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Friday, January 06, 2006

Firebird Roadmap for 2006 Pr

Firebird SQL Roadmap for 2006
Following a recent developer conference in Prague, the Firebird Project published a roadmap for 2006 and beyond. Firebird 2.0 included 82 improvements and bug fixes. Firebird 3.0 will merge Firebird 2.0 with the Vulcan code base, which includes fine-grained multi-threading, enhanced security. Target date for a beta version of Firebird 3.0 is the second quarter of 2006. Firebird 3.0 will likely include new built-in functions and several SQL-99 features, such as global temporary tables, external functions and recursive queries. Other high priority features include asynchronous statement cancellation, monitoring and caching of compiled statements. [DONE] [DONE by someone else thanks ] [DONE] [DONE]
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