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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Building Linux Kernel 3.X.X-RC-X with an php script on Debian / Ubuntu

Install the prerequisite packages
$ sudo apt-get install kernel-package php5-cli git-core fakeroot ncurses-dev
$ sudo su
# git clone git://
# cd kernelcompile
# php rc-kernel-compile.php
if all is ok you will be asked for kernel build option (menuconfig) (they are copied from your system config) after you have chosen the menu you can press exit and the build will continue and it will start compiling using all your available cpus

Here is what i usually change on the menu

Enable Preemptition Model for Low Latency (near realtime)

Processor Type and Features> Preemptiton Model (Preemtible Kernel(Low-Latency Desktop))

Please disable Xen

Processor Type and Features -> Paravirtualized Guest Support -> Xen

Proccessor Type and Features -> Timer frequency (1000HZ)
this is a for a desktop system

The latest deb package for kernel will be in /usr/src
you need to install it with

# dpkg -i linux-image*

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