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Thursday, July 24, 2008

moving apache php hosts to nginx (scaling plan)

In the first stage we will use nginx to handle all images and files like javascript (is very fast and we can set high keepalive)
nginx can process php files from cakephp with fastcgi and i have wrote about the first test i have made at home for it (tested and worked the cake 1.2 and fastcgi on an ubuntu hardy system)

But to be safe we can keep apache and in first stage we use nginx as frontend for images and for php apache will handle the request
And if all ok we can switch later to an full nginx system without apache .(in part two)

Also nginx can be used as an load balancer (for content delivery) so in future if is needed we can add more servers for php serving

Think there will be more nginx servers but this only if there is a need to spread the load to many servers

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