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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Timo-T puzzle game [WIP]

The Gameplay is relatively easy: You are a robot that has to press some buttons in a certain sequence in order to get to the next level (the buttons are just a sketch they are not final). Every level is time elapsing from 3-5 min per level. All the levels are basically on the same platform, the only difference is that the platforms are moving up and down and as U advance in the game it will be harder and harder because the higher levels will have certain paths which U must go on the and rest will be lava. There will be lasers as shown in the teaser and plasma bullets shot from the ceiling. The robot will have 2 special abilities with a cooldown meter and there will be power-ups like walk on lava for a few seconds and restore health. And of course the facility is built inside of a volcano.



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