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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The best definition for clould computing

Definition was given on slashdot
Unfortunately, the sort of seamless network-agnostic computing Plan 9 and its descendants enabled is now a commercial threat to all the other players in the mobile space. Half the point of the "cloud computing" trend is to lock people in to one provider's weakly interacting web service, and, by extension, into the controlled ecosystem of third-party services that do interoperate well with it. Plan 9 is too good at what it does to be successful.

All cloud providers want to hook you up to the system and then rip you off with computing time , bw or with overpriced NO uptime like amazon does with their constant service disruptions
No wonder they all want to move you to the cloud and milk you as much they can .
I have tested RDS on Amazon is is absolutley horridly slow compared with a fine tuned machine
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