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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Installing qxl drivers on Windows7 guest (and others virtio drivers for ballooning memory, virtioserial, network and viostor)

Download qxl driver Windows qxl driver

extract it  then install it

cd x86
pnputil -i -a qxl.inf

from the downoad page also you need to install spice vd-agent Windows guest agent -

Last thing you need to do is install the virtual desktop agent for your windows 7 guest. To do this, copy the two executable files from the vdagent zip file 

Now go to the directory where these executables are located and type “vdservice install”. This will install and start the guest agent service as shown below.

You might need  virtio drivers 
The drivers include virtio drivers for ballooning memory, virtioserial, network and viostor ( block drivers ). These drivers are signed but not WHQL and there are no gui installers for them.

This is the installation method with virtio drivers :
Download the the host the iso.
Mount the iso in the windows guest machine from the the virt-manager details interface

and for each inf install it and then configure the machine to use the virtio

cd Windows7 
cd x86 
pnputil -i -a *.inf

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