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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recovering ubuntu karmic with an intrepid cd

i did an sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in karmic
and it removed upstart upstart-compat-sysv upstart-logd

I have to force from live cd to mount the partition as "-t ex4dev"

#mkfs.ext3 -E test_fs /dev/
$sudo mount /dev/sda1 -t ext4dev /mnt

$sudo chroot /mnt
seems that i need to downgrade upstart
system-services, and reinstall startup-tasks

I got the kdm prompt, had some weird errors with /dev/null when i logged in from the console (Alt F1)
so i upgraded to upstart 0.6 and again the system doesn't do the init or runs the scripts
maybe i need to put it in DEBUG mode
Now i'm studying the upstart main.c code and I wish it was written in python or any scripting language
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