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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Firebird 2.1.x Mingw build successfully

Firebird 2.1.x Mingw build successfully

First some screnshots with the proof that it works and i will continue with the Howto

Here are the binaries that resulted from the build , You must put the icu dll in system folder

How it was done ? and why

Is painful for an open source project to require an proprietary compiler
I think all these projects could donate time and money to speed up an
good compiler and improve an common c++ IDE but this will be a future goal

Another issues is that IBM, Intel and others they sell c++ compilers
too so they are not so interested to invest too much in g++
maybe google have some interest in it who knows (to make it better)

But many other projects that they realy use mingw for their windows ports
From my head vlc inkscape and thousands of others

Milan B. told me that is possible to build firebird with mingw compiler so you
have the choice to build firebird binaries with that and release them

The official Firebird minGW build has been supported and updated many times and it started
several years ago (Blas Rodriguez, Dmitry Sibiryakov, etc). It's not
maintained as often as the official build files for Windows, but it's not
abandoned.[ED: so there is still hope]

Here is my starting point with mingw
I Downloaded mingw and msys

At mingw installer i choose G++

I started cmd.exe and then from the

I started msys.bat

I have added mingw binaries to the path


check it with echo $PATH

I downloaded Firebird 2.1.x Source Code

and unziped it in c/msys/1.0/home/mariuz$

tar -jxvf Firebird-2.1.*

now run ./configure and i waited a lot :)

I run this under wine but the steps should be the same on windows
xp for example

./configure part is [OK]
and it runs the compiling part

It stopped at the icu testing
I tried even with g++ 4.3.0 and still got some crashes with building icu
even with ones from ibm 3.8.1

here is the crash log with icu 3.8.1

Alex Told me to use the --with-system-icu option in configure

I saw that perl6/parrot is using system icu with mingw when compiling

I downloaded ICU 3.8.1 (similar to the one used in ubuntu/debian)

run cmd.exe then
mkdir c:\usr\lib

unziped the icu downloaded from here

in c:\usr\lib

export PATH=$PATH:/c/usr/lib/icu/bin:
export CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I /c/usr/lib/icu/unicode"

run ./configure --with-system-icu --enable-superserver

it compiles but seems to ignore the CPPFLAGS

-c ../src/jrd/unicode_util.cpp -o ../temp/boot/jrd/unicode_util.o
../src/jrd/unicode_util.cpp:39:29: unicode/ustring.h: No such file or directory

quick hack was to modify after configure

make.rules in gen dir and to add to cppflags -I /c/usr/lib/icu/include
and now compilation goes on

i moved the icu/libs into /mingw/lib/

seems that is how msys expects

and continues until the linking

cannot find -licudata

I modified in

ICU_LIBS = -licuuc -licudt -licuin
and seems that compiling continues

And is this part is DONE you saw the screenshots

Here is the full thread on firebird-devel mailing list

What is next ?
I should do some QA with python
and next finish Linux-> Windows cross compiling (seems that is faster to build on linux)
make an install using scripts from builds/win32 dir

Test Cross Compiling from ubuntu with codeblocks/eclipse

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