Saturday, January 19, 2013

Debian is used by 32.8% of all the websites who use Linux on January and growing

Debian is used by 32.8% of all the websites who use Linux on January w3techs stats report and growing . RedHat Linux is going bellow 10% ,I f you still deploy Redhat and CentOS on servers think twice they are on he death spiral on the server side usage

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alcalde said...

This type of comparison isn't very useful. Red Hat is a commercial distribution. Distros like Ubuntu are not. This is the same mistake Mark Shuttleworth made when he originally made a blog post claiming that Ubuntu had overtaken Red Hat in server usage. This figure is lumping together enterprise-grade corporate websites and someone who wants to put their baby's first Christmas pictures on the Internet for grandma and uses a free copy of Ubuntu to do it. When pressed, Shuttleworth admitted that the Ubuntu figures included non-paid versions and Red Hat issued a comment saying that there's been no confirmation Canonical has ever had even one corporate paid-support customer. :-)

As such, there's no way from this single figure to conclude that Red Hat is dying (their financials say otherwise anyway). The pie (websites) may simply be growing larger. If Red Hat were to die, we'd lose a major source of innovation and financial support in the Linux community. Losing them or IBM or SUSE would seriously hurt the kernel, LibreOffice, etc. Losing Canonical, sadly, wouldn't affect things at all since they give back barely anything to the community.