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Sunday, January 13, 2008

make perl6 works now with pugs (with php bonus included)

perl6 is now self hosted in the next parrot release 0.5.2

Now you check out the parrot vm from svn and test the perl6 vm/compiler

here is the quote from the NEWS file

New in 0.5.2

- "make perl6" now builds a Perl 6 executable

Here is the howto

1.check out the code

svn co parrot the Configure script

cd parrot

perl --prefix=/opt/parrot

3. Make the perl6

make perl6

.... [skip the compile lines]...

languages/perl6/perl6 -e'say "Hello, world!"'

Hello, world!

4 Make perl6 to be executable file and then run the hello world again :)

chmod +x perl6

./perl6 -e'say "Hello, world!"'

5. create an file with this content


say "Hello, world!"


All you need to do now is to test the new mod_parrot apache module or the .... php compiler for perl6!!!

cd languages/plumhead

make ; make test

go to the parrot root source directory

cd ../../

./parrot languages/plumhead/plumhead.pbc languages/plumhead/t/hello_1.php

Hello, World!

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