
Tough i liked the idea of metal claws :P and guitarist's red ligt on the chest
(X-mass tree)
Intro was good , and i liked when guitarist went off stage , Maybe in future i will
buy one with radio transmitter (You are quite free with it).
And the Last band Anvil -They were impressive and did an great show - I liked the
vocalist (He was really funny and that matters in an show) Bass guitar player was very good (he made a little show) He looks like me when i cut my hair (zero).
Vocalist is a little crazy but is good and when he went with his guitar in the
back of stage and performed "Jimi-Hendrix" effect that kicked a-s-s , What was missing was to burn his guitar :)
Over all: even if they were 2-300 ppl , artist did their job very well and at
least it was like an private party for us :P
My revelation :Taine and I think Gothic + hungarians were very very good
and yes the guitarist from Iron Mask (10+)
Northen lights gave me an CD (Girl that filmed them) and i think we should applaude
them - Yah they do have a lot to learn - But in an age when every one listen
to crapp music (turkish + romanian mahnele) they try to wake up us and they did it for us
Thank You All
ps:Maybe they should move the rock festival in summer and with
more sponsors (free entry) and more media noise (not only

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Roxa said...

Phantom-X kicked ass, man ! Iron Mask were not that bright, didn`t like `em.. But I do agree.. Anvil fuckin` rocked. :) Anyway, no free concerts. Get real :)