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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

ubuntu 64 Not recommended for daily desktop usage ?

Common get real , i use ubuntu 64 on the desktop from the first version
and that was the main reason i installed it on the athlon64 box instead of debian at that time (there was no almost stable 64 bit installer or live cd with installer option)
I think the page should encourage 64 bit users not avoiding them , also i think the Windows Installer is NOT stable and usable
try to do some kernel upgrades and you will see the results.
In Fact 64 bit version is faster than the 32 bit one


Rickrcomm said...

Thanks for the positive post! I am going to try it!


Fabio said...

"Not recommended for daily usage" is ridiculous. Does it work only if you use it once a week? Three times a month? On the second Tuesday after Easter? If it works once a week it will work every day right?

p/s I use the 64-bit version daily.