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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Using #Fedora #Linux day three (#Ubuntu maniac perspective)

Here is an alternate fedora kde installer review

konqueror drives me crazy when i click an link in psi
infinite loop startup
sudo killall -9 kfmclient
so i had to change default browser to arora in the system settings

I don't have any printer configured

sudo /etc/init.d/cups stop
sudo chkconfig cups off

No iscsi sorry

sudo chkconfig iscsid off
no Yellow pages
sudo yum remove ypbind

sudo chkconfig lvm2-monitor off
sudo chkconfig openct off
I don't use nfs
sudo chkconfig rpcbind off
sudo chkconfig rpcidmapd off
sudo chkconfig netfs off
sudo chkconfig nfslock off
sudo chkconfig pcscd off
sudo chkconfig rpcgssd off

i don't update my cpu microcode too often
sudo chkconfig microcode_ctl off

I found that i have installed smolt with interesting stats about hardware used in Fedora

I didn't knew what portreserve is so i disabled it

sudo chkconfig portreserve off

live cd install leftovers

sudo chkconfig livesys off
sudo chkconfig livesys-late off

wtf sendmail by default !? maybe in next fedora it should be proposed postfix by default
also all the above daemons disabled by default (rpc/nfs related ones)

sudo yum install postfix
sudo yum remove sendmail

remove pulse audio see why skype related

sudo rpm -e kde-settings-pulseaudio-4.3-12.noarch
sudo yum remove pulseaudio
sudo yum remove pulseaudio-utils
sudo killall -9 pulseaudio

Here is how to add mp3 support in amarok

sudo yum install xine-lib-extras-freeworld

oh crap i can't remove konqueror in in the kde-base

and i miss abrowser or iceweaseal packages (unbranded firefox)

I found that qmake is qmake-qt4

what i miss from ubuntu is command line not found suggestions (when you miss package bash can suggest you what to install)

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