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Monday, January 08, 2007

supergamer live dvd released

You'll find better hardware support in this second version. Nvidia support for 3d only with the 8174 drivers installed (greater than the Geforce4 series). USB keyboard and mouse are supported better, and it has been tweaked to use dma on the dvd rom for additional speed running live.The disc includes:
3D games:
* America's Army
* Cube
* Doom 3
* Enemy Territory,
* Legends
* Nexuiz,
* Privateer,
* Quake 4,
* Soldier of Fortune,
* UFO: Alien Invasion,
* UT2004,
* Wesnoth
* Postal 2 and many others
[I will try it soon after the dvd is downloaded, at the end of post there is an review with first ubergamer edition, It might be a good ideea to follow for an ubuntu live dvd gamer edition - it will help with killing the bug #1]

SuperGamer-2 Information

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