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Thursday, December 13, 2007 Welcome Claws Mail, Goodbye Thunderbird [updated]

[I kinda start to hate the thunderbird for it's slowness , also i use no extension so for me the jump is easy if i pump my emaisl to the claws mail , I used it before and it rocked , it was very very faast
and did i mention that you get rid of 2G limitation for the inbox folder from the thunderbird ? you can put emails in MailDir format with each mail in it's own folder - this is the best way no more inbox corruption ]

What made me switch was the responsiveness of Claws, and the reliability (from what I can tell with my little experience). And both of those points have actually been my major peeves with Thunderbird (which is sort of funny, because I remember similar motivations when migrating from an out-dated outlook to thunderbird in the first place a few years ago) Welcome Claws Mail, Goodbye Thunderbird [updated]

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